How to Quiet a Noisy Refrigerator and Compressor

In this article, I’m going to show you different methods on how to stop refrigerator from buzzing. These are simple Do it yourself (DIY) fixes that will not take much of your time.

A noisy refrigerator can be irritating and annoying. The unpleasant sounds made by the refrigerator compressor can prevent you from enjoying a peaceful rest or sleep at home. The worst scenario is that a buzzing fridge can impact negatively to your health resulting to hearing damage.

In this article, I’m going to show you different hacks to help you reduce refrigerator noise at low cost and without the need to replace your fridge.

How to quiet a refrigerator: reduce refrigerator noise

1. Use acoustic sound absorbing foam

Acoustic sound isolating foams will dramatically reduce rattling and noises cause by your refrigerator. But how do you get the foams to work?

Well, you will need to attach the foam on the wall behind the fridge. The next step would be to move your refrigerator close to the foam as possible. Now here’s what will happen- in case sound waves- mainly from the fridge compressor leave the fridge, the acoustic foam panels will immediately absorb the sound.

This method isn’t 100% effective but gives approximately 50-90% noise reduction. I recommend the Foamily Acoustic Foam Egg Crates. (See latest price on Amazon).

2. Fill the refrigerator with items

It’s a fact that if your fridge isn’t filled, it’s more likely to make noise because the compressor will turn on and off frequently. Therefore filling your refrigerator with more items will stabilize it and the chances of the compressor turning on and off every now and then will be reduced.

Compressor turning off and on is one of the major reasons why refrigerators are considered noisy. Therefore, stabilizing it should work.

3. Try anti vibration pads

Anti vibration pads/ mats are some small rubber materials effective in dealing with vibrations and noises created by home appliances. They are perfect for use in washing machines as they also prevent “walking” washers and dryers from skidding.

You will need to place your fridge on top of anti-noise and vibration pads to cut down the noise levels. I recommend the Casa Pura Sound Isolator Mat. (See user reviews on Amazon here).

4. Try white noise machines

Because fridge noise is considered irritating and annoying, why not try to play some soothing sounds that are sweet to our ears?  You can play white sounds using a White Noise Machine to help deal with the humming and buzzing sounds.

With a white noise machine, you will also get additional benefits as the white sounds will help you focus, relax and get some quality sleep.

5. Soundproof the fridge

One more thing you can try is to soundproof your fridge.

How is this possible?

You will need some soundproofing materials. The perfect one for this job is mass loaded vinyl. It’s perfect for blocking sound and can be good for stopping sounds from coming out the fridge.

If possible, cover the motor as well. You can also cover the refrigerator surfaces using mass loaded vinyl and it’ll be effective as acoustic sound foams. You can also place mass loaded vinyl beneath the fridge as it will prevent noise from escaping from beneath. (See user reviews and latest price).

Main causes of refrigerator noise and how to fix them

Every refrigerator that has a compressor will definitely make some noise. However, if you spot that your fridge has become noisier than it used to be when you purchased it’s an indicator of an underlying problem(s). Below are some factors that make a refrigerator nosier than it used to be and how you can fix them.

Evaporator fan motor

You can find the evaporator motor fan in the freezer compartment. Its purpose its to pull air over the evaporator coils when the compressor is ON.

If you notice that the refrigerator is making loud noises coming from the freezer area, then you’ve got yourself a faulty evaporator fan motor.

You might also realize that the unit isn’t staying cold as it used to be or probably the ice it taking way longer to freeze.

Here’s what you should do:

Unplug the fridge and then remove the evaporator fan. If there is frost or ice causing the noise, defrost problem is the cause of the noise. If you notice that the motor shaft doesn’t turn freely or the fan blade is damaged, then you have to replace it.

Evaporator Fan Motor Grommet

The grommet in this case is used to separate the motor from the mounting bracket. This helps reduce vibration noise. Normal wear and tear can result to grommets becoming loose and detached which can cause excess noise and vibrations.

To see if the evaporator fan motor grommet needs replacement, you’ll have to access the evaporator fan. The fridge should remain unplugged during this procedure.

Condenser Fan Motor

Modern frost-free fridges have fan cooled condenser coil. Its located near the compressor. The condenser fan is responsible for circulating air through the condenser coil to evaporate defrost water and heat.

If your fridge is loud than ever before, the condenser fan motor could be responsible. This fan runs simultaneously with the compressor and the evaporator motor. If you fridge turns on and off regularly or/and it’s not stay cool as normal, the problem could be with the condenser fan motor.

To see if the problem lies with the condenser fan motor, first disconnect the fridge from power and remove the access panel. Inspect for any obstruction or debris that could be preventing the fan from moving freely.

This area should be kept free from obstructions to allow air to move freely and should also be vacuumed regularly. If the fan motor is broken or the blades are damaged, it’ll need to be replaced. Also inspect the rubber grommets for signs of wear.

How to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor

I’m guessing that you already know that a fridge compressor is the part that keeps the refrigerator cool. If the refrigerator compressor is worn out, it’s time to replace it with a new one. It’s highly recommended you hire a professional to help you replace the compressor.

There some modern fridge models that don’t use compressors. They are considered the quietest fridge ever made. With such refrigerators, you won’t have to complain again. You can use them in dorms, bedrooms or in your small home office.

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