Quiet Dust Collector: 10 Most Silent & Affordable Dust Collectors

A quiet dust collector will ensure you work in not only a clean but also a quiet workshop space. Dust collectors are essential tools in any workshop where there’s a lot of debris produced from daily operations.

When air is filled with debris, dust, chemicals or gases, the lungs of anyone who breathes it is put in jeopardy. In addition such contaminants can collect near or on equipments posing a significant fire hazard. With a dust collector, you’ll be able to get rid of such pollutants from the air hence improving the safety of everyone using the workshop. (Also read my guide on quiet mattresses)

Silent dust collectors comparison chart

The most noiseless dust collectors in my review are the Festool 583492 and Festool 575267 CT Midi HEPA which have decibels ratings of 62 and 62-72 decibels respectively.

BUCKTOOL 1HP 6.5AMP Air suction capacity: 300 CFM
High quality 4” hose
Motor size: 1 HP 120V single-phase
Bag size: 2.23 CU.FT
Collection Capacity 19 Gallons
$$$See Price on Amazon
POWERTEC DC5370 Dust Collector with 2.5-Micron FilterPOWERTEC DC5370 1 HP electric motor with dual voltages 120V/240V
4 inch inlet port
Motor Speed: 3450 RPM
Air Flow/Suction Capacity: 537 CFM
Motor Speed: 3450 RPM
$$$See Price on Amazon
JET 708642CK 1-horsepower motor filters to 650-CFM
Captures particles as small as 2 microns
115/230-Volt 1-Phase
$$$See Price on Amazon
Festool 583492Air suction capacity: 137 CFM
62 decibels
11-1/2 ft. anti-static (AS) hose
$$$See Price on Amazon
SHOP FOX W1727Air suction capacity: 800 CFM
Motor: 1 HP, 120V/240V, single-phase, prewired 110V
Filtration: 2.5 microns
Aluminum finned TEFC Motor
Bag capacity: 2.1 cubic feet
4-inch intake hole
$$$See Price on Amazon
BUCKTOOL 1HP 6.5AMPAir suction capacity: 300 CFM
Bag Type 2 micron
Motor size: 1 HP 120V single-phase
Maximum static pressure: 1440Pa(5.8inH2O)
Intake hole diameter: 4-Inch
$$$See Price on Amazon
Rikon Portable Dust Collector2-Micron cloth bag
Suction capacity 660 CFM
1 horsepower motor
$$$See Price on Amazon
PSI Woodworking DC725
3 motors @110v, 1.29 AMPS
Two Grounded 115v outlets
Suction capacity 725 CPM
$$$See Price on Amazon
Shop Fox W1826 Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, prewired 110V
Air suction capacity: 537 CFM
Motor amp draw: 7A/3.5A
2.5 Micron bag
Single 4-inch intake hole
$$$See Price on Amazon
Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPAVoltage 120 volts
Wattage 1200 watts
Bag capacity 3.3 gallons
62 db to 72 db noise ratings
$$$See Price on Amazon

Quietest Dust Collectors Reviews

1. BUCKTOOL Wall-Mount Dust Collector

The new dust collector from BUCKTOOL has an easy-to-mount bracket that gives the user an easier time when vacuuming their houses/commercial places. With a collection capacity of 13 gallons and a 4-inch hose, the appliance can gather and store a wide range of debris.

And the cost of power escalating with the high cost of living, it is essential to buy a dust collector that will not only consume minimal power, but it will also get the job done in the shortest time possible. With an air suction capacity of 550 CFM, Bucktool’s dust collector is obligated to perform beyond measure.

With a 4-inch by 108-inch hose pipe, the appliance can last the user for years. The wall-mount bracket gives the user an easy time when vacuuming the place.

The downside is that the suction power might not be sufficient for people that want to vacuum larger workspaces.

2. JET 708642CK DC-650CK

The JET 708642CK is one of JET’s newest entrant in the dust collection market. With a canister filter, this appliance can trap the finest particles, giving you the chance to enjoy purer air.  Also, the V-weaved canister holds a significant amount of debris in hidden corners.

Once you have finished cleaning, you can transfer the loose debris into the collection bag by turning the handle found at the top. The self-cleaning filter will execute its function by eliminating the clean-out mess.

Unlike other dust collection appliances, the user can easily install and assemble most of its parts without seeking assistance. Its features are designed to handle a wide range of tasks. Also, it is relatively quieter than its competitors.


Lack of mount-features makes it challenging to stand effectively. You will need to include an additional support item to ensure it stays in place. Its collection bag also has limited space to accommodate more debris.

3. Festool 583492

Festool 583492 is a dust collection device that contains a HEPA filter, which is useful in the air purification process. People with the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for ultra-cleanliness may find this tool convenient for their needs.

Fitted with rollers, it can rotate to fit into any part of your working space with easy. Its 7-gallon capacity allows it to suck dust particles to the fullest, making it ideal for larger workspaces.

The automated tool also makes it easier and convenient to clean your space. With a wheeled CFM capacity of at least 137, it can execute its core functions in a short duration. Most of its parts are durable, giving a value for your money

The rollers and set of wheels facilitate easier movement around the workspace. Its dust collection bag is big enough to hold a higher amount of debris. Also, there will purified air circulation thanks to the self-cleaning filter feature.

You’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket because this model is pricier compared to other collectors

4. SHOP FOX W1727

quiet dust collector

Shop Fox W1727 is a portable dust collector with a net weight of 55 pounds, making it easier for the user to move it as they dust their spaces. With a safety switch and removable key makes it convenient for workers who use different workspaces.

With an air suction of 800 CFM, removal and elimination of dust particles from the airbag to the trash can has never been easier. Also, it is ideal for a wide range of spaces, no matter the size and nature.

Its net weight of 55 pounds makes it easier to move around when dusting spaces. The user can quickly assemble the parts after reading the instructions manual. With a bag filtration of 2.5 microns, it can trap finer air particles. Also, it is quieter than most dust collectors.


The warranty details aren’t simplified, making it difficult to claim for a refund or replacement.  Its rollers may fall out if they aren’t properly maintained.

5. BUCKTOOL 1HP Wall-mount Dust Collector

BUCKTOOL is a dust collector built to trap dust and other particles right from their original spaces. With a wall-mount racket, the user can install it anywhere without the fear of getting damaged through falls. Its airbag capacity of 13 gallons makes it ideal for industrial spaces that accommodate various tools and equipment.

BUCKTOOL’s air suction capacity of 300 CFM makes it adaptable for woodworking machines.  In addition its streamlined steel impeller allows it to work without emitting disturbing noise or vibrations.

The wall-mount design ensures it uses minimal space. Its feet are fitted with rubber to reduce the noise and vibration. With a 4-inch hose, this appliance can fit any machine. Its portable handle also allows the user to control most of its activities with ease.

6. Rikon Portable Dust Collector with Wall Mount

quiet dust collector

Rikon Portable is a dust collector that is designed for small-sized workshops. With an easy-to-mount bracket and a net weight of 54.5 pounds, the user can quickly move it around the shop. The 2-Micron cloth bag makes it easier to trap the finest dust particles.

It has a 2-Micron bag that makes it easier to trap finer debris right from their source. Its convenient size also makes it convenient for people with smaller workspaces. Its wall-mount feature minimizes on space, making it easier for users to move it anywhere in the workspace.

7. PSI Woodworking DC725

PSI Woodworking is a tabletop dust collector ideally designed for power carving and sanding experts anywhere in the world. With an easy-to-remove filter and polycarbonate doors, the device can control the flow of air to facilitate the ultimate suction.

PSI weighs 25.4 pounds, making it easier to move around the shop when dusting surfaces. With a filter capacity of 725 CPM, the appliance can capture as many dust particles as it can. The buyer will also get a two-year warranty upon purchasing the product.

The downside is that the plastic dust shields cannot be stored along with the machine when moving it. So, the user will need to move it to another place.

8. Shop Fox W1826

quiet dust collector

Shop Fox W1826 is a wall-mount dust collector that is tailored to trap and store dust right from its original source. The appliance has a 537 CFM capacity, giving it a higher suction power for use on demanding woodworking machines. It lacks a complicated duct structure that minimizes on the loss of static pressure.

Shop Fox W1826 has a wall-mount bracket and a locking screw that allows it to stay in one place until you complete your duties. The user will also enjoy an easy-to-clean experience thanks to its bag filter with a bottom zipper to empty all the contents.

9. Festool 575267 CT Midi HEPA

quiet dust collector

Festool 575267 is a portable dust extractor with a net weight of 25.6 pounds. The electric-powered appliance is designed for larger workspaces thanks to its compact, high-performance turbine.

Festool’s economic value is derived from the self-clean filter bag in the container. The airbag’s volume is enough to contain all the debris right from the source.

The device contains a smooth suction hose along with an optimized sys-dock and a T-lock function that allows it to trap and store dust particles in readiness for disposal. Its Bluetooth feature also allows you to control its functions without using the main buttons.

The container volume is fully utilized because its gross volume varies from the net volume. This means that a significant amount of debris will be collected to avoid using too much electric power. Above all, it is easy to store and move around the workspace.

What is the Best Dust Collector?

POWERTEC DC5370 Dust Collector with 2.5-Micron Filter

The best Quiet Dust Collector is  POWERTEC DC5370 with 2.5-Micron Filter

It is an easy-to-mount dust collector that is fully equipped with a 2.5-micron bag. Its suction power of 537 CFM allows it to detect and capture the finest dust and woodchip particles found in the corners of the space you are cleaning.

This appliance is portable and has a convenient wall-mounting feature, making it ideal for small residential or commercial spaces. Also, it has a functional zipper that allows you to dispose of the debris particles quickly.

You’ll love that its compact size and streamlined design make it easier to carry around while working. Thanks to its motor speed of 3450 revs. Per minutes RPM, its sucking power cannot match any other dust collector.

On the downside, POWERTEC DC5370 requires a 4-inch hose to prevent it from losing its suction capacity.

Quiet Dust Collector Buyer Guide

Controlling dust and other forms of clutter from invading your private space may seem daunting. Consider the following six factors before buying or upgrading a dust collector for your home or office;

Quality Performance

You will probably leave your dust collector unattended, typically several hours a day. Having an appliance that requires your maximum attention may not sound profitable, especially when you have to fulfill other obligations.

Most of the time, manufacturers will try to outsmart each other to boost their sales. Before settling on the most appropriate one, study its features and match it with your needs. Ensure it has a durable finish that can allow it to last for years.

Air Suction Capacity and Power

Did you know that the air suction capacity of a dust collector is directly proportional to the airflow rate? Well, the airflow is often measured in CFM, which indicates its rate of performance.

If you are looking to buy a portable collector for a smaller space, its CFM rate should at 150. Industrial spaces should expect models capable of executing a CFM of 1,500 or more.

Filtration Capacity

Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners, a dust collector is supposed to have an adequate filtration capacity. This will allow it to trap suspended air particles from the air. If you are looking to buy a standard air bug filter, ensure it is about 2.5 microns in diameter.

An airbag collector has a high-efficient particulate air (HEPA) filter is considered more efficient. It is because it can trap pollen, fur, and even smoke.

Airbag Volume Capacity

The amount of dust, smoke, or debris your space attracts will determine the type of collector that is appropriate for you. If it is dustier, you will need a collector with a high bag volume capacity.

If your space only involves assembly, then a medium-sized dust collector may be appropriate for you. In both cases, ensure you measure the amount of dust your space accumulates before settling on the right one.

Noise Levels

Generally, most dust collectors emit sound.  It is louder than most of your core functions in your workspace or forces you to use ear-muffs, and then you will need to consider a quieter one.

Manufacturers are supposed to indicate the number of decibels the appliance may produce. This will help you in determining the amount of sound it will produce. If its decibel ratings fall between 60 & 80, then it is considered less noisy.

Shop Size and Functionality

The size and the function of your shop greatly determine the type of dust collector you are supposed to buy. If it is filled with a wide range of machines, then you will need a medium-sized or an industrial dust collector that can multitask.

A bigger dust collector often takes up more space. To minimize space, always ensure it is the right size. Get a portable dust collector if you are occupying a workshop that accommodates a lot of handheld tools.

Bigger establishments will find fixed medium-sized or commercial dust appliances convenient to have. The more dirt or dust they can accumulate, the more convenient they will be.

Final thoughts on quiet dust collector

With a quiet dust collector, you won’t ever have to complain about the noise problem in your workshop. While your primary purpose is to get a quiet model there other factors that you shouldn’t overlook. I’ve covered these factors in the buyer guide section to help you make the best decision. My quiet picks of the quiet dust collector s BUCKTOOL Wall-mount Dust Collector and Festool 583492 Dust Extractor which are quiet and produce very little vibrations.

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