How To Soundproof Dog Crate: 10 Methods That Work

If you’re a pet owner, in this case a dog owner, I know you’re aware that your dog hates loud noises like thunder, fireworks, gun sounds or even trains. If you find your dog pacing, shaking, barking drooling, hiding or howling after a loud boom sound, I would suggest you soundproof the dog house. A dog crate capable of preventing sounds from leaking in our out the crate is a soundproof dog crate.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to soundproof a dog house and also highlight some of the most reliable dog crates available on the market today.

What is a Soundproof Dog Crate?

A soundproof dog kennel is made from quality soundproofing materials that help absorb noise so that your pet inside won’t freak out from thunderstorm or firework noises.

It’s important to note that a soundproof dog crate won’t entirely deaden the noise but instead will reduce noise to manageable levels.

Reasons why you should soundproof dog crate

Soundproofing a dog house seems like a good idea, but at the same time it rises some questions. Isn’t a sound deadened crate cruel for a dog? Do dogs really need soundproofed crates much as we need soundproofed house?

A fully soundproofed crate can affect ventilation and create undesirable environment for your dog.

1. Prevent outside noises

As I said above, dogs hate loud boom sounds. Even worse, dogs can hear sounds that the human ear cannot hear.  Dogs are capable of hearing sounds from 67Hz to 45000Hz compared to humans who can only hear frequencies from 64Hz to 23000Hz.

This means that dogs can hear low as well as high frequencies which we cannot. Dogs’ gets irritated by loud noises such as firecrackers, jet sounds, loud music, vacuum cleaners and so much more. Preventing such noises from leaking inside the dog house can really give your dog peaceful time among other benefits such as better sleep patterns, better reproductive drive.

2. Avoid irritating dog sounds

Are you tired of your dog whining all the time? You can avoid all that irritating sounds by soundproofing your dog house.

While as a pet parent you might a whiny dog may not be a problem to you- your neighbors might get irritated by such noises. They may report you to your landlord, or any other necessary authorities.

So soundproofing a dog kennel is not only beneficial to your dog but also beneficial from the dog owner.

Reasons why you should soundproof dog crate
Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

How to Soundproof a Dog Crate: Simple Hacks

A DIY soundproof crate cover is not a permanent solution but only a temporary solution to an existing problem.

1) Soundproof dog crate cover

crate covers for puppies(See more options and designs)

One of the simplest methods to prevent noise in and out of the dog crate is using a soundproof crate cover. The cover is made of heavy and thick fabric to block out noise

The cover will not only absorb external noises your dog hate but will also dampen sounds from the within such as barking.

However, it’s important to note that a soundproof cover will only prevent a fraction of both external and internal noises but will reduce noises to manageable levels.

2) Try a dog crate bed

Dog kennel beds by Slumber Pet A dog crate bed is a useful item in sound dampening. Not only will it suppress sounds but will offer your dog a soft and comfortable place to sleep.

Crate beds are available in different shapes and sizes. But in this case, you need to pick one that’s thick and covers the entire bottom of the crate.

You should also go for a bed made of synthetic fiber, cotton, foam and any other sound absorbing materials.

3) Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are effective in sound deadening. they don’t absorb sounds but instead they reflect it through a series of surfaces eventually cancelling out noise.

Additionally acoustic panels absorb reverberations and echoes in its multiple faces and hence prevent sound reflection.

4) Try noise reducing moving blankets

If you’re on a budget, then this is an option for you. Consider using these Deluxe moving blankets to sound deaden the crate.

What makes moving blankets ideal for this job is their unique construction.  They are designed in different layers with the out layer made of soft fabric. Read this full guide on soundproof blankets for dog crates.

This design makes it possible for the blankets to block and absorb sound. Additionally they can be washed easily and stored away when not in use making them a good option when you don’t use the crates regularly.

Top 5 Soundproof Dog Crates

A sound reducing dog crate is made using a sound absorbing material which absorbs the dogs barking. They also reduce the vibrations hence decreasing the extent of barking of the dog. These crates are comfortable for the dog and incase it feels sleepy it can sleep.

Because soundproofing the crate might not absorb all the sound, there are some things you can do to minimize the amounts of barking.

1. Amazon basics folding soft dog crate

amazon basic soundproofed crate

(See the latest price on Amazon)

Folding soft dog crate is one of the best and it’s made by Amazon basics with good qualities. The crate can adapt so many functions and it comes in different sizes suitable for big and small dogs. A soft sided 36 inch crate can be used by dogs of up to 90lbs. some of the advantage of this crate is that you can fold it fully and carry it on your hand and it saves space. Its fabric is made of polyester and the construction made of PVC.

The Amazon basics folding soft dog crate is designed to absorb sounds and make the dog comfortable. It is soft sided for car and airplane rides and it is also portable because it is light weight

2. Zen Crate Smart Anxiety Relief Crate

soundproof dog crate(View on Amazon)

Zen crate is a project that was supported because of the need of dog crates that keeps dogs away from sounds which can create anxiety in them such as thunderstorms or fireworks. It is also called soundproof dog kennel for fireworks. It is good and works as a remedy for reducing your dog’s uneasiness and it is very durable. The design looks good and it is made using a noise absorbing technology which reduces the vibrations from the surroundings. The wood on its structure also serves as a soundproof.

Some people may think that the ZenCrate is costly but it worth the money you spend on it.

The Zencrate has the following features:

  • Sound absorbing to reduce the uneasiness of the pet.
  • Battery backup to keep the dog calm during blackouts.
  • Has a free mobile application on play store and iTunes.
  • Vibration absorbing feet to reduce uneasiness caused by fireworks and thunderstorms.
  • Computer controlled music with anti-anxiety beats.
  • Automatic fan for good ventilation.

The zencrate has some advantages such as it is a good quality, contains gadgets that ease the dogs anxiety and the parental nerves. It is also the high rated product for the customers.

3. Noz2Noz  Indoor and outdoor crate

soundproof dog crate(See user reviews and photos)

This is comfortable soft crate which can accommodate pets of up 90 pounds and comes in five different sizes. Its doors can be rolled and can be used as a dog bed or kennel, all you do is simply rolling down the doors while the dog is on the inside. The Krater comes with a cover which can be washed and is water resistant.

The soft Krater has some advantages such as:

  • It provides safety for your pet since it is made of non-toxic materials with no sharp edges on the inner side and rounded corners on the outer side to make sure your car is not damaged when travelling with your pet.
  • You only need to unhook couplers with the push-button tabs making it easy to increase the size within seconds. Its design allows you to fold it down when not in use taking less space when keeping it in the store.
  • It has extra zippers and door latches making it hard for your dog to open.
  • It is light and portable.
  • There are many ways of entering and exiting.
  • It does not need tools to open or fold.

4. Petsfit indoor and outdoor dog crate

soundproof dog crate(See why I recommend it)

This type of crate is designed with a simple and a stylish look. The material used in making it absorbs and bounce off sounds. Its appearance is cool and it is only made for small dogs and puppies. The crate is made with a soft, removable and washable making it easy to clean and provide your dog a comfortable area.

It has a net design on the sides for good ventilation. The material used to make it is good and keeps the right temperature for the puppies. The crate is long lasting, quick to store, Portable and applicable to different situations such as sleeping.

5. Soft side pet crate by precision pet

soundproof dog crate(Check Latest Price)

Soft side pet crate comes in different sizes and is very attractive and can carry a dog of up to 90 pounds. It has a nylon mesh with a comfortable padded panel on the bottom side. For easy cleaning, you can remove the bottom panel and since the crate is made with a waterproof material you will wash it easily incase the pet has an accident.

It has a pocket and a water bottle for more utility when you are travelling and you can fold it making it convenient for carrying. It comes in four different sizes which you can choose from. The whole cage is waterproof and the material that it is made from is designed to reduce the barking from reaching outside and the noise from the outside from reaching the inside of the crate.

Its combination looks great which makes the crate trendy and also functional keeping both you and your puppy happy. This crate has several entry doors; it is made with quality materials and has good ventilation.

How Can I Make My Dog House Soundproof?

Alternatively, you can instead soundproof the dog room rather than soundproofing the crate. While this is an expensive option compared to the methods mentioned above.

By soundproofing a room, you will need to take care of the walls, soundproof windows, ceilings, floor and doors.

You can read this article I wrote the other day and learn the different methods you can use to reduce noise coming through the windows. If there exists any air vents in the room you’re about to soundproof, kindly read this article and learn how to reduce noise coming through the air vents.

How Can I Make My Dog’s Crate Quieter?

Train your dog

A disciplined dog can save you all the troubles. If you discipline your dog to stay in the crate, you won’t be worried about your neighbors complaining about your whiny doggy.

However some dog owners will argue that it’s cruel to discipline their dogs- while this can be true to some extent, imagine having a dog that’s whiny all the time? Would you stand that?

Your dog will bark and whine in the first few days when you place them in a crate. But just don’t let him out because this will only complicate things and make him impossible to train.

Hire a dog sitter

If you’re not limited on budget, I would recommend you hire a dog sitter to keep an eye and take care of your dog whenever you’re away.

This way you will be assured that your pet has someone to play with so they won’t get bored or feely lonely.

Alternatively, you can ask one of your family members or one of your close friends to take care of your dog whenever you are away. Additionally, your next door neighbor who has kids can help you out since most kids love playing around with dogs and other pets.

Tire him out

Work your dog out till he gets exhausted. You can take your dog along with you during morning runs or alternatively set a schedule to play with your dog before leaving for work.

This way, your dog will spend the rest of his day resting in his crate when you leave for work.

On Soundproofing a Crate

Dogs have are very sensitive to sounds and have a higher ability of hearing some sounds like loud music, thunderstorms and fireworks than human beings. This is the reason you should make your dog comfortable and reduce the noise from reaching them by buying it a soundproof cage if you are in a position to afford.

You can also use the cage while traveling with your pets because they mostly get uneasy while staring at the strangers and can sometimes starts barking. This makes your fellow passengers will be comfortable while traveling with you since they will not be bothered by the barking of your dog.

It is your responsibility to keep your dog and the people around you from noise disturbances that’s why you should consider sound proof crates which are safe and comfortable.

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