18 Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping: Silent Fans For Bedroom

Best quiet fans for sleeping: During summer days, temperatures can be high, and it’s important to have a reliable, quiet fan for sleeping to give you a cool breeze and make you feel comfortable.

In this article, I’m going to review the best quiet fans for sleeping. Undeniably, a fan is a must have; however, some can make a buzzing sound that can be a little bit disturbing, especially when you want to catch some sleep.

If you have small kids, you surely want them to have a good night rest. There is a wide variety of these products on the market, and it may be challenging to differentiate between noisy and quiet fans. In here, I have reviewed quiet fans for sleeping rated in terms of quality and performance. Keep reading. Also read quiet bathroom switches.

Quiet Fans Comparison Chart

Rank Brand & Model dB Level
  PureFlow QT7 Fan


13 decibels
1. Iris Ohyama –Tower Fan 22
2. Meaco – 1056 Bedroom Fan with Quiet Mark 25
3. Lazaga Bladeless Fan


4. Honeywell – HT900E Black Fan 39
5. Ocoopa – USB Fan 45 (max)
6. Pro Breeze – Tower Fan 54
7. Honeywell – HYF290E4 Ultra Quiet Tower Fan n/a
8. Igenix – DF0020 12 Inch Tower Fan n/a

Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping Buyer Guide

Noise Level

In this case, the first factor that should be a priority level is the noise level. Is the fan silent enough for use in the bedroom? That should be the first question you should ask when choosing a quiet fan for bedroom.

Fortunately for you, all the fans I’ve reviewed are all ultra quiet /whisper quiet and can be used in the bedroom or library. Besides the manufacturer making improvements to ensure their fans are quiet. But not a single fan can be 100% quiet because the blades will always make noise. But you can reduce the “negligible noise levels” to manageable levels.


The fans I’ve reviewed below are not only perfect for use in the bedroom. Ideally, you can use it in any room in the house.

If you’ve got limited space in the room, you will need something that’s compact and won’t take much space. However, if space isn’t a problem for you, the size of the fan won’t matter at all.

Fortunately, the fans in my list are quiet and come in all shapes and sizes. From the smallest desk fan to the biggest four-foot fan.

Type of fan

There are different types of fans. We have box fans, regular standing fans, and tower fans.

Box fans are available in different shapes and sizes. As the name suggests, they consist of a box with blades. They can be square or circular and are compact enough for use on the desk.

Regular standing fans have been around for so long. They are the regular fans we are all familiar with. Consist of a tall standing with a rotating head.

Tower fans are short than traditional standing fans. They take less space and rely on the oscillating mechanism to create airflow.

Design and Safety mechanism

Fans are in demand in the summers when temperatures get hot and stash them in the store or garage in the winter.

During months of storage, dust can accumulate on the blades hence affecting its efficiency. A fan design will affect how easy or hard it is to clean.  Therefore you should go for a fan with a simple design which is easy to clean.

If you have kids in the house or pets- you should opt for a fan that the best safety features. Some fans cases have small holes, and others are now bladeless. Whichever you choose, make sure you don’t compromise the safety of those tiny people in the house.

Best Quiet Fans For Sleeping Reviews

PureFlow QT7 Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

PureFlow QT7 compact design looks good on a table top. It is a desktop fan, and its comparison is to none. Let no one deceive you, it functions remarkably, and it’s one of the quietest fans available on the market today.

It gives only 13 decibels, and this is silent enough to use in your bedroom or even the library. The fan also circulates cool air in the room since it tilts vertically and oscillates horizontally.

It is a powerful device and features a long cord measuring approximately 8 foot; therefore, you can place it anywhere in your room. When it comes to saving money, the PureFlow is a money saver since it uses energy efficiently.

It is a safe product since it does not have blades which can be a dangerous hazard to kids and pets. The fan speeds are adjustable, and thus you can set your preferred setting from gentle air to gusty wind.

Lasko 2511

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

The Lasko is a unique fan that features three quiet speed that ensures a continuous flow of cool air. It has a sleek design that saves on space, and the quietness makes it an excellent choice for use in your kids’ bedroom or the library.

The elegant color of matte silver and black blends well with your décor. It has a wider oscillation, and therefore you can direct the cool air whichever direction you want.  Lasko comes with a built-in timer that shuts off automatically after some time.

It comes loaded with advanced features which allows you to select the amount of time you so wish from one to seven hours. It is easier to set the time since it has an LED display.  Moreover, it comes with remote control allows you to operate it at your convenience. Finally, it is easy to assemble and will take just a few minutes to have everything together.

Air Choice Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

Air Choice is a remarkably one of the quiet fans for sleeping that is quite effective in maintaining cool air around your home during the hot days. It’s easy to assemble and has a LED display with an electric button for adjusting the speed heats.

It features a compact design, with a handle that makes it easier for you to carry around. Further, it is extremely quiet and will allow you and your loved ones enjoy a comfortable and peaceful night rest. You can also use it in your library or the office. The unique design also features five curved blades that allow air to flow quite fast, moderately, and smoothly.

At high speeds, you will hear whisper sounds, but at extremely low speed, you will not hear any noises. There is a remote control that makes it easier for you to adjust the three-speed settings depending on your preference. Lastly, it has a timer, and therefore you can set between one and twelve hours, especially when you go to sleep.

Lazaga Bladeless Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

Most often, parents worry a lot when it comes to having fans around the house, especially where there are small children and pets. Some pose danger hazards due to the presence of blades.

Well, Lazaga presents to you a bladeless fan that makes it absolutely safe to use at home. It has a mute system that ensures quiet operation at between 30 and 60 decibels as compared to the traditional fans which produce whirling sounds. It is suitable for use in your baby’s room, library or office.

Also, it is incredibly lightweight, and therefore, you can quickly move it around the room. It has two-speed settings; consequently, you can set breeze or gust of wind depending on your preference. It promises smooth and fresh air since it has an airfoil that ensures a consistent flow of clean air. It is a power saver, eco-friendly and will see you spend less on power bills.


Quiet Fans for Sleeping

The OPOLAR is a lightweight and portable desktop fan that ensures a smooth and quiet operation of up to 40 decibels. There are two-speed settings, and therefore, you can adjust to your preferred speed level.

The fan can rotate at 360 degrees and this allows for even distribution of cool areas in the room. It has a stable base with a measurement of seven inches; therefore, it will not move one bit even when you set high speed.

It is made of high quality ABS material which is durable and will endure impact due to its stiffness and resistance. The grades are have been upgraded to ensure it is safe, especially in homes with kids and pets.

Honeywell Quiet Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

This fan is a sleek design oscillates to provide cool air, smooth, and quiet operation. It uses a remote control and allows the use of automatic time to operate the various speed.

It is an energy saver and therefore will also help in reducing energy costs. The fan has a timer that allows you to set the preferred time.

When you compare with other fans, the Honeywell has a wide range of advanced features, and the LED display will enable you to adjust brightness or dimness. Therefore, you can set dim when you want to take a nap.

Honeywell HYF290B

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

Honeywell presents to you another ultra-quiet fan for use around your home.

The unique thing about this piece of equipment is the eight-speed settings that allow you to adjust your preferred speed and which is necessary for cooling the entire room.

It provides quiet operation, and the settings will enable you to control the sound options. Besides, it’s easier to operate since it has touch buttons that makes it user-friendly.

That said, it features a slim design and has oscillating functions that cool the whole room.

It boosts your comfort levels as well as reducing your energy costs since it is energy efficient.

The fan is made of high quality material that enhances air circulation while saving on energy consumption. It is safe since it does not have blades which generally would pose dangers to small children and pets.

Rowenta VU2531

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

The Rowenta is a powerful fan that performs exceptionally by providing consistent cool air of up to 1695. It oscillates at 360 degrees to ensure a sufficient supply of cool air in the entire room. In addition, it’s super quiet and offers a noise level of between 38 and 55 decibels.

It is thus ideal for use in the library or the bedroom where you need some silence. The compact design and a handle, and therefore you can quickly move it between places. The bronze coating gives it an elegant appeal and will enhance your room decor.

Honeywell QuietSet Mini Tower Table Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

This table fan form Honeywell is one of its kind. It is an oscillating fan that comes in a perfectly finished black coat. It stands tall at 13 inches and offers a continuous cool and is super quiet.

You will not hear it buzzing even at high speeds, and this makes it ideal for use in the bedroom and study room. It is a powerful device that will significantly enhance airflow in your home.

It is easier to use and features an LED display that allows you to set your preferred speed levels. To end with, it has a unique and compact design that will enable you to place on top of a table anywhere.

Rowenta VU5670

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

Rowenta VU5670 is an Ultra Quiet fan that offers 35 decibels. It promises quiet operation and is the ultimate gadget for use at home or the office. It is remarkably powerful with five blades that deliver consistently strong air of up to 2436 CU ft. Per Minute. It has five-speed settings which are three for high operation and two for silent mode.

Therefore it is a user-friendly device that allows you to select a soundless setting. It has a timer, and this lets you adjust the time for up to eight hours, depending on your preference.

It also has the power saving mode that reduces the airflow when it reaches the energy-efficient mode. The remote control offers convenience since you can operate it from anywhere.

Iris Ohyama Tower Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

The Iris Ohyama fan saves your space, is compact, and has a high cooling power that’s enough to cool your bedroom when temperatures go up. It boasts a silent design with different speed levels meaning it produces little to no noise and gives your room strong winds.

Key Features

  • 1-year Warrant Duration
  • Oscillating Motion
  • 1.4m Wire Length
  • Weight – 2.0 Kg
  • Powered by a 38-Watt Motor
  • Remote Control

Iris Ohyama is a silent and ultra-powerful fan that produces 22 dB of noise. In addition, it has 3 operating modes: the standard mode, refreshing breeze, and air circulation. Also, you can adjust the speeds in the first and second modes.

You can also program Iris Ohyama for an automatic start and use the automatic timer to stop in 1hr, 2hrs, or 4hrs. So, you can set it to start automatically when you’re asleep and stop after a given duration.

You can activate all these settings even on your bed using a remote control.

Meaco Bedroom Fan with Quiet Mark

The Meaco – 1056 assures you a comfortable sleep in your bedroom as it is absolutely quiet. Besides, It’s a tabletop fan, thus perfect for your bedroom. So that you know, this fan won the prestigious Quiet Mark award for being amongst the least noise-producing fans.

You may be asking, what are these features that won the Meaco – 1056 fan award? Well, let’s go through some key features.

  • Key Features
  • It weighs 3.2 Kgs
  • Power consumption – 9.5 to 23.5 watts
  • Has a remote control
  • Quest rating – 5/5
  • Number of speeds – 12
  • Has an Off-Timer

Meacon – 1056 emits an average of 20 dB of noise; isn’t that a clear-cutting feature that you should consider? That noise level equals a babbling brook or whisper, meaning this fan gives you the best experience.

The Meacon – 1056 has a powerful air circulation system. As the name goes, it can move an average of 1056 cubic centimeters of air around your room. Also, it has a multi-directional oscillation, thus moving air in different directions to keep every side of your bedroom cool.

Honeywell – HT900E Bedroom Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

The Honeywell – HT900E fan boasts of its powerful wind that’s directional and is relatively quiet as well. In fact, it has a turbo force power that creates intense cooling in your bedroom or living room.

With that said, lets some key features below;

Key Features

  • Supports Wall Mount
  • Portable
  • Corded Electric
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Weight – 1.4 kg

Honeywell HT-900E produces an average of 39 dB noise. In addition, it features an adjustable tilting that has an angle of up to 900. As such, the fan gives maximum airflow circulation that can extend up to 32 feet.

The Honeywell HT-900E has 3-speed settings that you can use to adjust wind speed. The fan is relatively quiet in all three settings, thus suitable for your bedroom or office.

Ocoopa – USB Fan for Bedroom or Office

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

Ocoopa USB Fan gives you an optimum experience with strong airflow, quiet operation, and a 360 degrees tilt rotation. You can tilt it to cool whichever direction you want.

At high speed, Ocoopa USB fan produces 45 dB of noise. This means that the noise is as little as a whisper at low speed.

Ocoopa USB fan has a strong inbuilt copper motor with a longer lifespan and is extra powerful than regular motors. The motor powers the blades to run at high speeds and produce strong winds around the room. During the summer, this gadget can be your perfect partner.

In addition, the Ocoopa USB fan has 2 adjustable speeds, all for you to choose from as per your cooling demands. To adjust the speed, you press the power button once. Low speed offers you a cool breeze while high-speed power strong wind in the room.

Key Features

  • Weight – 320 g
  • USB Enabled Power Supply
  • Adjustable Speeds
  • 3 Blades

Pro Breeze – Tower Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

The Pro Breeze Tower Fan has unique features that make It a high-performance fan. It features 3-speed settings and 3-wind modes. As such, you can adjust it according to your requirements. Its performance helps give maximum cooling in seconds.

The fan’s unique features make it one of the most sought-after fans for bedroom use.

Key Features

  • Automatic Oscillation
  • 3 Speed Settings – Low, Medium, and High
  • 3 Wind Modes – Natural, High, and Sleep
  • Build-in Timer
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 2-meter cable
  • Powered by 60-Watt Motor

The Pro Breeze Tower Fan has a powerful cooling system that gives you a 70-degree automatic oscillation. Therefore, it’s perfect for cooling a large area of your house, such as the living room, office, or bedroom. It produces approximately 54 dB of noise; thus, it’s within recommended noise range.

Its elegant modern design makes it portable from one room to another. This means you can have your children use it in their study room when the temperatures are intolerable.

Honeywell – HYF290E4 Ultra Quiet Tower Fan

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

The Honeywell – HYF290E4 boasts of a QuietSet technology that allows you to adjust the sound and cooling levels; this makes it a perfect all-year-round fan for your bedroom. Black in color, this fan blends well with your floor and room decor.

Key Features

  • Automatic Oscillation
  • Cable Length of 1.8 m
  • Weight – 4.29 Kgs
  • Height – 101 cm
  • Powered by 31-Watt Motor

Honeywell – HYF290E4 is powerful and quiet. Besides, it has 8 different sound intensity levels. You can choose manually or remotely the noise level you’re comfortable with from these levels. You’ll definitely select a low noise level to avoid distraction if you have it in your office.

You can set the fan’s timer for up to 8 hours, even at night. It has various brightness display levels that allow you to adjust the brightness for use at night.

Igenix – DF0020 12 Inch Tower Fan

Igenix – DF0020 fan is ideal for your bedroom or home office because it’s extremely quiet and directs its air in a particular direction. With 12 Inch height, this fan fits well in your bedroom without the need to create additional space. Also, you can place it on your office table.

  • Key Features
  • 2 Fan Speed Settings
  • Oscillation Function
  • Manual Control
  • Easy Hold Carry Handle
  • Weight of 1.49 kgs

The Igenix DF0020 comes with a user manual that guides you through the entire process of assembling, operation instructions, cleaning and storage, and troubleshooting. So, you’re sure to assemble it yourself and confirm what is not clear to you from the manual.

Besides, this fan has 2-speed settings meaning you can adjust the speed to either reduce or increase the wind strength. Since it produces little to no noise, it’s perfect for your bedside.

Best Quiet Fans For Sleeping Considerations

If you’re looking for a perfect quiet fan to use in your bedroom, check these three primary categories for the best decision.

Table Fans

They’re known for their simplicity, which is small in size and lightweight. So, you can place these fans on a bedside table.

Table fans cool a specific side of the room; place it next to your bedside for personal cooling. Thankfully, these fans have a clasp or pedestal stand to append them on your bedside edge or working area.

Room Fans

Compared to table fans, these are larger thus have more weight. Besides, they are more powerful to cool an entire room. They include;

  • Box Fans. As the name suggests, they are large and have a square shape. Box fans are placed on the floor and have a housing that prevents the powerful blades from causing injuries.
  • Tower Fans. They’re tall and have a thin housing where the blade unit is hosted. Tower fans lay on the floor and fit in squeezed rooms where box fans can’t fit.
  • Stand Fans. They’re similar to tower fans but taller and have huge blades bigger than those in a box fan. Some can be used as desk fans due to their smaller size and portability.
  • Window Fans. As the name goes, they’re placed on or inside window ledges to ensure an inflow of fresh air and send out stuffy air in the room. For that reason, these fans should assume the shape of the window in both dimensions, width and depth.

Ceiling Fans

They have a unique design and are powerful to cool the whole room. Their structure allows them to hang freely on the ceiling giving their ungraded planes room to rotate above and keep the air inside cool. You can use a ceiling fan in your bedroom, but only if the ceiling is high enough to avoid potential injuries. Some have lighting features.

A good number of bedroom fans share the features below;

Blades and Blade Housing: Averagely, desk, room, and ceiling fans have between three to six blades secured in a metal or plastic casing for safety reasons. Also, some newer fans don’t have blades; they use internal structures, also called aperture systems, to pull in air from outside.

Oscillation: It means that some bedroom fans oscillate or rotate either clockwise or anticlockwise or up and down to propel the air in different room directions. This applies mainly to pedestal fans; examples are tower and stand fans.

Multiple Airflow Setting:  Most desk, room, and ceiling fans have at least three-speed settings. The faster the speed setting, the more the noise produced. Some even go up to 10-speed settings.

Reverse Airflow: This is common in window fans that bring in fresh air from outside while venting out stale air from the room.

Cooling and Heating: Some fans have heater capabilities besides offering cooling functions.

Sleep Timer: Often present in high-tech fans. If you like to sleep and leave the fan to run for some time, this feature suits you. The timer allows the fan to switch off or on for a specified period depending on how you set it.

Controls: Some recent fans come with a remote to adjust the fans settings.

Reasons Your Fan Is Noisy

There are three major reasons why your current fan is noisy; they include; dirt or dust, loose fan blades, or faulty motor.

Dirt or Dust

When you use a fan in a dusty room, it blows this dust away. However, there’s a chance of some dust settling in the fan assembly. If dust accumulates here for long, it can clog the assembly parts and cause some noise. I’d recommend you clean your fan regularly to avoid such issues.

Loose Fan Blades

Fan blades become loose after a given period. When blades are loose, and you fail to notice it early enough to tighten them, the fan may produce some noise because of the friction caused. So, double-check your fan blades often to ensure they’re always tight.

Faulty Motor

A faulty motor produces noise as it struggles to power the blades. When the motor is faulty, the fan moves at a much slower speed and is ineffective. In this case, you can change the fan motor or replace the fan.

On Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping

Your bedroom needs the quietest fan so that you can always have a peaceful, comfortable, and uninterrupted time. However, this doesn’t apply if you choose a noisy fan with loud vibrations. Therefore, selecting the quietest fan is crucial when choosing a fan for your bedroom or office.

From this review, all fans operate under 60 dB, which is approximately the noise you produce during a conversation. Almost all these fans hover at 22-40 dB, thus creating white noise that’s tolerable in the bedroom. Also, white noise doesn’t affect you negatively when you turn on the fan. Bedroom fans should not go past white noise, otherwise, you risk disturbance during your sleep.

Based on your preference and taste, you have all the options to choose from. The fans above come with different adjustability angles from 700 all the way up to 3600. So, you can adjust their angles for maximum cooling and airflow around your bedroom.

Another crucial factor with all fans in the review is they’re portable. As such, you can move them from one place to another. You can take your fan from the bedroom to the living room where you’re working from.   

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