How To Fix A Garbage Disposal That Only Hums: 5 Simple DIY Hacks

How To Fix A Garbage Disposal That Only Hums: A Garbage disposal unit is a must have for homes. However, it might worry you if your valuable unit hums. It could signal a troubleshoot that requires urgent attention before damage or even danger which may occasion injuries to a person. A humming sound means the power supply is getting into the machine, but there is some obstruction. It may lead to automatic switching off of the system or stalling any functions. Eventually, your garbage disposal may come to a halt.

It’s essential to fix the problem soonest and avoid inconveniences of piling up of garbage which may be a health hazard. A stuck object can cause humming, overheating, tripped breaker or clogging, wear and tear in the system. Before calling a plumber to establish the leading causes of the troubleshoot, it could be a simple malfunction which can be easily fixed. Here is the solution;

How To Fix A Garbage Disposal That Only Hums

1. Remove a stuck object

A stuck object may not affect the turning on of the garbage disposal. However, it will just hum without grinding the waste. Such obstruction may be between the impeller and the shredder ring or at the drainage system. To remove such obstacles start by turning off the power source to silence the machine and to prevent any eventual damage and noise. d

Next, disengage the circuit breaker from the main switch panel to stop the current into the machine. It will help you to touch the machine without exposing you to a possible electric shock.

The next step will involve carrying out a major inspection to establish the root cause of the troubleshoot. If the obstruction is at the grinding part of the machine, allow it to cool and then proceed to remove the obstacle.

After inspection, check the drainage properly to see if there is an object which is obstructing the system. Use a spotlight to help you locate the object.

Next, embark on the process of removing such obstruction using a metal hook or a prier from the drainage.

Finally, the motor may have overheated and turned it on immediately may lead to damages. Allow a few minutes for it to cool and restart the system.

2. How To Fix A Garbage Disposal That Only Hums by Preventing overheating

What would cause the garbage disposal to overheat? It may occur if you forcefully push items down the drain. It can also happen where hard husks or skins jam the motor stopping smooth flow of electricity.

If you note a burning smell and smoke, then this is a probable sign that your machine is about to hum. Also, it may be an indicator that stubborn object is stuck in the grinder, which may be addressed by following the steps laid down in removing the object.

Where overheating occurred as a result of forced items into the drain switches it off and allow it a few minutes and then restart again.

If this does not work, consider pushing the reset button on the bottom of the disposal cylinder under the sink to bring it back to work.

3. Take care of tripping

Tripping of the circuit breaker occurs when the electric system is overloaded with many kitchen appliances running simultaneously. It then strains the voltage and leads to tripping of power supply from the main transmission switch for the whole kitchen.

The breaker has three settings, namely; on, neutral and off indicator. When you check and find out that it is off-switching, reset it back to on. You may consider turning off some of the apparatus that are not necessary to allow you maximum use of garbage disposal at that time.

4. Remove clogging materials

It is without a doubt that clogging can be a nuisance. It is caused by the lack of quick running water down the disposal or lack of water at all. The trap will get coated with food waste hence obstructing the free flow of the waste into the drain. After the disposal unit grinds the waste, it is supposed to find its way into the drain line.

Clogging may also be caused by some ground particles stick in the pipes, and the common type of waste is from starchy foods like potatoes and bananas. An easy way out of this problem is to avoid using it if there is no running water.

How To Fix A Garbage Disposal That Only Hums

Alternatively, to prevent the clogging from flush the disposal with plenty of water when it is grinding. Also, consider grinding pieces of lemon together with ice cubes regularly to address this problem. All the stubborn particles that would clog your disposal system will be flushed out.

You do not need to call a plumber to come and fix a garbage disposal drain. It is possible to fix it with ease. Start by establishing the extent of the clogging. To start with, place a catch bucket beneath the disposal drain trap. Next, remove the trap by disconnecting a slip nut fitting and here, any water trapped therein will empty into the bucket without messing up.

Typically, clogs occur at the sharp bends of the trap. Use a brush to scoop all the debris and check for any obstruction in the drain pipe. If the clogging is in the drainpipe, use a sink auger to clear it. In the end, fix the drain trap into the pipe and then run the water through to ensure the obstruction is cleared and your garbage disposal resumes function without humming.

5. Replacements to take care of Wear and Tear

It is worth to note that any item has its lifespan and may require replacement from time to time. Though garbage disposal may last long, they still need replacement with time. Perennial clogging, emission of foul smell no matter how often you clean the system is an indicator that a facelift of the system is quite necessary. You can have it replaced to save you from this kind of scenario.

Final thoughts on How To Fix A Garbage Disposal That Only Hums

Now that you know what could be causing a humming sound on your garbage disposal machine, it’s important to rectify the problem. A well-serviced unit will lower your replacement and maintenance costs. However, if the problem persists, you can contact a licensed plumber. Click here to read guide on quiet dust collectors.

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