How To Quiet a Generator: Top 7 Tips To Quiet a Noisy Generator

Who hasn’t had to deal with the noise of a generator at some point or another?

Whether it’s for camping, construction, or any other number of things that require power in an area where there is no available grid connection.

Generators can be notoriously noisy and not only do they interrupt our conversations but also disrupt sleep patterns.

So how do we quiet them down without investing too much time and energy into doing so?

Below is my detailed guide on how to quiet a generator.

Why Does My Generator Sound So Loud?

Generators are loud because of the mechanics involved in powering them.

They rely on combustion to create electricity and this can be a bit noisy at times depending on how large it is.

Larger generators will produce more noise than smaller ones as well, but even small generators can make some amount of sound if you’re not careful with where you place it or what materials surround it.

Ways of How to Quiet a Generator

Below are practical DIY tips that have proven effective against generator noise. I would highly suggest you implement one or two and you’ll notice some significant differences in noise reduction.

1. Move the Generator Further Away from Home

The generator should be at least 20 feet away from the home.

If possible, place it in another area of your yard or on a patio outside.

The further you can move the generator, even if by just a few inches, will help keep noise and fumes out of your living space.

2. Create a Barrier Between the Generator and Your Home

In addition to moving the generator away from structures that could absorb sound (such as concrete walls), try setting up some type of barrier between it and any windows or doors leading into rooms inside your home where you spend time watching TV or reading books before bedtime.

A small fence might do this job well enough; alternatively, large barriers like lumber piles would also work to block sound waves while keeping things better organized around your property’s perimeter as a bonus.

A windbreak is an effective way to reduce the amount of noise a generator makes outdoors.

This is especially if it’s placed in your yard near some trees or other vegetation that might provide enough resistance against air coming out of the unit’s intake vent(s).

A simple fence will also do well at blocking sound waves while providing privacy for your property where needed.

You can additionally try positioning the generator with its backside (shorter exhaust pipe) facing away from any structures you don’t have noise transmitted to.

3. Try Sound Deflectors

One way you can quiet a generator is by using sound deflectors.

The generated noise tends to be directed toward the sides of your house or building rather than in the direction that it’s facing, which makes using deflectors useful and effective.

Place them on all four corners of your generator so that they catch more wind, sending it outwards.

4. Try Rubber Mounts

If you do not have the resources to buy sound deflectors or noise-canceling material, try using rubber mounts instead.

You can use them as an alternative to vibration dampeners made with foam.

This is because they work by absorbing vibrations before it has time to travel from one end of the machine to another instead of just reducing what’s already been generated.

One drawback though – they don’t completely prevent all shaking so if this doesn’t seem like a good solution for you then go back up to the first method of sound deflectors.

5. Soundproof Generator Box

The most effective way on how to quiet a generator is by getting a soundproof generator box.

This genius contraption can work for both indoor and outdoor generators as it has an airtight seal that is completely waterproof, thus making sure no water leaks in nor out of the box.

One more thing about this product: its design makes noise less noticeable from the outside because it covers up the machine’s sharp angles and corners so sounds are muffled before they even reach your ears.

If you do not want any modification done with your current equipment, get yourself one of these boxes ASAP and see if that works because some people have said that putting their machines inside boxes made them much quieter.

6. Try Generator Silencer

A generator silencer is a device that reduces the noise from the generator by dampening the sound generated when running it.

It is an ancient technology and has been in use for several decades now to reduce the amount of noise that comes out with each revolution of the engine as well as during its operation.

Click here to see one of my most recommended generator silencers on the market today.

7. Get a Quiet Generator

If everything mentioned above fails, then I would highly recommend that you get yourself a quiet generator.

A quiet generator will also save you the hassles of having to undergo all the torturous DIY methods highlighted above.

One of my most recommended generators is the Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator.

It’s a quiet 2000 watts portable generator that is ideals for both uses as a home backup generator, camping, or tailgating.

8. Point The Exhaust Pipes Away from Your Home

The generator makes too much noise?

Point its exhaust pipes away from yourself and others nearby when in use- this redirects the airflow outward instead of toward those nearby which decreases noise level significantly.

You may set up an “air curtain” by using a long piece of plastic to direct airflow away from you.

This will allow for the air exhausts to be more effectively directed out and away from where people are located, making sure noise levels don’t increase around those areas.

This is an especially effective method if there is plenty of space in between where the generator itself is situated compared with your location.

Final Thoughts on How to Quiet a Generator

Above are some of my most recommended methods on how to quiet a generator.

Some areas are simple as just moving your generator further away from home, pointing the exhaust pipes further from your home and others are as expensive as buying a soundproof generator box.

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