Best Quiet Mattress: 10 Quietest Mattresses Reviews and Buyer Guide

A quiet mattress will ensure that you have a quiet and peaceful night sleep. If you’re an active couple, you will need a mattress that’s not only quiet but also highly responsive- meaning that the surface should be bouncy and responsive to motion. The problem with less responsive mattresses is that they make a person sink too deeply hence creating a sensation that I usually term as fighting the mattress.

A noisy mattress can result in embarrassing situations, especially to people living in nearby rooms.

In addition, when choosing a quiet mattress is important to check on a factor known as temperature neutrality. This is because some mattresses end up absorbing body heat, and hence they feel warmer. (Also read my guide on quiet bed frames)

Mattress Types Noise Comparison

It’s to be noted that some mattresses are quieter than others. Most homeowners prefer a quiet mattress because it won’t make noise and hence won’t interfere with restfulness and sleep.

Below is a graphical representation of data collected from 25,581 actual owners and their responses to how noisy/quiet their mattresses were. However, you should bear in mind that this data represents what is often, but it’s not always the case because a particular model, brand, or individual mattress may not conform to these findings.

mattress noise comparison graph chart

From the graph above, it’s evident that latex mattress are the quietest types, followed by memory foam and foam mattresses. From the responses obtained, you can also conclude that Air mattresses are the noisiest mattresses.

How quiet are different mattress types- which material is the best?

We’ve seen that latex mattresses are quiet under all conditions. Any noise coming from the bed would be likely from the broken frame, weak frame or a poorly assembled frame. (Check out my guide and review on squeakless bed frames).

On the other hand, memory mattresses don’t make noise when compressed, and like their latex counterparts, they are silent under all conditions.

Hybrid mattresses are made of both memory foam and have innersprings. Most of them use quiet spring systems such as encased coils or pocket coils. They aren’t 100% quiet because some creaking and squeaking from the springs is possible.

Futon types are filled with cotton or fiber and have springs. The innerspring may squeak after years of usage.

A waterbed can become noisy when air is trapped inside the water chambers.

While modern innerspring mattresses use sophisticated coils, some brands still use unsophisticated coils which are capable of creaking, squeaking and clunking. Airbeds require the use of electric air pumps. These pumps at times can be noisier and may disturb your partner’s sleep when using the pump at night to adjust the bed.

Best Quiet Mattress Reviews

1. Signature Sleep Mattress

Next, in my review of squeakless mattress is Signature Sleep Mattress which is available in five different sizes from twin through to king size. It’s also available in different sizes from simple 6 inches to 12 inches memory foam.

It’s uniquely designed to help minimize pressure on the sleeper’s body, help distribute weight evenly, and offer balanced support regardless of how much you turn and your sleep positions. In addition, it’s made of CertiPUR-US certified foam, and hence it’s free from toxic materials. In addition the mattress also includes a soft cover that’s made of ventilated knit fabric that’s non-removable.

2. Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam (Affordable)

Not only is the Zinus 12 Inch Gel Infused mattress quiet but also provide enough support and density to accommodate back sleepers and has soft-level firmness best for stomach and side sleepers.

Zinus is one of the best mattress sellers here in the US thanks to the quality products they offer at highly affordable prices. This memory foam mattress from Zinus is available in different sizes from 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. It’s important to remember that the thicker the mattress, the softer it feels.

The Zinus 12 inches consists of four layers of memory foam for maximum comfort and support during sleep. (Refer to the picture below). The first layer is a gel-infused memory foam layer which will conform to your body thanks to the gel component. The gel layer also helps in heat regulation.

Beneath the gel is a 3 inches comfort foam layer. As the name suggests, the purpose of this layer is to add comfort.

Underneath are two 3.5 inches thick air-flow dense foam mattress which contributes to the firmness to the mattress and contributes support. This model is made of materials that have been CertiPUR-US certified for performance and durability as well as for cleans from chemicals and toxic products.

The downside is that while this mattress offers medium-firm support, some sleepers may find it too firm.

3. Tuft & Needle Queen (Quiet mattress for memory haters)

The Tuft & Need is excellent for every sleep position and highly recommended for folks who rotate from one position to another in their sleep. However, it’s not recommended for anyone weighing over 200 pounds.

It’s a medium firm, and because I’ve previously used it, I can describe it as firm and soft on top.

Because this mattress lacks memory foam top layer, it makes it easier to roll around and change sleep positions with ease. If you’re the type of person who loves changing sleeping position in your sleep, I would recommend you to get the Tuft & Needle.

The edge support offered by the Tuft and Needle is slightly better than you would get with other under $1,000 mattresses.

Key features:

  • Made from micro-polyamide, polyfoam, and polyester cover
  • It’s 10 inches thick and only one firmness option available
  • You get 100 nights free trial
  • Ten years limited warranty

4. Tulo Pick your Comfort

Stomach sleepers should choose the medium or firm, and the side sleepers will likely be happier with soft or medium model.

The Tulo pick your comfort mattress feels comes in three firmness versions (soft, medium, and firm) are which are ultra-quiet and won’t make noise even when used by sleepers who love turning around during sleep.

With Tulo, you get exceptional value especially if you don’t want to spend more than $500 for a queen mattress. Its heat regulation system is good and doesn’t overheat which can cause discomfort to the user. Even though this Tulo mattress is relatively cheap, it will last you long as other mattresses in the $600-$1000 range.

Key features:

  • 10 inches thickness
  • Materials include polyfoam, memory foam, and polyester-elastane cover
  • Three firmness options soft, medium and firm
  • 120 nights free trial period and 10 year limited warranty

5. LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress

This LUCID 10-inch foam offers a bit more pushback, unlike the “sink” you get with memory foam hence giving you more conforming support and resilient feel.

It’s highly ventilated to allow for breathability. The ventilation design allows airflow through the latex layers to create a more comfortable sleeping environment. In addition, the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, and independent third party has tested it for environmental friendliness, content, and physical performance.

In addition, the LUCID latex foam mattress is free from phthalates, ozone depleters, and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and formaldehyde.


  • Works good on an adjustable bed base
  • Premium materials
  • Temperature regulating and moisture controlling
  • Breathable

6. GhostBed Mattress 11 Inch

GhostBed is a classic blend of foam and latex mattress perfect for anyone looking for the bounce of latex and contouring support of memory foam. The mattress is made of three layers: a top layer of aerated synthetic Dunlop latex, a layer of gel-infused memory foam, and a support core of polyfoam.

However, you should note that it’s only available in one firmness option- medium firm which is generally good for all sleeping positions. However sleepers who prefer something softer might find the ghost bed too firm. Constructed from a blend latex and foam, GhostBed is a quiet mattress.

Because latex and foam mattresses offer good motion isolation, GhostBed is no different. Its foam and latex layers will trap movement and prevent it from rippling across the bed.  In addition, like most latex and foam mattresses, GhostBed doesn’t offer edge support as it lacks a reinforced perimeter.

Foam mattresses are notorious in heat retention, but latex foam used in this product help increase breathability and maintains cool temperatures. In addition, the extra layer of latex foam gives the mattress a bounce and responsiveness making it great for sexually active couple.

7. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch

Sleep Innovation is known as a leader and innovator in the mattress industry thanks to extensive research and tests conducted on its products to ensure best comfort and ergonomic support.

It’s a memory foam mattress and hence falls in the category of the quietest mattresses. It has two firmness options: medium-firm to medium-soft feel making it ideal for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

In addition, it has excellent motion isolation thanks to the dense support foam that eliminates any motion transfer. The support foam uses high quality elastic polymers that respond to kinetic energy and help disperse vibrations. It has a 2.5-inch memory foam top layer, 2.5-inch air channel foam and 7 inch support foam. All these layers provide the best sleeping temperature without foregoing the therapeutic aspects that Sleep Innovations is known for.

8. Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea

The Zinus Green Tea is an excellent option for anyone looking for the best and quiet mattress under $200. While you will find one or two layers in some memory foam mattresses, this option has three strategically placed memory foam layers. The three layers include: 4 inches high-density base support foam, 2 inches pressure relieving comfort foam, and 2 inches memory foam.

The 12 inches model can support a person weighing over 300lbs and offer great edge support. The infused Castor Natural Seed Oil and Green Tea extract help retard odor and prevents bacteria growth.

9. SPINDLE Natural Latex Mattress

For side sleepers or anyone looking for softness and support, will appreciate the quietness and unique construction of the Spindle latex mattress. Most of the mattresses on the market today are too firm for side sleepers to rest their shoulders or too soft to support the spine and hips.

The Spindle is an all-natural latex mattress available in 3 layers of latex and three firmness levels: firm, medium, and soft feel. You can order the level of firmness that’s right for you, but you can always replace the layers if the support isn’t right for you. However you should note that there is an extra charge to get that new layer shipped to you.

10. LINENSPA Hybrid Mattress

The LINENSPA mattress is constructed with 1-inch memory foam cover, 2 inches of latex and 7 inches of quiet encased coil springs.  Because natural latex offers better breathability and is also temperature neutral, most people find this mattress great in dissipating body heat. The latex foam provides sheltered comfort with a bounce. The standard 10-inch profiles and medium-firm feel makes it great for guest rooms, kid’s room or the master bedroom.


  • Available in six different sizes from twin through to California king size
  • It’s backed by a ten-year warranty against manufacturer defects

Best Quiet Mattress- Buying Guide

Below are some of the key considerations/factors that you should look out for when investing in a quiet mattress.

Noise levels

Because you’re looking for a quiet mattress noise levels is the topmost priority in this case. Mattresses with coils, springs, and other metal components are considered noisy compared to foam and latex mattresses.

Responsiveness and bounciness

Responsiveness refers to how quickly or slowly a particular mattress adjusts or responds to your body. Less responsive mattresses create a sinking sensation while their responsive counterparts respond quickly to the sleeper.

Sexual active couples prefer bouncy mattresses because they produce a rebounding effect that’s satisfying.

On the other hand, some mattresses isolate motion. This factor can be important for those who are easily awoken by noise or movement. If your partner wakes up frequently in the dead of night and you find this behavior disturbing, you can opt for a motion isolated mattress.

Temperature neutrality

Some mattresses can retain high levels of body heat. They absorb much heat, and as a result their surface may become uncomfortably hot whenever it comes in contact with your skin. Mattresses that retain less heat are more preferred, and they are also great for sexually active couple

Comfort and durability

Every sleeper deserves comfort. For the best comfort, the mattress you choose should always conform and target pressure points at the shoulders, necks, legs, hips and other sensitive areas.

The average mattress will last between six to seven years, and your weight or sexual activity shouldn’t affect its lifespan. All quiet mattresses in my review list have at least ten-year limited warranty.

Edge support

It’s important to note that some mattresses are constructed for minimum sinkage at the edges where people tend to sit or lay. Other features can improve edge support; they include low-gauge steel coils and foam encasements around the support core.

Other mattresses offer no edge support and may result in premature sinkage especially when the mattress is regularly used.

Final thoughts on the quiet mattress

From this review, it’s evident that a quiet mattress is one constructed using latex, foam, or memory foam. This is solely based on data sampled from 25,581 customers, and that data doesn’t account for every homeowner though it does provide some insights on arguable facts.

All the mattresses above are available in varying prices and hence suitable not only for those on a budget but also for those willing to spend some extra bucks. (Also read quietest 1080 graphics card)

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