Top 10 Quietest Air Compressor for Garage

Best Quietest Air Compressor for Garage(1)

In this review article, I’m going to review some of the quietest air compressor for garage. If you’re a garage warrior or just passionate about DIY projects, you and I know that efficiency is the key. Working with loud compressors can be frustrating not only for you but also for those living in your neighborhood. … Read more

Top 12 Ways on How to Stop a Door from Slamming

How to Stop a Door from Slamming(1)

Slamming doors cause shock to people near and can be annoying to the ears, especially if wind force is strong, making a lot of noise. If you are looking for a way of stopping your door from slamming, this article will guide you step by step so that you can stay in a quieter environment … Read more

Soundproof Generator Box: How To Build a Generator Quiet Box (7 Steps)

A soundproof generator box will significantly dampen your generator noises allowing for a quiet and peaceful environment. In addition, a soundproof box for a generator can be used to dampen noises produced by a noisy air compressor in your garage. As you can see, this multipurpose box is important for different reasons. In this guide, … Read more

Soundproofing Materials: Affordable Noise Reduction Materials

Soundproofig materials

soundproofing materials -Does noise from your neighbors keep you awake at night? Do you have a noisy occupation or hobby and you do not want others to be disturbed? If your answer is yes, then you should know that there are practical solutions to these problems. Instead of getting frustrated, check out this list of … Read more

Quietest Pressure Washer: 7 Most Silent Electric Washers

quietest pressure washer

The quietest pressure washer in the modern world is one of the important household appliances. But like most household appliances, some pressure washers get the job done but are quite noisy. A quiet pressure washer can clean dirty and greasy surfaces easily fast enough and quiet. Washing with a typical hose at times is not … Read more

Quiet Dust Collector: 10 Most Silent & Affordable Dust Collectors

dusty chair.-(1) quiet dust collector

A quiet dust collector will ensure you work in not only a clean but also a quiet workshop space. Dust collectors are essential tools in any workshop where there’s a lot of debris produced from daily operations. When air is filled with debris, dust, chemicals or gases, the lungs of anyone who breathes it is … Read more

Quietest Garage Door Opener: 10 Best And Most Silent and Reliable

Quietest Garage Door Opener(1)

The quietest garage door opener will prevent those loud arrivals and departures from your garage. Your home should be a place where you can quietly retreat after a hectic day at work and hours spend in the traffic. Your garage door loudly announcing your arrival, beats the retreat concept, and not only announces to your … Read more

Quietest RV Air Conditioner & Different Ways To Quiet A Noisy AC

quietest rv air conditioner(1)

Quietest RV air conditioner: Air conditioners are essential and play an important role in every household. While newer models aren’t as noisy as older models, they sometimes can be noisy when you need ultimate silence. In this article, I’ll be showing you different methods of air conditioner soundproofing using simple DIY soundproofing materials readily affordable … Read more

Quietest Robot Vacuum: 10 Most Silent Models on the Market

Quietest Robot Vacuum

The Quietest robot vacuum cleaner will allow you to get rid of dirt and dust in your home. While robot cleaners are much quieter than regular vacuum cleaners, some homeowners find these robots a bit louder and noisier. A robot cleaner uses less motor power, and this makes it much quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners. … Read more

10 Best Quiet Pencil Sharpener

quiet pencil sharpener(1)

A quiet pencil sharpener will enable you to sculpt your pencils to sharp points without making unwanted noise. A quiet sharpener should be a practical device that performs its task, quietly, quickly and efficiently. Traditional sharpeners are quiet by default, but some of mechanical and fast and quiet electric pencil sharpeners are noisy and hence … Read more

How To Block Out Low Frequency Noise

How To Block Out Low-Frequency Noise

One of my blog readers from Seattle approached me via contact page requested me to suggest some of the best ways to dampen low-frequency sounds. The question on how to block low-frequency sound noise has also popped up in several forums where I’m a member. Because I know you genuinely value silence, I will show … Read more

Quiet RV Water Pump: Quiet Down That Noisy RV Pump

Quiet RV Water Pump(1)

[kkstarratings] Quiet RV water pumps have become popular in the recent years but it’s unfortunate that most RV owners complain about a noisy water pump. To reduce costs, some manufacturers make low quality and cheap pumps. They also use inferior installation methods, and this can lead to chattering piping systems and floor vibration. Is there … Read more

How To Soundproof A Generator: 9 Methods That Work

sound proof generator

If you often suffer power outage or you go camping in a very remote area, a generator will be a good option for you because sometimes having access to power is a necessity. Though the generator has many advantages, they also have a drawback of the much noise they produce. Generators make a lot of … Read more

Noico Sound Deadener Review: Is It Better Than Dynamat?

Noico Sound Deadener Review

Noico is among the best-known sound deadening materials in the market and one of the mostly used soundproofing vehicles. Sometimes it may be challenging to choose between different products in the market because of the introduction of a number of them. Noico is one of the best options when you are planning to soundproof your … Read more

How To Soundproof A Door (Complete Guide For Beginners)

soundproof door

When it comes to soundproofing your home, gaps and cracks are your biggest concerns and one place you’ll find these gaps is on the door. Additionally, most of the modern doors are so hollow such that they allow outside noises inside our homes even when closed. Additionally, what I’ve noticed with most homeowners is that … Read more

How To Cover Garage Walls For Party

Thinking of throwing a bash in your garage and invite friends over or making it a music practice room but you are scared that you might annoy your neighbors playing loud music? What if I told you that you could there was a way around this? In this article, I’m going to show you how … Read more

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