Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat (Spray On Sound Deadener Vs Mat)

Sound deadening mats are great solutions for reducing noise while in a vehicle. Also, there exists an alternative that involves spraying the interior parts using sound deadening material. In this article, we compare the most common options in each category.

Dynamat Xtreme Sound Deadening Mat (See prices on Amazon)

Lizard Skin Sound Control Spray (See prices on Amazon)

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. The first question that needs an answer is WHICH ONE IS BETTER?

From my experience and observation, the Dynamat is better at sound deadening but is hard to work with and more expensive. On the other hand, The Lizard Skin may be a bit messy but covers more areas in the vehicle and is easier to apply with the proper precautions.

It is essential for you to understand the significant differences between the Dynamat installation and the Lizard Skin spray application to help you make an informed decision.

Lizard Skin & Dynamat Comparison Table


Lizard Skin Dynamat
The preparation process Some parts of the car need to be covered to prevent the spray from ruining them Installation and partial installation to areas which require an application of the sound deadening
The application Spraying of the paint is simple, but can be a bit messy if you are not careful. No need for cutting or scissors, but a spray gun is needed Cutting and applying it may be more difficult
The coverage The Lizard Skin spray covers the body, frame and ribs of the car easily Dynamat covers the body of the car, but may be hard to apply in hidden areas
The finished product There is no risk of getting the bolts and nuts stuck as there aren’t any gaps The finished product has a few cases of seams and gaps
Price ($)


Check Amazon for current price Check Amazon for current price
Thickness Lizard Skin is thicker at 0.4 inches to 0.6 inches


Dynamat is less thick at 0.0067 inches


One good thing both of these products have in common is that they are water-based. Most other alternatives available are asphalt-based, and when they are subjected to hot climatic situations, they release toxic vapors. Moreover, the asphalt-based sound deadeners create a mess when they melt, which is very difficult to deal with.

Asides this and their sound deadening qualities, there are no primary things in common between Dynamat and Lizard Skin.

Now let us discuss each of them in detail.

The Lizard Skin Sound Control

The ‘Sound Control’ of Lizard Skin is to be used with ‘Top Coat’ and ‘Ceramic Insulation’. The Top Coat provides a glossy finish and durability while the Ceramic Insulation provides thermal insulation. The cost of combining the three products will be more than the cost of Dynamat.

However, since the ‘Top Coat’ and ‘Ceramic Insulation’ aren’t related in any way to sound deadening, you can do without them. You do not need all three to soundproof your vehicle.

This Lizard Skin Sound Control fills two-gallon buckets. The manufacturers recommend 2 coats at a 0.4 to 0.6-inch thickness. The package also comes with a marker for measuring the thickness. For an average vehicle, you may need up to four gallons although Lizard Skin estimates six gallons for a hardtop vehicle.


It is not possible to do a partial installation. Deciding to use the spray implies that you will have to touch the whole car. It is not possible to use the Lizard Skin on your own.

The entire vehicle will be stripped and the doors dismantled by experts to allow them to apply the spray with ease. Before using the liquid, it needs to be mixed. So a mixing kit is required and can be attached to a nearby power drill. Also, you will require a spray a gun. It is advisable to use the one made by the company. Both of these can be bought on Amazon as a kit. Check here

Before applying the spray, you will need to protect the holes, bolts, and nuts with masking tape. Do not ignore this, as it may be difficult to remove the coating on these areas.

Also, the surrounding areas that have plastic sheets with another spray job or paint need to be protected.


Confirm using the marker on a small area that the thickness is okay, and then continue with the first coat on the entire area. Do it for each surface. Wait for about an hour before applying the second coat.

Lizard Skin Sound Deadening Capability

Generally, the Lizard Skin’s sound deadening capability is reported to be great so far.


  • Preparation process takes less time and is easy, although it needs to be a bit elaborate.
  • No part is left untreated. Every part of the ribs and body frames is covered.
  • No injury risks as no cutting is required.
  • Though it isn’t cheap, the cost of installation is lesser when compared to Dynamat.
  • Unlike when mats are used, there are no issues of trapped moisture.


  • It is difficult to handle by yourself. You need the services of a professional.
  • The vehicle paint sticks, and you need to be extremely careful with it.
  • Requires extensive precautions.
  • If you’re not careful, it can get very messy.


The Dynamat is great and is worth the money. The only disadvantage is its cost which makes individuals to go for more affordable options. As impressive as Dynamat is, it won’t be able to offer the type of soundproof experience with home theaters. That’s why Dynamat and other similar products are referred to as sound deadeners.

Nevertheless, the sound deadening experience is worth it. Are you looking for a near 100% soundproofing in a vehicle? You should be able to hear external noises faintly from a safe angle.

The Dynamat Extreme is the real deal for covering the main portion of the car. There are 2 other products which Dynamat markets – Dynapad and Dynaliner.

The Dynaliner provides thermal insulation. It is more lightweight than the Dynamat Xtreme. But we do not recommend Dynaliner as an addition or a replacement to the Extreme.

The Dynapad is heavier and will perform better than the Xtreme. But it’s too thick for usage on the entire vehicle. However, it would be great to have some of it on the ground where most road noise is transmitted.


The preparation process of Dynamat is easier than that of the Lizard Skin. You only need a moderate pre-installed task to do for the Dynamat. It can even be done in different stages. There’s no spraying, paint, or dirty liquids which will damage your vehicle.


The most difficult aspect of the Dynamat installation is the cutting process. You need to be very careful while cutting and must use the appropriate tools.

After measuring and making the cuttings, as well as cleaning the surface, you’ll need to remove the release liner and paste the Dynamat. Then you will need to apply pressure using a roller to make the adhesive stick firmly.

For smaller areas, these tasks aren’t an issue. For larger surfaces such as the floors and roof, you’ll be sticking large pieces. Sticking and removing the release liners have to be in different stages. You’ll remove a corner section, then stick it and keep repeating the process as you’re moving up.

Though the process isn’t too simple, with the help of a family member or a friend, you may not necessarily require the services of an expert to get it done.

Dynamat Xtreme Sound Deadening Capabilities

The Dynamat has the best sound deadening capabilities among other products available and is the most common option. It is very effective.


  • DIY is possible, which saves the cost of labor.
  • It is water-based, unlike many other sound deadening mats.
  • Very reliable as it’s been tried and tested
  • Highly efficient for minimizing road noise.


  • Cannot cover 100% of the car
  • Employing the services of a professional would be more expensive than a Lizard Skin spray work because the application procedure is a bit more complicated.
  • Tough to work with. You must make sure there are no gaps to prevent moisture from getting trapped.
  • Dynamat may be more costly, but it’s proven to be very effective and easy to apply. On the other hand, the lizard skin is expensive as well, gives a clean finish and covers more areas than the spray. Whichever you choose will depend on the amount of coverage you want and how much you are willing to spend.

On Lizard Skin and Dynamat

If you are looking to reduce the road noise in your car, sound deadening mats and sprays are the ideal options. Also, to reduce the noise, you can spray the surfaces of the interior using sound deadening materials.

Having read the advantages and disadvantages of each of these sound deadening products in details, you can now make an informed choice on the right one for your car. Interested in more comparisons? Here’s a comparison between SoundSkins and Dynamat and complete SoundSkins review

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