Anti Vibration Pads For Washing Machines

If you’ve been searching for the best and unbiased washing machine pads reviews, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll explain in detail why washing machines require anti vibration pads, how the pads affect the machine performance, what you should look for when shopping for anti vibration mats for washing machine and some of the best products.

While washing machines are important gadgets in our lives, the sounds they make can be scary. I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one who finds the metallic jangling sounds made by a washer irritating. Fortunately there is a simple and proven way to deal with the noise problem.

When to shop for anti vibration mat for washing machine

Some might argue that it would be much easier to replace a noisy washing machine with a quieter one rather than trying to stress yourself to reduce the noise problem.  But it’s easier said than done.

You need to understand that there is a big cost involved and if you’re on a budget, replacing your noisy machine isn’t the way to go.

A good alternative is using washing machine vibration pads and mats that absorb vibrations/ dampens the washing machine and prevents it from skidding.

You should look for anti vibration pads if you want to reduce noise and vibrations made by a washing machine. Some anti vibration pads and mats have grips on the bottom that help prevent your washer and dryer from skidding.

Do washing machine vibration pads work?

Yes. They work; otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article if the vibration pads didn’t work. The pads are made of thick rubber material. In most cases, recycled rubber that has been compressed is used.

The rubber is normally compressed to increase material density and improve the efficiency of these pads in dampening vibrations and sounds.

Rubber offers good sound and vibration insulation properties and that one of the main reasons its used in this case. Manufacturers have added grips to the bottom of the anti-vibration pads that help keep the washer in place.

What to look for in washing machine anti vibration materials

Before shopping for anti vibration mats for the washer, there are four factors that you should pay attention to. Allow me to briefly explain these four basic factors.

1. Go for the right anti-vibration pads

There are several anti-vibrations materials you will find on the market today. Some of these products won’t do a thing in stopping the washer from vibrating. For example the small foam rubber pads designed to protect wooden floors from pressure damager exercise weights won’t be effective in prevents the washer vibrations.

I would recommend you to go for vibrations pads that are specifically designed for washing machines or any other home appliance. They are normally circular rubber pads that you install them on the appliance metal feet.

If your machine doesn’t have the metal feet and its flat on the bottom, it’s still possible to place as many circular rubber pads on the bottom to cover the whole surface. Alternatively, you can use rubber flooring carpeting that will cover the bottom surface of your washing machine.

2. Material and thickness

Most of the anti vibration materials are made of rubber. The reason being- rubber has good shock absorption properties and should be able to stop washing machine vibrations. So when shopping for anti vibration pads, always go for ones made of rubber for its proven ability to absorb vibration.

The only downside with these rubber pads is that they have a rubbery smell. However if you truly appreciate peaceful and quiet environment, you won’t mind the smell. Additionally, thicker rubber materials are the best ones because they have the best sound insulation properties.

3. Price

The last but very important factor that you should consider when shopping for washing machine anti vibration mats is the price. How much are you willing to spend on these pads?

You and I know that quality is directly proportional to price and you get what you pay for with anti vibration pads. But that doesn’t mean that you can get good quality pads at an affordable price. My picks range from as low as $20 to as high as $140 so there should be something for anyone regardless of the budget. So let’s have a look at the six washing machine vibration pads reviews.

Best anti vibration pads for washing machines reviews

1. ENJ Products Washer Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Pads

The Vibrafix is designed for dealing with both washing machine vibration and also prevent the machine from “walking” around the room. It comes with a set of four rubber pads that you can install beneath the washer feet.

The rubber ant vibration pads have 3 inch circular based and are about 1.25 inches tall. These dimensions are enough to prevent most of the washers we use at home from skidding and vibrating.

Some of the main features include:

  • Readily affordable
  • 25 inches tall and a wide base
  • Hard rubber with grips to prevent machine from walking

The hard rubber grips on the bottom will prevent the washing machine from skidding around the room and make it even more stable. You can still use this product even for washers that have flat bottom and lack feet. You can buy two packs place the below the washer and they’d still give good anti-vibration properties.

2. XCEL Closed Cell Foam rubber acoustic dampers

XCEL acoustic dampers are available in different sizes allowing you to choose one that will fit perfectly under the washer. Its recommended you measure the foot size of the washing machine and then compare sizes that will snugly fit. Regardless of the material size, all the pads are only ¼ an inch thick and cutting them into desired sizes won’t be a problem. Unlike the one above, these anti-vibrations are multipurpose. You can use them on any other appliance or anywhere you want to get rid of vibrations.

The key features include:

  • Foam rubber
  • 25 inches thick
  • Multipurpose pads
  • They are cheap

For maximum effectiveness, I’d recommend folding them to give them more thickness. The best about these acoustic dampers is that they are made in the US and therefore you’re guaranteed they’ve passed all quality assurance tests.

3. The Vibration Solution

anti vibration mat for washing machine

If your dishwasher or washing machine wobbles every time you press the button and makes all the scary sounds in your house, then these anti walker/vibration pads can get the job done without regrets. They are multipurpose pads and can be used to keep heavy appliances precisely where they should be and significantly reduce noise levels in your home.

They are easy to install under the foot of the washing machine or any other heavy electric appliance. The soft rubber material will help quiet the washing machine.

Features overview

  • Prevent appliance vibration and walking
  • Hard rubber for maximum effectiveness
  • 1 inch tall an 3 inch circular base
  • Costlier than other vibration pads

For about $45, you get this premium anti-slide and anti-vibration pad made in the US. While they might be more expensive, they are indeed made of high quality materials.

4. Intuitive Designs

These washer anti vibration pads are similar to the ENJ Products pads. They have a 3 inch circular base and are 1.25 inches tall. Its equipped with grips at the bottom to prevent the washing machine from skidding. The 1.75 inch indentation allows the machine to fit snuggly. With less than $25 dollars, you’ll able to fix washing machine noise problem.

Key features:

  • Made of hard rubber to absorb vibrations
  • Grips on the bottom prevent skidding
  • 25 inches tall and 3 inch diameter

This is the last product in my recommendation made of rubber. According to the manufacturer, these pads are made of a special type of rubber compound making them effective against strongest machine vibrations.

While these pads are intended for use on dryers and washing machines, the manufacturer states that they could also be used on tables, chairs, or anywhere else around your home.

5. Rubber Cal Anti vibration washing machine mat

anti vibration mat for washing machine

Rubber-Cal mats are made from recycled rubber and are designed to withstand the heaviest home appliance to protect the floor from scratches and other damages. They are tough and help in absorbing and isolating washing machine noise.

Key features

  • Multi purpose
  • 42 thick
  • Multipurpose mats
  • Made from recycled rubber

The size of this mat is too large to cover the floor of the washing machine. For this reason, you will need a sharp utility knife to cut the mat to precise measurements and then fit it beneath your washer.

A side note please: rubber can be tough to cut, so you might require some assistance to cut it to required shape. But it’s the thickness and density that makes it effective against vibrations and also makes it hard to cut.

The only downside to this product is the price. It costs about $130. If your budget is limited, you can choose other options above.

6. Casa Pura Vibration Isolator Mat

anti vibration mat for washing machine

This anti vibration mat is made of 100% recycled rubber that has been compressed for maximum acoustic dampening. Most washing machines are prone to vibration and make a lot of noise during the spin cycle, and the vibrations could damage the floor. The Casa Pura mats promises to reduce washer noise, vibrations and prevent the machine from skidding.

Main features:

  • Multi purpose
  • Very affordable
  • 2, 0.4, or 0.8 inches thick

The mat is also perfect for use on other home appliances such as dryers, and dishwashers. You can use the mat for gym flooring; you can use it as anti-fatigue in the place of work thanks to the gentle granular rubber composition.

On best anti vibration pads/mats for washing machine

I hope that this article made it easier for you to understand how to quiet a washing machine and pick the best anti vibration pad that meets your specific needs.  However if your machine is making rattling noise whenever you turn it on, that’s a sign of something loose in there. The problem might be internal, for example the mounting for the water pump could be loose, or the problem could be external- for example the access panel becoming loose. You can read this article on how to soundproof washing machine.

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