Hello friend, my name is Andrew Mat, you can call me Andy as my friends call me.  Let me tell you, home soundproofing wasn’t my thing until one day….guess what?

A noisy college kid move next door, a wannabe rock star moved upstairs (I’m sorry to say this,,, but they can be so much irritating than a super rockstar). That was 5 years ago.

Just like Gilbert K. Chesterton once said “We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbor.”

I swear I could’ve called the cops on them or reported them to the landlord……..but I asked myself…. “Are they the only guilty ones? I’m I also guilty?

To cut my long story short… I was able to find some cool DIY soundproofing materials to block out all outside noises and also to prevent my house from leaking noises to the outside.

Having been doing it for fun, I decided to start a blog and share with you some of the cool stuffs I’ve done before. Some I would recommend and other’s I won’t recommend.

If you’re facing noise problem, why not bookmark my site and shoot a message if you need some more guidance.

I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you and have a good day. 🙂

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