Top 12 Ways on How to Stop a Door from Slamming

Slamming doors cause shock to people near and can be annoying to the ears, especially if wind force is strong, making a lot of noise. If you are looking for a way of stopping your door from slamming, this article will guide you step by step so that you can stay in a quieter environment while closing your door.

What Causes of a Door to Slam Shut

The causes of a door slamming can be explained through the following three possible explanations:

– The door is slammed shut and locked because someone was running out of the room.

It’s s slammed shut and locked by a person who attempts to enter.

– The door slams shut as a result of an object falling on it, such as a shoe or a heavy book.

Your door could be slamming shut because of a poorly secured hinge, improper use, or poor insulation. These are just some of the many possible reasons why doors slam shut.

The type of hinge you use and how you use your door can affect whether or not it slams shut. But when it comes to these three explanations, no one answer fits all doors and hinges.

In other words, different hinges require different types of maintenance for them to hold up and stay secure.

How to Stop a Door From Slamming

Door slamming is a prevalent issue in many different households, and many people are trying to find out how to stop a door from slamming. Here are some ways how you can try to prevent it.

1. Put felt pads on the door

Attaching felt pads to prevent a door from slamming is a good and simple technique you can apply at home.

The idea is used since felt pads are mainly used on floors to absorb sound, which might cause a disturbance if it reaches people downstairs. What you have to do is cut small pieces of pads then attach them on top and bottom of the door.

After installing the pads, the door will not hit the frame directly; hence, less or no sound will be produced when closing or opening the door. Also read how you can reduce outside noise using moving blankets.

2. Installation of an Auto-door closer

Installing an auto-door closer is one of the most effective techniques you can use to prevent a door from producing noise when closing or opening.

An auto-door closer is automatic that eases the process and ensures that the door does not slam even when the wind is strong, or you use a lot of force.

Some of the advantages of an auto-door closer are that they are affordable, look good and simple to install. There are many auto door closers in the market, but I would recommend Fs-1306 Automatic.

The best thing about this type is that it is easy to adjust when opening or closing the door and is sold at a fair price as per the quality. (Click here to see user reviews and price on Amazon)

You can install Fs-1360 in almost every door even the metal ones and it is made with aluminum which makes it more durable than that made of plastic which tends to wear out after a short period. Its installation is easy, and most of them have user manuals which guide you step by step.

3. Use a Weather Stripping Kit

Weatherstrip kit not only stops the door from slamming it also acts as a soundproofing material. It reduces the number of external sounds as well as the noise the door produces when closing or opening.

Installing the strip makes one deal with two problems at the same time. Installation is simple, after purchasing the weather strip, all you have to do is measure the space between the door and the frame then attach the strip which does not require moistening because it is already self –adhesive.

The most effective and affordable weather-strips in the market I can recommend is Soundproof Weatherstripping Door Draft Stopper. (See latest price and reviews on Amazon)

4. Check the Door Hinges

As I mentioned earlier, hinges may come because of a door to slam it they old and worn out hinges or poorly installed. If the hinges are not are worn out, they will produce some noise when opening or closing the door, causing a lot of disturbance to the people around.

Inspecting the door hinges enables you to know whether they are in good condition and are properly installed. For you to check whether the hinges are properly installed, try opening the door at an angle of 90- degrees then check if there are any imbalances using the leveling tool.

If you find that the hinges are well installed, the next step is to check whether they are in good condition. This is important because if the hinges are damaged, they may a cause of a door to slam when you close or open.

When you find that the hinges are worn out, you will have to buy others for replacement.

The installation process is easy to understand what you have to do is:

  • Remove each hinge at a time then replace it with the new one immediately instead of having to remove all of them at one go; this will save you time and energy
  • With a screw start at the top by unscrewing the first hinge and remove it and replace it with a new one then moves to the second one.
  • Tighten the screw after installing the new hinge
  • Repeat the process for all of them to ensure that they are aligned and well-balanced.

5. Install a Door Stop

Use of a door stop is one of the easiest and affordable ways to stop a door from slamming. A door stopper is an excellent technique, but it might not be the best from the four above. It keeps the door open when in use, and it works.

There is a variety of door stoppers in the market, and most of them are good and do an excellent job, especially if the wind coming through windows is the main cause of door slamming.

When purchasing the stoppers ensure you choose according to the size and weight of your door.

A heavy and big door will require a strong stopper to hold all the mass. If your door is light, you can buy a small stopper or even a heavy one since both will work well.

6. Place A Block Inside Your Doorway

A block can be placed inside your doorway so that when it’s pushed out by someone trying to slam their way through, it stops them just long enough for them to realize what they’ve done and take another route into your house.

This is an especially useful technique if you have toddlers or pets who might be able to push this block out before you notice what happened and close the door again.

7. Put A Rubber Door Stop on The Opposite Side of The Door

A doorstop is a device used to prevent doors from slamming shut by placing them on one side of the doorway, and when someone pulls the door back to close it, the doorstop prevents it from closing all the way. This is because built-in grooves will not allow the two parts of the door to meet when they’re closed.

8. Use Door Pinch Guards

Door pinch guards are a great way to prevent door slamming. They help prevent the doors from being forced shut by any pressure. You can purchase them in different colors, sizes, and textures to match your home’s decor.

There are many ways to attach these pinch guards to your door. One of the most common ways is to drill a hole in the top of the door and screw them onto the door frame.

Another option is to attach them with adhesive strips or hot glue. Be sure that whatever method you choose will stay on for long-term use (they won’t peel off or come off when you move into your new home).

9. Door Bumper

A door bumper is a valuable item in preventing door slamming. This can be a thin plastic strip that you place on the door before closing it. This will make it so that the door cannot slam shut, preventing any damage to your house.

10. Furniture against the wall

Another way to help prevent the door from slamming is by placing a small piece of furniture against the door, such as a chair or table.

You could also put some large decorative items on either side of the doorway so that when people come in, they have to stop and look around before stepping in.

The last option is to put up one of those huge inflatable air beds inside your doorway to make an obstacle for people to step over before entering your home.

11. Practice Good Habits

The best thing you can do is practice good habits at home and reduce distractions, so you are less likely to slam doors during instances of stress or anger.

For example, if you hear your kids fighting at home, don’t slam the front door shut when you go back into your house after getting them under control.

If people are coming in late at night, try not to slam the front or back doors shut when you leave for work or school early morning hours. If you can practice good habits, it should decrease how often doors get slammed at home.

12. Replace the Door Hinges

The first way to stop a door from slamming is by replacing the old hinges. Old, worn-down hinges cannot support weight as well as new ones would. Replacing the hinge will help prevent future door slams and make your home more secure.

Another reason this could be the case is if you have a door with a metal track, which can also cause it to slam shut.

If you notice that you’re having problems with your doors trying to slam closed, then your doors may have a metal track in them. This can be fixed by replacing the entire doorframe of the slamming door.

On How to Stop a Door from Slamming

If you have a problem with your door slamming every time someone opens or closes it, then the above techniques will assist you to stop it.

When purchasing door anti-slam, make sure you go for the one made with longer lasting materials. For instance, when buying the anti- door slammer make sure you go for the one made of aluminum since it lasts long than that made of plastic.

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