How To Block Out Noise From Apartment Above You

A year ago, I had to relocate my to a new apartment since my previous neighbors were all noisy- loud bass from their subwoofers, loud acoustic guitars and to make it worse- their constant arguments was getting in my nerves. I know you’ve been in the same situation and changing residence doesn’t help.

One of the most problems families face when moving into a new apartment is loud neighbors. Things got even worse one month after moving into my new apartment. My upstairs neighbor was a rock artist and trust me that kid made my nights a nightmare. I even regretted moving into my new apartment- but changing residence again wasn’t the solution and I had to find an alternative.

In this article, I’m going to show you things that I’ve adapted into my own apartment to reduce all the unwanted noises from the neighbors and the kid upstairs- (thankfully he’s graduating this year and moving out as well).

What You Should Know

We all know that living in apartments has its own limitations. The landlord has set rules and regulations that limit what you can and what you cant.  But if you own the apartment you can do whatever renovations you want –even cracking open the ceiling.

Now that you, just like me live in a rented building here’s what you can do to block the loud noise from your next door neighbors without violating rules as per the rental agreements.


Use Sound Absorbing Mats

 I would recommend this for people who are not renting out their apartment. However, if you are renting out, you can convince your noisy neighbors above you to use sound absorbing mats if you’ve got a good relationship with them. (See most recommended absorbing mat)

Soundproofing mats does wonders and will dramatically reduce noise and echoes from the loud stomping. I approached the kid above and he was able get some cheaply from Amazon. Additionally, you can also try using interlocking puzzle noise proofing mat or alternative to your landlord and see if he can install laminated floors.

Try Sound Absorbing Acoustic Foam

Now this technique might or might not get you in trouble with the property manager or the landlord. But one thing I like about these acoustic panels is the fact that they’re not permanent and you can easily remove them without much effort- only if you installed them right.

I implemented this technique in my apartment and the acoustic foam panels significantly reduced most unwanted noise from upstairs. However, it’s important to note that not all acoustic foams are as effective as they claim so it’s important you choose wisely.

Acoustic panels are as the panels you see in recording studios or night clubs used for noise reduction.

My landlord almost issued me with a breach of lease form after he found out that I had installed these panels without his consent. But after I explained my situation, he was kind enough to let me walk away with it- so I would recommend speaking with the property manager or the landlord and explain your situation. (See my most recommended acoustic panel)

While these panels are effective in blocking noise from upstairs, they’re not as effective and reliable as green glue- but green glue is used for permanent noise proofing.

Close the door gaps

I was astonished how sealing my apartment door gaps significantly reduces the amount of noise you hear. Although the noise problem might be from upstairs- in most cases sound passes through the door gaps.

Luckily for you, it’s not expensive to have one installed- you can do it yourself and I’m also certain that the property owner will have no problem with that since you can easily remove the weather strips as you move out.

The best way to close the door gaps is using soundproof weatherstrips (Check how to seal door gaps using weatherstrips) or you can alternatively use blankets to block any noise coming through the door- but the later won’t look good in an apartment.

Use soundproofing curtains

You can use soundproofing curtains to muffle sounds and echoes through the window. These curtains will not only block unwanted noises but will also make your apartment look good.

Seal the windows

Sometimes outside noise is just disturbing as noise from your next door neighbors. Closing the windows isn’t a cure as those irritating noises can trickle regardless.

The trick?

Make sure the window frames and casings are sealed and caulked- but I would recommend talking to your landlord about this one.

Alternatively you can use window insert to make them more airtight. You can also hang some heavy curtains or soundproofing curtains to muffle sounds from outside.

Know your neighbors

There are plenty of different ways on how you can speak with your neighbors without becoming that bad guy. Because it can be so much a hassle trying to dampen the noise coming from your neighbors, one thing you can resolve to is having a one on one talk with them to find a better solution.

Probably your neighbors aren’t aware that their stereos or constant arguments are affecting you and as soon you make them aware of the loud noises, they might chance. So it’s important to talk with them about the issue.

Who knows, probably they’re good people after all.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you on how you can block out the noise from the apartment above you. Which tips have you tried in your home? Or what technique are you planning on implementing? Please let me know in the comment section below and if you have any question just shoot it over to me in the comment and I will be glad to help you. Thank you.

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