Best Soundproof Curtains: 15 Noise Reducing Curtains

Best Soundproof Curtains: A few years ago, I lived in a bustling area where children played and screamed frequently, dogs barked, and people honked their car horns while driving by. All these noises were a distraction for me since I work from home.

The noise made it difficult for me to focus on my writing job, such as the one you’re currently reading. I frequently got distracted by speeding cars and barking dogs and would put aside my work until I was able to focus once again.

All these went on until I decided to purchase soundproof curtains/noise reducing curtains. The thick, insulating curtains do not only help to reduce the noise from outside but also helps in lowering echo made from the sounds that are within your home. They also prevent light glares from sunlight, UV rays, and other distractions, giving you room to focus on your task at home.

If you’re hoping to purchase these best soundproof curtains, either to get extra quietness and peace or to help you focus, I have written a comprehensive buying guide to assist you in making a good choice buying noise reducing curtains.

Best Soundproof Curtains Reviews

1. NiceTown Blackout Curtain Panels

soundproof curtains acoustical sound absoring curtains

If you are looking for a less costly soundproof curtain, NiceTown Blackout Curtain Panels are the perfect deal! They’re one of the best on sale. What baffles me is their affordability, fitting into anyone’s budget, as well as the impressive quality and they still the quality noise reducing curtains. They contain 3-pass microfibers which are useful for absorbing noise. With just $35, you can get yourself these beautiful drapes. They’re thick, and they prevent about 80% of undesired light from coming through your window.

If you’d like to match up your interior with the curtain color, these are just for you! The curtains come in various colors, giving you the option to pick the best color which will not only block light and reduce noise but also blend well with your interior color.The curtains come with sound dampening fabric of top quality which will prevent unwanted noise. What I do not like about them is the quantity of insulation they contain which saves energy. They have smart-energy technology which will save you about 20% because it can store up the heat and keep your room warmer.

On purchasing them, you’ll get 2 drapes, which is one of its most different values for your money. However, they will not blackout your room 100%, but you can expect up to 90% blackout.

Key features

  • Contains 2 curtains per package
  • Ready for installation and easy to use
  • Elegant design and variety of colors
  • About 25% energy savers
  • 1.6-inch diameter and 52 x 84-inch stunning design
  • Thick and thermal insulation
  • 3-pass microfiber
  • Top-quality fabric (Polyester)

2. Deconovo Blackout Drapes

soundproof curtains acoustical sound absoring curtains

If you need elegant sound blocking curtains which will not only reduce noise but keep your room dark as well, I should introduce to you the Deconovo Blackout Drapes. They’re perfect if you’re a lover of designs.The package contains one large curtain. Let me share with you a little secret. A single curtain is good enough to keep your home dark even at noon and block out the noise. The size is 100 x 95 inches which is as large as a double drape and does an excellent job too. What I love about Deconovo is its ability to block out light effectively, regardless of its being single.

If you are a lover of certain colors, you will be glad to know that these curtains come in a variety of colors, from blue to chocolate to orange, offering the opportunity to pick the most suitable color for your room.They come with thermal insulation protection which dramatically saves energy mostly in winter, as they absorb the heat at noon and warm your room at night. They’re dense and soft, which assists with the noise reduction from outside.It’s made of high-quality fabric, and they’re easy to wash and iron them. When purchasing these curtains, I recommend buying darker colors that will block out more light from entering your home.

With less than $45, you can get this quality curtain. One thing I love about Deconovo drapes is that they’re stylish enough to be installed anywhere you like without bothering about how they’ll look. The material used is of high quality, and the fact that you can wash them and also iron them makes them more appealing.

Key Features

  • Ironable
  • Washable
  • Ready to install
  • Soft and silky
  • Thermal insulation
  • Variety of colors
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • It’s 100% made with polyester (as recommended in my buying guide)

3. Versailtex Premium Blackout curtains

Are you looking for noise reducing curtains of top quality?  Let me introduce H. Versailtex Premium Blackout curtains designed with the best quality to you. These curtains will block about 99% of any external light and reduce loud noise. You’ll feel the quality of the curtain in the ultra smooth and soft fabric used, which isn’t harmful, is built with tenderness, durability, and high quality in mind. The design is stunningly beautiful and yet very simple.

The size of H. Versailtex is 100 x 108 inches and is designed for large windows (I recommended this in the buying guide for best results in covering large areas). They are meant to cover larger areas which will furthermore decrease lighting and reduce noise.What I like about the curtains is that despite their heaviness, they’re not really hard to install but will undoubtedly require a hand to lift them. They are manufactured from top-quality microfiber fabric, and you won’t have to worry anymore about noise from the road coming into your house. Versailtex curtains come with a thirty-day money back guarantee and an eight-year quality warranty in case you aren’t satisfied – but I doubt you’ll be. The curtains are heavy (4.6 pounds), and if you recall I mentioned earlier that, the heavier the curtain is, the more effective.

Key Features:

  • Noise reduction
  • Thermal insulation
  • Summarized maintenance
  • Easy to install and washable
  • Prevents 100% UV rays and also blocks out 99% of sunlight
  • 100% made from polyester material

4. Sideli Solid and Super Soft Draper

soundproof curtains acoustical sound absoring curtains

These curtains are 100% velvet material which makes it one of the best soundproof curtains. They are very affordable and incredibly beautiful. They’re made from velvet, and this contains microfiber, known for blocking out any external light from getting through and quieting noise.The material used doesn’t only make the curtain quiet your home but also block at least 90% of any light that comes from outside, keeping your home darker and peaceful.

What I like in particular about Sideli Solid curtains is the number of options available regarding size, color, and design. The curtains come in a variety of sizes and colors, which gives you the opportunity to pick the best soundproof curtains which suits your needs as well as blends perfectly with your interior design. The curtain fabric is weighty and soft, and it fits perfectly with the modern designs. These are nice if you’re not boxed up for the other ones. The only issue people have about these is their being a bit lighter, so it isn’t as effective as the other reviewed curtains. However, they’re still adequate for a place not too loud.

Another great thing about them is that they’re washable which will keep your home beautiful and clean always. With less than $40, you can get these curtains.

Key Features:

  • Washable
  • Noise reduction
  • Color flexibility
  • High-Quality Velvet

5. NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Draperies

Another soundproof curtain by NiceTown in the top 5, which tells how great the company and its product is. It’s the perfect curtain for your bedroom, but this does not mean you can only use it in the bedroom; you can also use it in any room. The curtain is made of polyester with 3-pass microfiber, which does an incredible job at preventing sound from getting into it. Besides being soundproof, this NiceTown curtain also 100% blacks out light and UV rays.

The curtain is about 52 inches wide and 84 inches long. The curtain comes in 16 different choices and variants such as Pure White, Fresh Green, Blue, Baby Pink, Royal Purple, Olive, Semi-Sheer Curtains, White, Turquoise, Toffee Brown, Navy Blue, Greyish White, Black, Cream Beige, Cappuccino, Burgundy Red and Grey. That is a lot of varieties to make your choice from. This also is double layered for the provision of full protection with regards to privacy from outside, sunlight, and soundproofing. I recommend this as the best soundproofing curtain under this budget.

Key Features

  • Several color selection varieties
  • Multiple functions
  • Total blackout (UV ray and sunlight protected) and complete privacy
  • 100% soundproof
  • Elegant Design

6. H.VERSAILTEX Classical Grommet Curtain (Sound Absorption Curtain)

soundproof curtains acoustical sound absoring curtains

Here’s another H. VERSAILTEX curtain in the top 6, which proves that this company produces excellent quality. You’ll get a single panel of the curtain package which measures 108 inches long by 52 inches wide. Each linen curtain panel has eight beautiful copper metal grommets, with its inner rim of 1 5/8 inch fitting the rod of about 1 1/2 inch, slides back and forth smoothly.

The material used to produce this curtain is unique. It’s made up of top quality Faux Linen Blackout Fabric, implying that it provides complete blackout better than every curtain I earlier mentioned. If you’re in need of an excellent soundproofing curtain that will prevent light or full privacy, you should consider purchasing this curtain. It’s quite affordable, cheaper than the options I mentioned above. The curtain comes with thirteen different color variants which include classic white, True Ivory, Tan, Pure White, Prairie Sand, Ivory, Greyish White, Elegant Beige, Cocoa Brown, Charcoal Gray, Beige, and Aegean Blue.

This curtain which is made up of Faux Linen Blackout fabric will block 100% sunlight or any other external lighting. But it can only prevent 80% UV rays. That’s the reason I ranked it in 6th place — asides that, it is ideal and worthy for its price. Also, this curtain is thermally insulated, implying that it is also energy efficient. It efficiently prevents cold and transfer of heat from outside keeps out warm air in summer and blocks drafts during cold months.

Key Features

  • Unique design
  • Energy efficient
  • Standard size
  • Light blocking
  • Material made of Faux Linen Blackout Fabric
  • 100% Soundproof

7. NICETOWN Three Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtains

Here’s another NICETOWN soundproof product in this Top 10 soundproofing curtain list. NICETOWN produces one of the best curtains with excellent quality, and that’s why they have the best products that stand out. This curtain is great but it is more of a blackout curtain and less of soundproofing curtain, and it’s good for this price range. I would certainly recommend this curtain if it suits your budget. The NiceTown curtain has several color variants, about 15 different colors such as Turquoise, Toffee Brown, Royal Purple, Pure White, Olive, Greyish Blue, Greyish White, Gray, Fresh Green, Cappuccino, Burgundy Red, Blue, Black, Beige, and Baby Pink.

Again, this curtain is made of 100% Polyester, like other NiceTown soundproofing curtains. When you purchase this curtain, you’ll get a set which includes two blackout panels of 84 inches length and 42 inches width with six grommets top each. The curtain prevents about 90% of light and 100% sound from outside. Also, this curtain is thermally padded to provide efficient energy and help save electricity money. It can be washed with a washing machine, but should not be dried with a dryer, except manually. This is excellent soundproof curtain is worth every penny spent on it. The curtain can be used in your bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, hall, study, parlor or villa.

Key Features

  • Energy efficient
  • UV ray protected
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • 90% blackout and 100% soundproof
  • 100% Polyester

8. Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Panel

soundproof curtains acoustical sound absoring curtains

If you value your privacy and love a darker room to watch your favorite TV-show or get some rest, you should go for this soundproof curtain. These curtains have multiple features so you should take a good look at them while shopping. They prevent up to 100% of external light and reduce unwanted noise as well. They also have thermal advantages and help save you some energy.

The curtain’s abilities are as a result of the foam-back construction, implying that it is designed with several passes of soft, white foam which increases the insulation efficiency, creates an active obstruction to light, and damps the noise. The foam application makes the foam to bind entirely to the face fabric, producing a more efficient single panel. Its smooth velvet fabric produces the feeling of actual theater curtains when watching movies, giving you absolute privacy. They make an excellent choice as a home theater in your bedroom if you don’t like having light in the room.

The curtains are 95 inches long, a length so appreciated, yet hard to find. They are made entirely of polyester, implying that they’re easy to maintain. You can wash them with a washing machine, tumble dry them, and even iron them. They’re very easy to iron. The texture of the fabric is niceand the curtains are colorful.

Key Features

  • Block almost 100% of external light
  • Energy saving efficient
  • True to color and easy to maintain
  • Nice texture and great length
  • Reduces unwanted noise

9. Best Home Fashion  Blackout Curtains

soundproof curtains acoustical sound absoring curtains

These curtains are perfect for creating darker rooms, preventing noise, and giving you privacy. The curtain’s triple weave fabric design is responsible for preventing unwanted UV rays and sunlight from entering a room. They also insulate against cold and heat. This means that your room will remain warm in the winter, and cold in the summer. It is quite affordable.

The curtains have the ability to reduce unwanted noise and improve your sleep. As your room gets quieter and darker, you don’t have to worry anymore about not getting a good nap at noon. Concerning the curtain’s versatility, I should let you know that there are about 16 different colors to make your choice from. They have back and rod pocket hanging styles, offering you more options of styling them.The curtains are made of 100% Polyester which makes them easy to maintain. You can clean them with washing machine, and I advise you use chlorine bleach. You can tumble dry low and iron warmly.

They look pretty good and have a soft texture. They come in 2 panels. For efficiency and a nice appearance, I recommend that your panel should measure about 2 times the width of your door or window.

Key Features

  • 2 panels
  • Insulating
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • 2 options for styling
  • Block light and UV rays
  • Reduce noise

10. Warm Home Designs Thermal Blackout Drapes

soundproof curtains acoustical sound absoring curtains

If your windows are smaller, these curtains are the perfect deal for you! These curtains measuring from 54 x 63 inches to 54 x 96 inches would easily soundproof your windows in smaller areas such as an apartment or a dorm. The curtains are better than several soundproof, blackout curtains that you can get out there. They can prevent almost 100% of light and noise. It is an effect which you can achieve with single curtains on small areas or doubling up on more massive patio doors for full protection from external elements.

Although these curtains can dig into your budget, it’s good that they help to save on energy costs with the quantity of heat they can reflect. Also, you won’t need to have the curtains replaced anytime soon because the grommets and material of the curtain will ensure they last for a long period. The only issue with these curtains is that they come in single panels per package, and each panel costs about $20 which is a bit expensive when attempting to cover a single window. I will not sugarcoat things and tell you that these curtains aren’t going to dig deep into your budget, especially if you’re planning to cover many windows or doors. But I can certainly assure you that they are worth every penny.

Key Features

  • Single panel per package
  • Almost 100% of light and sound blocking
  • Measures (54 x 63″) per panel
  • Energy saving

How To Choose The Best Noise Dampening Curtains

  • Pick the Right Size

It’s essential to determine the exact size of the curtains you want before running off to the store. Don’t worry; it isn’t difficult. Just follow the simple steps below: Firstly, decide on where you’ll like to hand the curtains. Then, measure the height, width, and length of the area using a measuring tape.

When you’re purchasing ordinary curtains, the only thing you have to be concerned with is matching the window or door size which you want to hang them on. For soundproof curtains, they have to be a few inches longer and wider than your door or window. Basically, the larger the curtains are, the more efficient they’ll be.

TIP: Purchase soundproof curtains which hang from your ceiling to the floor. Ensure to accurately measure the distance between the floor and the curtain rod. Else, you might end up stepping on your curtains and slipping accidentally. Most 84-inch curtains sit right above the floor. It’s okay, but it’s better to get curtains which are a bit longer for effective soundproofing.

  • Check the Weight, Density, and Thickness

The weight, thickness, and density of a noise absorbing curtain are all essential factors you should consider because they determine the effectiveness of the curtain.

If you’re considering soundproofing your home, you should purchase heavier curtains — the thicker and heavier the curtain, the more sound absorption you’ll get. Thicker curtains dampen and absorb sound better than thinner ones.

TIP: For effective noise reduction, you can double or triple the layers of your curtains. A note of warning, though: do not attempt hanging the curtains all by yourself. Because of their heavyweight, I’ll advise that get someone to support you in hanging them safely.

  • Curtain Rods

You should go for noise reducing curtains rods which can both help to reduce the overall noise and hold the weight of your curtain. For this, I recommend wrap-around rods.The curtain rods attach at a curve into the walls. This is important when hanging sound absorbing curtains as it’ll help in eliminating gaps at the edge of your curtain, and maximize the area where they reduce noise.

You can use double rods if need be. The rods will allow for doubling up on the layering of the curtains, which in turn increases noise cancellation while reducing the light that gets into your room. Double rods are the way to go if you’re planning to buy multiple curtain panels to maximize noise protection.

Another solution is to replace curtain rods altogether with ceiling-mounted brackets. The brackets will hang down from your ceiling and help to give more coverage of floor-to-ceiling for the curtains, increasing the noise-canceling area.

  • Materials

When purchasing noise reducing curtains, ensure to lookout for curtains which have extra fibers in the materials they are made of. In doing this, it is best to look for something that’s made with velvet, polyester, or suede material.

You should also look for curtains which contain layers that are insulated, thermal layer, thermal weave, etc. as they contain extra fibers which aid in the absorption of noise. Asides this, the thermal-protective layers are perfect ways to keep heat and heat out of your home and keep your energy cost low.

Lastly, extra liners can help tremendously in noise reduction and are included in most of the curtains which you can purchase. The liners include window liners, curtain liners, and blackout liners. They all offer an extra layer which sound will need to go through to penetrate your room.

Other Factors

There are some smaller factors which you may need to consider before purchasing noise reducing curtains:

  • Price: Almost everyone is on a specific budget, so you may need to be on the lookout for that soundproof curtain which fits into your budget.
  • Amazon Reviews: Permit me to say that the best people you can consult when you intend buying a soundproof curtain are its buyers. To ensure that you’re purchasing curtains of high quality, you can read the Amazon Reviews and locate curtains which have up to 50 reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars on average.
  • Window Measurement: Most of the curtains I will be reviewing are big enough to cover any window. It is better to be on the safe side by knowing the measurements of your door or window frame before browsing through any store.
  • Color: You can choose whatever color or design you want. The color of the curtain does not influence or affect its ability to absorb sounds. You can select a color which will fit perfectly with the interior decoration.
  • Ease of installation: You are likely going to buy some heavy and fairly big soundproofing curtains, so you should try as much as possible to reduce difficulty by choosing curtains which are simple to install, regardless of the size.
  • Grommets: Although grommets are not as crucial as most others factors when purchasing soundproof curtains, using sturdy steel grommets to hang the curtains will ensure they remain in place, can be opened and closed quickly, and not easy to tear down accidentally.
  • Overall Appearance: It is essential to check the overall appearance of the curtain to avoid buying ones which won’t fit perfectly with your interior design and windows.
  • Washing Ease: Do not add to the noise problem you already have – with stained and dirty curtains. Make sure the curtains you are purchasing do not stain easily and are machine washable.

Are Noise Deadening Curtains Effective?

This depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re asking whether noise reducing curtains are meant to eliminate noise completely, I would answer that as “no, they do not.” Sounds will still penetrate from outside into your home, and you’d need something beyond a curtain to completely eliminate the noise from outside.

However, what soundproof curtains do is to minimize the noise from both outside and inside your home. Due to the multiple layers of the materials and the thick design of soundproof curtains, echoes will be reduced in your home as the curtains absorb them. So, the amount of noise which you hear actually within our house will be dramatically reduced, especially echoing noises like barking dogs and construction work.

For more effective noise protection, try to pair soundproof curtains with soundproof windows. The combination, though a bit expensive, will provide as much noise reduction as possible without having to replace the walls around your home.

Pros and Cons of Noiseless Curtains

Just like quiet shower curtain rings, soundproof curtains have numerous benefits, but also have some cons too. Here’s the list of the pros and cons of soundproof curtains.


  • Reduce noises and echoes (made with thick sound absorbing materials)
  • Beginner friendly (can easily be installed by anyone)
  • Thermal insulation (keeps the house warmer during winter)
  • Blocks light (most soundproofing curtains block light, depending on your need)
  • Elegant and stylish
  • Affordable (cheaper than many people think)


  • Blocks light (although you can open the curtains if you need sunlight)
  • Choosing the right drapes is hard (some are not as effective as advertised)

How to Maintain Noise Reducing Curtains

In making sure that these curtains stay in the perfect condition, ensure that when having them cleaned, they’re not put into a washing machine as they may lose the noise dampening properties and color over time. I’ll recommend using a steamer to have them cleaned.

Installation Process

The installation of noise reducing curtains isn’t as hard as you may think. You can do it even if you don’t consider yourself as one who is handy, and you certainly do not require a soundproof professional or expert to do the job.

Curtain Rods Installation Process

For soundproof curtains, the positioning of the curtain rod is essential and will have a significant impact on reducing sounds and echoes. One thing you should take note of is to ensure the rod is a bit longer than your window or door frame, which will allow your curtains to cover more space, hence absorbing more sounds.

I would advise that you follow the user instruction manual which comes with the curtains, for easy installation of your curtains.

Final thoughts on Sound Dampening Curtains

I hope you found this buying guide very helpful,I’ve put so much effort and time into helping you choose the right soundproof curtains for your home. Now, confidently check your favorite store and purchase the soundproofing curtains that suit your needs. Share your thoughts in the comment section below and if you have a question, shoot it over,and I will be glad to help. You can also read this article on how to make noise reducing curtains. (Click here to read)

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