Soundproofing Materials: Affordable Noise Reduction Materials

Soundproofig materials

soundproofing materials -Does noise from your neighbors keep you awake at night? Do you have a noisy occupation or hobby and you do not want others to be disturbed? If your answer is yes, then you should know that there are practical solutions to these problems. Instead of getting frustrated, check out this list of … Read more

How To Quiet Drums for Practice: 8 Ways To Make Drums Quieter

How To Quiet Drums for Practice

How To Quiet Drums for Practice: Want to know how you can play drums without driving your neighbor nuts? Want to know how to play drums in an apartment without risking an eviction letter from your landlord? This article guide is for you, with the best way to make drums quieter during practice. Whether you’ll … Read more

How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls: 5 Simple & Cheap DIY Hacks

How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls

How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls If you live in an apartment, one of the hardest things to deal with is noise. The problem may get out of hand if the walls are thin and soundproofing is a hard task. Modern apartments feature flimsy materials, and putting up with noisy neighbors does not help either. … Read more

Quiet Drum Set: 6 Best Noiseless Electronic Drum Set for Apartments

quiet drum set(1)

A quiet drum set is an important musical instrument for anyone who wants to practice in environments that require silence- for example in apartments, during non-plugged performances, and of course during music lessons. Unlike acoustic drums which can be quite noisy, electronic drum sets will are much quieter and much preferred for those who enjoy … Read more

Quietest Projector Reviews: Ultra Quiet for Gaming and Home Theatre

Quietest Projector the most quiet ones

Quietest projector: If you have a home cinema, then the projector definitely has a dedicated position. Television can deliver an excellent 4K HDR, but if you are a cinema enthusiast, you may need a bigger picture, probably on a larger inches screen. If you want to splash the latest movies on a white wall, enhance … Read more

Best Quiet Cymbals (Quieter Than Regular Cymbals)

Quiet cymbals are uniquely designed with special metal alloys to make them produce quieter sound than normal cymbals. If you will be practicing at home or in a noise sensitive environment, there is the need to use quiet cymbals to make sure you won’t cause unwanted disturbances to your neighbors or people living in adjacent … Read more

How To Soundproof a Room for Drums | 11 DIY Methods For Beginners

How To Soundproof a Room for Drums

Want to learn how to soundproof a room for drums? Below is my full detailed guide. You probably dream of owning a soundproofed drum room where you can rock and roll alone or with band members without disturbing your neighbors. Or, you got a teenage son who’s got some curiosity about music and spends most … Read more

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