Lay Z Spa Noise Reduction: 7 Effective DIY Tips for Beginners

If you live in a small apartment and have a lay z spa, you know how challenging it is to enjoy your relaxation time.

The sound of the jets can be deafening.

There are many ways to reduce the noise from your lay z spa, but this blog post will focus on 7 DIY tips that are easy for beginners to implement.

These simple alterations will help create an enjoyable experience for those who want peace and quiet as they relax after a long day at work.

A-List of Lay Z Spa Noise Reduction Methods that Work

What to do if you are new to noise reduction?

If it has been a few years since you’ve had a spa, the idea of laying in silence may seem like an impossible dream.

That’s okay!

We’re here with some tips on how to reduce your ambient sound level for those who want to sleep or relax more quickly at home, as well as professionals looking for ways to better serve their customers.

1.     Lay Z Spa Noise Reduction System

One of the best and most recommended methods to reduce noise in the Lay Z Spa involves using a Lay Z Spa Noise Reduction system. Below is a detailed guide on how this system works.

What is Lay-Z-Spa Noise Reduction System?

The Lay Z Spa noise reduction system reduces the sound of the spa.

It does this by breaking up or diffusing waves before they can cause discomfort to you and your neighbors.

The lay z spa creates a barrier of air bubbles that diffuses sound waves.

When these soundwaves hit the bubble, they bounce off and travel in all directions instead of just towards the person sitting on it.

A few things that affect how well it works are:

How far away from a noisy spa neighbor’s pool you are, what type of material your roofing shingle has for siding (prefabricated concrete shake siding will give better results than vinyl), if any landscaping around your home blocking out some of the ambient noise.

It also helps to use more dense insulation on windows close to where people might be using the spa.

Lay Z Spa noise reduction system is so effective that an independent lab test reveals that it’s able to reduce water jet noises up to 31 dB when positioned next to your spa.

2.     Try Earplugs

Consider purchasing earplugs and keeping them accessible near your bedside table so that they can be used, when necessary, throughout the day.

These will cut down on extraneous noise from construction sites nearby, airplane traffic overhead, barking dogs next door, cars driving by late into the night.

Earplugs won’t offer complete peace and quiet, but they will help.

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3.     Soundproof the windows

Investing in soundproof windows could also significantly reduce ambient noise levels indoors by as much as 50%.

While it might not seem like it when looking out onto the street below or listening to cars driving past new double pane windows, technology has made this type of installation quite affordable–even for those living paycheck to paycheck.

Additional benefits include reduced energy bills from not running the air conditioning as often, more natural light entering your home, and improved security.

If you’re new to soundproofing, then you can check out my detailed guide on how to soundproof a window.

Find The Perfect Spot

Create a designated spot for your spa in an area where there’s no noise from outside sources, such as traffic or neighbors.

If you can’t do this, get some soundproofing to reduce the number of street noises that make it into your hot tub space.

You may find something at arts and crafts stores like Michael’s; I know they sometimes have great deals on acoustic panels.

Alternatively, you can grab some acoustic panels from amazon- my most recommended picks are- 48 Pack Acoustic Foam Panel Wedge Studio Soundproofing Wall Tiles.

4.     Mind The Installation

To achieve noise reduction within your own personal hot tub experience, you must first ensure that you have all necessary components installed correctly before use – otherwise, everything will just be one big mess.

The ideal setup for a Lay Z Spa is where the water heater, pump, and all other related components are housed in a cabinet outside of view from inside the spa enclosure – this will also help eliminate any noise coming from these parts.

When it comes to what type of cover should be used on your hot tub, you’ll want one that is either transparent or has no solid top at all.

This way, when bubbles escape, they can do so without making any sound as well.

Final thoughts on Lay Z Spa Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is essential for any spa experience.

With a noisy Lay Z Spa, relaxation and wellness are compromised because the noise distracts from your desired therapeutic benefits.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to reduce the disruptive sound levels in an inflatable hot tub. One way to do this is by adding a floating device called the ” Lay Z Spa Noise Reduction system.”

Follow the above guide, and you’ll be able to get the quietest and most satisfying spa experience ever.

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