10 Best Quiet Close Toilet Seat Reviews and Buying Guide

With a quiet close toilet seat, you’ll never have to complain again whenever a person visits the bathroom either during the day or at night.  Toilet seats come in different styles and colors and are there to maintain your washroom sanitary. The seats are made of different materials which not only determine how the toilet seat will last but how quiet or noisy it will be.

In this guide, I’m going to show you some of the quietest toilet seat covers and the different methods you can implement to quiet an already existing noisy toilet seat.

Factors to consider when choosing a noiseless/silent/quiet close toilet seat

The market is filled with lots of substandard seats that will not only affect your comfort but also make it hard to achieve a quiet home environment. However, there is always the best quiet closet toilet seat model for your washroom. Below are the factors to consider before buying:

Noise level (closing system)

The first and very important factor is the noise levels. You’re probably tired of toilet seat slamming every time a person uses the washroom. For this reason, you will need seats that utilize quiet close and slow-close technology, which close slowly and quietly preventing slamming, pinched fingers, and cracked toilets.

Material and hinges

The toilet seat you buy should be made of durable and yet flexible material to handle differently from users. The best materials, in this case, are wood and plastic.

In addition, the fit and the strength of a seat highly depend on the quality of the hinges. Quality hinges guarantee a comfortable operation.

Versatility and style

A toilet seat will be used by everyone in the family and if it doesn’t meet every person’s need, then why have it in your house in the first place. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in a seat that can be used by both adults and kids.

The style and quality of the toilet seat are also very important. An unattractive style will affect the overall appeal of your washroom.

Shape, size, and ease of installation

Toilet seats come in round and elongated sizes. So it’s important to know the shape and size of your toilet before you order online. In addition, the seat should be easy to install. Generally, seats with a clamp or easy bolt installation are the best. Also read my guide on quiet bathroom switches.

What is a quiet close- slow close toilet seat?

A quiet toilet seat is one that closes quietly on its own once you push it down. While gravity controls the seat, tensioned hinges control the gravity making it close slowly and quietly without slamming down.

To get a slow close seat to close, a simple light tap will do the trick. After a couple of seconds, the seat or seat lid will rest slowly on the bowl like a small feather landing on a surface. A slow close seat is whisper-quiet, designed with unique hinges.

Quiet Close Toilet Seat Reviews

1. KOHLER K-4636-0 quiet close toilet seat

KOHLER K-4636-0 quiet toilet seat features a subtle styling and innovative technology and its ideal for most elongated toilets. As its name suggests, the Kohler quiet close seat is fitted with rubber bumpers that clamp firmly to minimize noise and also prevent it from shifting.

In addition, the seat utilizes the latest technology which makes installation and cleaning easy and also prevents the toilet seat cover from slamming.

In addition, the seat is perfectly contoured to ensure maximum user experience and perfectly fits on both one and two-piece toilets. It’s made from a solid polypropylene material that is resistant to staining, fading and chipping. The best part is that you get a 1-year warranty that protects you from manufacturer’s defects.

Another feature you will love with this quiet close toilet seat is the fact that it features a quiet-close with a quick release option to make sure the toilet seat cover closes with minimal touch.

2. KOHLER K-2599-0 Quiet Close with Nightlight

The KOHLER K-2599-0 is not only quiet, but it’s also great for use by everyone in the family as it’s designed to accommodate both children and adult without the need of investing in additional toilet seats for children.

In addition, it’s easy little ones in the house to use, easy to clean, and the best part is that it won’t slam down on your child’s delicate fingers. The nightlight option is a perfect addition to guide anyone who visits the bathroom in the dead of night- you can consider it to be the ideal toilet seat for potty training and beyond. The nightlight is powered by 4 AA batteries.

In addition, the toilet seat is fitted with a secure grip bumper that adds stability and prevents the seat from shifting. It also utilizes Quiet-Close technology which prevents the lids (for both child and adult seats) from slamming. (We all hate toilet seat lids slamming- right? – well Kohler’s got you covered in this case).

3. Mayfair 48SLOWA Whisper-Close Toilet Seat

With Mayfair whisper close toilet seat you won’t ever have to complain again whenever the kids pay a visit to the bathroom. It’s a slow-close toilet seat made of high quality and durable molded wood and comes in an all-white color with an attractive design that makes it stand out from the rest of the seats on the market.

It’s equipped with lift-off hinges that ensure that the toilet seat never slams against the toilet. Made here in the United States, it comes with a high-gloss finish that adds elegance to your bathroom. It’s affordable and designed to provide excellent service you’ll get with other premium and expensive models.

The seat fits most elongated toilet bowls and features an STA-TITE fastening mechanism that ensures it’s tightly secured.

4. TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Round Toilet Seat

Everyone in the family will love the innovative design and the convenience that comes with this toilet seat. While this is an adult-sized toilet seat, you can convert it to a toddler toilet seat with the flip of the toilet ring together with the embedded magnets hence improving those potty training sessions.

The magnetic closure firmly holds the included potty seat into place until it’s flipped over for use.  The hinges are made of durable chromed metal and for ease of cleaning, the lid, and the ring come in white color.

5. Toto SS114 01 SoftClose Seat

This is one of the noiseless and silent toilet seats and top rated seat you can get on the market today.

It’s made of plastic and uniquely designed to not only minimize injury but also to prevent those embarrassing slams thanks to the Soft Close Hinge mechanism that ensures that the toilet seat cover closes gently and quietly.

It’s fixing bolts will allow for simple installation with minimal tools required. The seat will perfectly fit both regular and elongated toilet bowls. Once you purchase it, this product comes with all the necessary installation hardware and an instruction manual for fast installation. The instructions are in French, Spanish, and English. The seat is made of durable high gloss solid polypropylene material.

6. MAYFAIR NextStep Toilet Seat with Built-in Potty Training Seat

Mayfair is one of the popular toilet seat companies here in the US. Most of my toilet seats have always been either Mayfair or Kohler- these are the brands I trust the most- but that doesn’t mean you won’t get other companies that produce high quality toilet seats.

With NextStep, Slow-Close seat quality is never compromised. No more slamming thanks to the Whisper-Close technology that ensures the seat closes steady and quietly with a simple touch which also eliminates pinched fingers. Its hinge system makes for easy removal, thus making the seat cover easy to clean. The best part is that you don’t need to lift the toilet seat manually as it’s designed to recess automatically.

Lastly, the seat is designed and fully optimized for use by both adults and kids and at the same time, offer the comfort desired by everyone.

7. Delta Faucet 801903-WH Round Front Slow Close

This is an easy to install quiet close toilet seat that will last you for several years without the need for repairs or replacements. The package includes a toilet seat and installation manual for seamless installation in case you choose the DIY option.

It’s fitted with a no-slip bumper that offers additional support and improves the seat’s stability. However, this model is designed for front round bowls and made from a material that’s resistant to chipping, staining, peeling, and fading.

In addition, the toilet seat is not ideal for commercial use but highly recommended for domestic use. You won’t be cursing any more thanks to the slow-close feature that prevents slamming.

8. Bath Royale BR606-00 Elongated Seat

Bath Royale is a yet another slow and silent close toilet seat that offers high-end royal experience. It’s an elongated model that fits most toilet brands on the market, including Eljier, TOTO, Crane, etc.

Like most of the toilet seats in my review, the Bath Royale utilizes quiet close technology to prevent cracked toilets, loud slamming, and pinched fingers. You will only need to tap the seat or cover, and they close quietly.

The best part is that this seat is perfect for adults or kids with lower back pain because the user doesn’t bend or stoop to lower the seat. The quick-release button allows for easier cleaning even in the nasty areas on the mounting where grime, urine, and germs collect.

9. WSSROGY Elongated Quiet-Close Seat with lid

The Wssrogy elongated toilet seat allows maximum noise control, eliminates pinching fingers and slamming. It’s made of quality materials that are tasteless and non-toxic and resistant to prevent against aging yellow.

It’s not for commercial use, but regardless, it’s sturdy and easy to clean hence making it perfect for residential use. If you have boys around who like visiting the bathroom now and then, I would recommend this toilet seat. It closes so quietly and therefore you won’t have to worry about slamming toilet seats and covers. It fits oblong and standard elongated toilet bowls.

10. Hibbent Premium One-Click toilet seat

With Hibbent, you get all the features you’d want in a toilet seat. Suitable for both round and elongated, it uses quiet close technology which allows it to close slowly and quietly by itself without slamming and prevents pinched fingers and pinched fingers.

The one hinge base design adds more stability hence prevents it from shifting. It fits all toilet brands, including Toto, Caroma, American Standard, Eljer, Kohler, etc. it’s recommended that you measure your toilet size before making an order online.

How to make a noisy toilet seat close quietly

With time your slow close toilet seat will start making weird noises, and what was once quiet will be all noisy again. If that time comes, there are several DIY hacks you can implement to ensure that the seat closes quietly. Below are the simple steps you can I’ve tried that will solve the noise problem.

Method 1

Apply all-purpose household lubricant to the squeaky hinges. After you applied the lube, work the hinges back and forth until squeaking stops.

Method 2

Cover the seat lid and ring with some rugs. The fabric will prevent the lid from closing loudly.

Method 3

Replace the old bumpers with new ones using a rubber-bumper replacement kit. A set of rectangular bumpers goes under the ring, and a set of round bumpers goes underside the lid. These rubber bumpers will help stabilize the toilet seat so that it doesn’t pinch or shift and also muffle the sound of toilet seat lid closing too fast.

Final thoughts on quiet close toilet seat

Above are the best toilet seats that close quietly without slamming. After going through my review, buyer guide and different methods to quiet a noisy toilet seat, I hope you can now choose the best quiet toilet seat for your washroom with ease. Also read my guide on soundproofing a bathroom and guide on quiet home projectors.

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