Cheap Sound Deadening Material For Cars

If you’re looking to soundproof your car when on a budget, you might want to consider cheap sound deadening material for cars. But since every manufacturer out there wants a share of your hard earned money, it can be a daunting task to find a good noise proofing material for your vehicle when on budget.

To make the workload easier for you, I have reviewed some of the cheapest soundproofing materials for cars that won’t break the bank but will still offer the effectiveness offered by high-end products.

Cheap Sound deadening material for cars reviews

If you’ve ever driven a noisy car, you will appreciate even the slightest amount of noise reduction. As a DIY soundproofing guy, I have compiled a detailed review of these inexpensive materials to noise proof of your car.

1.   Dynamat Thick Sound Deadener

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If you want to get rid of those engine rumbles, road noise, speaker rattle, and buzzing vehicle parts, I would suggest you apply this product.  Additionally, you want to enjoy improved loudness, clarity and bass response from your stereo; I would also recommend you to apply Dynamat to these resonant surfaces.

At times in the summers, temperatures can get quite uncomfortable. Luckily, Dynamat is coated with aluminum to absorb those high temperatures on areas such as floors and firewalls. The package comes with nine pieces for doors, rear docks, trunk floors, and car floors.

2.   Fatmat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener Pack

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Fatmat sound absorbing mat is designed to absorb all those noises and vibrations in your car giving you max soundproofing benefits. It’s unique compared to other soundproofing materials you will find on the market today. It comes in eight distinct sizes, and so you can find the size that’s the best fit for your car.

The reason why I said that it’s unique from other mats out there is the fact that it’s designed to block out noise and other benefits such as heat insulation come as extras. It’s 80mils thick, and it’s fitted with aluminum coating to provide heat insulation.  FatMat stops all those irritating rattles, reduces road noise, eliminates vibrations, and reduces exhaust noise and engine noise. Once you’ve installed it, you will enjoy enhanced bass, improved audio quality, and get rid of the vibrational distortion.

Unlike other mats that will take you forever to install in your vehicle, FatMat is pretty easy to install.  It comes with an installation kit- a roller, and a knife to make the installation process effortless.

3.   Noico 80 mil 36 sqft car Sound Deadening Mat

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Sound absorbing materials are not only used in automotive but can also be used in soundproofing offices, rooms and other areas in our houses where we wish to keep sound levels down. While there are plenty of soundproofing mats on the market today, not all are effective enough. You’ll be surprised that some high-end mats can be quite ineffective compared to cheap ones.

Noico is good at eliminating vibrations, reduces rattle of your car allowing you to enjoy clear audio and bass from your car stereo. But it’s important that it doesn’t provide 100% noise-proofing solution. It’s recommended to use Noico in combination with a layer of closed cell foam to both heats insulate and block unwanted noises.

4.   Uxcell Car Insulation Deadener Mat

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Four unique features characterize Uxcell Car insulation deadener mat: it’s high pressure resistant, waterproof, heat resistant and it’s fitted with a strong adhesive. It’s easy to install, and it’s ideal for doors, roofs, boot, wheel arches, and parcel shelf applications.

Once you’ve installed this product in your car, you will enjoy improved ride quality by reducing road noise, engine noise, wind noise, tyre whine, and also improve the audio quality of your car.

I tried using in my 2014 BMW X5 to reduce annoying noise from the rear of my car. I was surprised by the results. The mat significantly reduced the noisy drone type noise, and the installation process was pretty easy.

5.   Kilmat Noise Insulation Mat

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Kilmat also makes it in my list of cheap sound deadening material for cars. It’s affordable and performs much better compared to some of the high-end noise-proofing mats on the market today.  The sound absorbing mat is universal and hence can be fitted in any vehicle and not only soundproofing your car, but it will also offer heat insulation.

Kilmat is also a universal noise proofing material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor insulation. Additionally, it doesn’t emit a bad odor that most people can’t live with. Lastly, the deadener comes in 34 different sheet sizes. These small sheets are easier to use, and the different number makes it possible to cover more space in your car.

6.   Guteauto deadening insulation mat

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What if I told you that you could get a cheap sound deadening material for cars for less than 25 bucks? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Guteauto is a cheap thick fiberglass material made of high-quality foam laminate. Besides giving you noise insulation benefits, this insulation mat is also high temperature resistant, comes with a strong adhesive backing and it’s easy to cut.

It’s effective in reducing interior car noise, exhaust noise, engine noise, and vibrations. The product is ideal for installing in the engine compartment, firewall, and exterior bulkhead, body panels, under the seat, interior bulkhead, and wheel arch. You can also install under the car floor since it has good load resistance properties.

7.   Shinehome Sound Deadener Mat

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You’ve probably never heard about this brand because it’s still relatively new in the market. But having tried it last month, I can say that it does its job nicely. It offers both soundproofing and thermal insulation benefits. It’s designed with a durable out material to ensure that it withstands even the harshest environments.

Besides from soundproofing from interior sounds, you can also use shine home deadening mat for under the hood sound and heat insulation.


There you have it guys, some of the cheap sound deadening material for cars.  If you’d like to soundproof your home, you can check out this article on how to soundproof a tent or learn how to soundproof washing machine.

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