Do Soundproof Curtains Work- Read This First!!

I’ve been doing soundproofing projects for different clients and one of the popular question people ask me is- Do soundproof curtains work?

In response, I decided to craft out this article to help you understand how sound deadening curtains work and if they are the right fit for your house.

In my experience and line of work, I’ve come to discover that noise reducing curtains are quite effective for sound deadening projects but are not effective in blocking sounds.

So what does this imply?

The point is- sound deadening curtains will only reduce the echo in a rom but they won’t the decibel level of sounds in your room. However, sound dampening curtains are one of the simplest ways for soundproofing a room.

So are they not effective?

Just because I mentioned that these curtains don’t reduce decibel level does not mean that they are not effective in soundproofing and won’t sound insulate your room.

Let me explain further

Now do this- take your phone into your bathroom and play any song on it. I guess you can hear how irritating the sound it- right? The sound reverberates and echoes terribly right?

Now take your phone and place it into your closet and play the same song. I’m sure it doesn’t reverberate off the walls and somehow sounds quieter compared to when in the bathroom.

So what’s the reason-?

The clothes inside your closet deaden the echo.

Noise reducing curtains use the same concept as in the above example. They do not quiet the source of the sound but instead they make the sound that makes it to your house die out faster within the room.

Do soundproof curtains work or not?

My answer is YES

Soundproofing curtains work like charm.

If you hear external sources of sound like traffic, dogs barking or kids playing when in your room, then a soundproof curtain will make the noise less irritating. But remember they’ll not be as effective as soundproofing the window. They are effective in deadening sound in your house and keep it from reverberating or echoing.

Curtains are just like clothes in a closet.

Choosing a Soundproof Curtain

From the five years I’ve been doing DIY soundproofing projects, I’ve come to discover that manufacturers will do everything in their power to get you to buy their products even if they’re not effective.

Same concept applies to noise reducing curtain manufacturers.

Do Soundproof Curtains Work

Many manufacturers will market their curtains as soundproof just to get you to buy. I assure you you’ll only end up regretting.

So what can you do?

Listen to my advice and heed to it my dear friend.

If you want truly effective soundproof curtains you should ensure that they meet the following criteria. They MUST.

The curtains should be tightly woven, heavy (made from heavy fabric) and they should extend from the ceiling to the floor and some few inches past the sides of your window. If the curtains don’t meet these criteria- don’t buy them- regardless of how the manufacturer boasts about them.

Here are some 10 soundproof curtains you should buy now to end your noise problem.

If you find reading my review – (the review it’s quite long 4000 words plus, but worth it)- here are two soundproof curtains I can recommend to anyone without a second thought. NiceTown Blackout Curtain Panels and Deconovo Blackout Drapes Thermal insulated curtains

Check them out and be sure to give a feedback once you’ve tried them- I’m sure you’ll love em.

Additional tips for getting best noise reduction from your noise reducing curtains

  • Some folks will recommend you to buy two panels for each window in your house. Well you’ll get some noise reduction but not effective as having Four panels. So I would recommend four for each window. Thank me later.
  • Don’t buy regular wall brackets- as some folks on the internet will tell you to. Instead buy these ceiling mount curtain brackets. Do you know why I recommend them? They’ll take the curtains closer to the ceiling giving better sound insulation.
  • Don’t spend your cash on the 84” long curtains. Rather invest your money on the 96” long curtains. Why? They’ll extend all the way to the floor from the ceiling.

What are the alternatives to noise proofing curtains?

I know some of you guys might be willing to dig deeper into your pockets just to block out noises from coming through the windows. If that’s the case, consider buying these Acoustic curtains you can get them on Amazon.

But remember that they’re not cheap but they are likely to solve your noise problem. Trust me and they won’t break the bank either.

 You can also use this green glue sealant to seal any gaps in your windows. But if green glue is not readily available you can check out these 5 green glue alternatives.

When to seek professional soundproofing expert?

If you want to completely block out the sound coming through your windows- for good- I would recommend hiring an expert. You’ll spend like $1400 – $1000 for buying soundproof window and $400 to have it installed.


I hope I’ve answered your question- do soundproof curtains work? While these curtains might not give the best results compared to a soundproof window, they are much effective especially if you’re on a budget.

God knows how many times I’ve had to relocate until I discovered how these curtains work like charm.

In case of anything- question, comment or suggestion- please let me know in the comment section down below. If you have a noise neighbor upstairs, read my article on how to block unwanted noises from upstairs neighbors. Is your neighbor playing bass music? Learn how to block the bass.

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