Noico Sound Deadener Review: Is It Better Than Dynamat?

Noico is among the best-known sound deadening materials in the market and one of the mostly used soundproofing vehicles. Sometimes it may be challenging to choose between different products in the market because of the introduction of a number of them. Noico is one of the best options when you are planning to soundproof your car as it reduces the loud noise that your car might be producing.

When choosing a good soundproofing material checks on the quality, ease of installation, price, color, usage plan, and design and Noico meets most of these characteristics.

When soundproofing, you don’t have to cover all the surfaces in your car since all you want is to reduce the noise. Just cover 30-50% of your car surfaces to get a good effect.

Where To install Noico Sound Deadening Mat

You can install Noico 80mil mat on different parts of your vehicle including

  • Vehicle doors
  • Headliner
  • Dashboard
  • Hoodliner
  • Car surface

Noico Sound Deadener Review Overview

In this section, we’ll be looking about some of the advantages and characteristics of Noico sound deadening mats and the reasons why it’s one of the best car soundproofing mats. Its deadening results are similar and can be compared to other high end products such as SoundSkins and Dynamat. It can be a great Dynamat alternative especially if you’re on a budget.

· The thickness and lightweight

Noico is an amazing noise deadener approximately 80millimeters thick, and it is thicker than most of the mats in the market. Its thickness is enough to reduce most of the noise in your car.

You don’t have to buy an adhesive or use a heat gun since it has its own adhesive. Its adhesive is easy to stick and also strong making it difficult to peel off from the car surface easily. The product is also lightweight and does not require a lot of energy lifting as you install.

· Flexibility

The flexibility of Noico is good since most of the soundproofing mats wear and break easily after you apply on a degree that is not a flat surface. This way you can confidently put the mat in each corner of your car without breaking or tearing.

· Heat resistant

Noico is resistant to heat, and it is not affected when exposed to heat since it is butyl made that’s why it blocks heat. Excess heat can sometimes make your car smell like a burnt sound deadener making the atmosphere unpleasant at times when you use products that are affected by temperature. With a Noico sound dampener, you can stay in a hot area with no inconvenience, so you don’t have to be worried.

· Moisture resistant

The Noico product does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere. When you use a product that absorbs moisture, the wetness penetrates to the mat, and the smell can sometimes penetrate to the outside reaching those near your vehicle. The soaked mat can also peel away leaving the area looking bad which will require you to clean the remains before you apply any other soundproofing material.

When you use Noico sound deadener, you will be assured that your car would be odorless for a long time

· Quality materials

The Noico does not only reduce the excess sounds but also makes your car look good after you install it. Though it is not the best, it is also not bad looking. It absorbs sounds and improves the sound of your car music. Its design looks good and has the shapes of diamonds making it more attractive than its competitors and it mostly comes in black or silver colors. The quality of Noico is good, and it remains the same for several years.

· Multiple of sheets

Noico Sound Deadener Review

Noico mats come in several sheets that can cover 36 square ft. It mostly comes in 9 sheets each measuring 29.5 * 19.5 inch and makes it easy to install in more than one area in your car.

· Ease of Installation

Noico is very easy to apply, and since it is self-adhesive, it is easy to peel out. It saves you time and makes work easier for you. The process of applying is very simple, and you don’t need to read the manual. The Noico comes with an indicator that shows you whether you have applied it correctly.

It is also very versatile and flexible giving you several options of applying in different areas, and it can bend to suit your needs and wants. You can use the Noico sound deadener in places like;

  • Dashboard
  • Car surfaces
  • Vehicle doors

· Color and Design

The diamond shape of the Noico designs stands out to be unique and appealing. However, some people find it unappealing but even though the pattern is not great the rest of its features remain the best.

· Cost

Noico is cheaper as compared to other soundproofing mats like the Dynamat, and it’s incredible and worth every coin you spend buying. It is worth it since: (See latest price on Amazon)

  • It is readily available
  • Once you purchase one, it will serve you for years.

The price can be as low as 1.5 dollars and as high as 2.5 dollars per square feet. Something interesting about the Noico products is that they are available through some companies may create shortages while giving a good quality cheaply but they sometimes fail to maintain a stable supply in the market.

It is cheap since you don’t need to call an expert to install it for you even if you are a beginner saving you money. Peeling it before also installing very easy and you don’t have to struggle with it as it sticks fast to the surface saving you time.

Noico Sound Deadener Review

Final Thoughts on Noico Sound Deadener Review

Noico sound deadener is termed as one of the best in the market due to its good qualities and its effectiveness; however, it does not absorb 100% of the noise produced by your vehicle. (You can read my Lizard Skin and Dynamat Comparison)

When installing this product, ensure that you wear hand protection to avoid injuries in case your car has some sharp metals. When peeling off the material from the car, use a knife or a shear, and this can take several hours if you had installed earlier since it is not easy to remove due to its stickiness.

The product may have a rubber smell as a result of asphalt undercoat made of butyl. Some people might not like its design and the color schemes of the Noico mats, but this is not a major issue since it does not affect its effectiveness and can be tolerated.

If you are struggling to select the best product for your car soundproofing, then I would recommend you to purchase the Noico deadener for better results.

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