Top 5 Quiet Bathroom Light Switch in 2022

In this review article, I’m going to show to you some quiet bathroom light switch, and I’ll also be revealing different hacks you can implement to reduce noise in the bathroom. I know how irritating pull switches are. Our kids frequently go to the bathroom at night, and all you can hear is the clunk from the bloody pull light switch.

But here is a fact- all pull cord switches are light switches are noisy regardless of where you install them. It’s their design that makes them noisy. They are a cheap and perfect fit for infrequent use, such as in the attic space. But if you live in a house with kids and several occupants, pull cord switches in the bathroom can be a nuisance because you have to deal with the noise they generate every time a person goes to the bathroom at night.

What are the options for a quiet bathroom light switch?

What if I told you there was a way you could deal with bathroom noise forever, would you be happy? You can read my guide on how to soundproof your bathroom. You will have to deal with every surface on the bathroom, including the four bathroom walls, ceiling, and the floor.

Here’s a brief overview of how bathroom soundproofing works. You can hang soundproofing blankets on the door, seal all the gaps and cracks on the door using weather-strip and door sweep. You can replace the hollow bathroom door with a thick and heavy door that won’t leak noise inside.

Sound dampening your bathroom means that you will completely deaden any noise coming from the bathroom, including- the sound of a toilet flushing, etc.

But if you’re only trying to combat with a noise made by the pull cord switch- I would advise you to try and try the options I have highlighted below.

Best quiet bathroom light switches

By now I am guessing you already know that pull cord switches aren’t noisy. I had to get rid of my pull cord switch to replacing it with a quieter alternative. If you want a silent switch, I would recommend you to buy one which comes with a hand-held remote control. Most of the ceiling fans today work this way, allowing the user to control from anywhere in the room. Below are some of my most recommended options:

1. Premium 14” Flush Mount LED with Motion Sensor

(Check latest price on Amazon)

I ordered a few of these on Amazon and fell in love with them from the moment I had them installed in my house. As its name suggests, these are motion activated and will light up the moment you open the bathroom door.

They are bright for the small and medium-sized room, and the best part is that you can change the light brightness, color, and set up an auto-on and auto-off using a remote. Visitors who’ve come to my house love them and tried them at their house.

The only downside to this motion sensor switch is that you can’t control it with Alexa given the fact that most home electrical gadgets today are Alexa compatible. But the remote comes in handy, and you can customize the lighting however you want using a remote controller.

In addition, you can have it installed not only in the bathroom but also in the dining room, bedroom, closet and any other room in your house.

2. Mr. Beams Battery Powered LED Ceiling Light

(Check latest price on Amazon)

Mr. Beam’s motion-sensing LED ceiling light is one of the most popular options on the market hence making it in my list of quiet bathroom light switch.

It provides 300 lumens of light, making it an ideal pick for lighting large showers, closets, and sheds. You don’t have to worry that this unit operates on battery because the batteries are powerful enough to give you a whole year of lighting with an average 8-10 activations per day.

It’s easy to install; it doesn’t require any integration to the existing electrical fixtures in your home. It’s a wireless installation you can install anywhere in the house. Because its wireless you can also used it as an automatic closet light or wireless shed light.

3. Winplus LM56123-6 Control & Motion Activated LED Ceiling Light with Remote

(Check latest price on Amazon)

The WinPlus is the cheapest quiet light fixture in my list. It comes with a built-in sensor control that allows for the auto switch on and off. The remote allows the user to set and save lighting settings.

It uses only 22Watts making it an energy efficient lighting. In addition, you can set how long the light should stay on after they auto-switch on (1min, 5min, 10min, 30min) and also adjust the light color and temperature.

Unlike most motion activated ceiling lights, WinPlus allows you to adjust the sensor sensitivity from very near, near, mid-range, far.  It also allows you to deactivated the motion sensor so that you can use it as a regular ceiling light during the day when no lighting is required.

I’ve seen some users complain that it’s plain and simple in design.  But for its price and all the functionality offered, it’s a bargain.

4. Eufy Lumi Stick-On Motion Sensor Night Light

(Check latest price on Amazon)

The Eufy Lumi is a stick-on motion sensor light that’s energy efficient. It uses three AAA batteries that provide sufficient illumination for up to a year. (Batteries should be bought separately).

Its cheaper option (will cost you less than $15 per unit). To install it, you need to install the three AAA batteries and then stick to the bathroom wall. You can buy a few of them for enhanced illumination.

But remember always to keep a minimum of 5 feet distance when installing several units. In addition, avoid installing it on surfaces that directly face cameras or any other infrared beam.

5. VINTAR Motion Sensor LED Bulb

(Check latest price on Amazon)

These are just ordinary 12Watts bulbs with a built-in motion sensor that detects body heat to auto-switch on when you’re approaching and auto-switch off when you leave. It has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, giving you more than 27 years of use when used averagely 3hours a day.

It easily fits to any standard E26/27 light fixture/socket, and no additional wires or motion sensing fixtures are required. It’s great for home use indoors and outdoors as well and comes with a one year warranty.

The detection range for this bulb is 16-20 feet making it perfect for use in anywhere it is dark. My cousin in Denver bought four of these, and I was shocked; it works even at 12 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Switches Are Allowed in Bathrooms?

There are two types of switches that can be used in the bathroom. One type is installed on the inside, but these must be suitable for use in bathrooms due to high humidity and condensation levels. The other type is pull cord which can go anywhere in a bathroom- not just near bathtubs or showers.

How Do I Make My Light Switch Quieter?

The very first step you can do is to put a layer of felt or another soft material between the contact surfaces of the switch and where it will be mounted on. This should reduce the sound significantly.

Is There A Quiet Light Switch?

The Leviton Decora light switches are easy to install and they’re extra quiet when you flip them on or off.

Final thoughts on quiet bathroom light switch

The quiet light switch for your bathroom is definitely not a pull cord switch. While soundproofing the bathroom can sound like the perfect choice, it’ll be much costlier and consume much of your time.

Night lights that are motion activated in this case are quiet and great alternatives to the noisy pull switches. Most of these are plug and go and don’t require a connection to the existing electrical installation. It’ll only take less than 10 minutes of your time. Alternatively, you can hire a handyman to help you install a normal light switch outside the bathroom.

Overall, motion sensing light fixtures are the best and winner in this case. Compared to all other alternatives, they are the cheapest you can install them yourself.

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  1. We used to have a cheap one which was very loud and woke the kids and us up at night when used. Bought one of these on recommendation and it’s much quieter than our previous pull cord- not silent but significantly quieter than the standard ones. Would recommend it having had it for a couple months now!


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