10 Best Quiet Pencil Sharpener

A quiet pencil sharpener will enable you to sculpt your pencils to sharp points without making unwanted noise. A quiet sharpener should be a practical device that performs its task, quietly, quickly and efficiently. Traditional sharpeners are quiet by default, but some of mechanical and fast and quiet electric pencil sharpeners are noisy and hence finding a quiet one can be a daunting task.

In my review below, I have detailed researched some of the noiseless pencil sharpeners that you can use in the library, office, and any other place that require silence. (You can also read my guide on silent fidget toys)

Factors to consider when buying the best quiet pencil sharpener

· Noise levels

The first thing that you should consider when shopping for a quiet pencil sharpener is noise levels. The pencil sharpeners in my review are ultra quiet and are 4x quieter than typical electric pencil sharpeners. This will allow you to sharpen anywhere, either at the library or any other place that requires total silence.

· Size and shape

The markets offers different pencil sizes from 8mm to 10.5mm diameter. But the most common pencils on the market are the 8mm pencils. Most of the pencil sharpeners in my list accommodate the standard 8mm pencils.

In addition, pencils are available in circular, hexagonal and triangular shapes. Almost all sharpeners can handle different pencil shapes but some are designed for specific types.

· Gentleness and cleanliness

It’s unfortunate that some sharpeners are too hard and could end up compromising the integrity of your precious pencil. This could result to lead breakage and more wastage. Even though a pencil sharpener should sharpen well, it should also be gentle.

On the other hand while most sharpeners leave graphite marks behind, it’s important to choose that don’t leave these marks behind.

· Lead point and sharpening angle

Do you like your pencil tip sharp, rounded or blunt? If your preference falls into either of these, it’s important to consider how the sharpener will do its job.

In addition, different sharpeners have distinct degree of sharpening angles. Larger tip angles will allow you to use the pencil for longer before sharpening again. Smaller angled pencil tips are however sturdier but you will need to sharpen your pencil regularly.

Best Quiet Electric Pencil Sharpener Reviews

Now that you’re aware of the factors to consider before investing in a sharpener, let’s now have a look at some of the best quiet electric pencil sharpener reviews.

1. X acto quiet electric pencil sharpener

The X-ACTO quiet pencil sharpener is four times less noisy than normal electric sharpeners and produces a softer sound when sharpening, ultra low decibel levels. It is equipped with two hardened steel cutters, a patented motor system (for increased durability) and a large shavings receptacle.

I bought one and I’m actually impressed with how quiet it is- it won’t interrupt a phone conversation making it ideal for library use, for busy offices and in other professional environments where every word counts.

2. X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Sharpener

quiet pencil sharpener

As its name suggests, this sharpener is specifically designed for classroom use. It combines state of the art sharpening technology with a sturdy construction for lasting performance.

It uses a flyaway helical cutter to neatly sharpen a pencil to rounded tip without over sharpening. The reason I’ve listed it in my review it’s because it’s equipped with a powerful and quiet electric motor that does its job efficiently and quietly. The motor has an Auto-Reset that prevents it from overheating. The sharpener can accommodate six pencil sizes.

In addition, it is user friendly. It can handle from beginner pencils to the pro colored pencils. It’s equipped with an extra-large receptacle that makes clean up an easy task. The pencil will automatically stop when the pencil is sharp.

3. Bostitch Quiet Sharp 6

quiet pencil sharpener

Probably you want a sharpener for reception desk or you receive a lot of visitors in your office. You don’t a bulky, ugly pencil sharpener lying on your desk.  For this reason, you will need a Bostitch’s Quiet Sharp 6 which is a quiet attractive pencil sharpener, even though it’s a heavy duty machine and weighs approximately 4 pounds.

It auto-shuts automatically when the receptacle bin is remove to avoid the possibility of spills filling up your desk. The Quiet Sharp 6 is ultra quiet and comes with a suction base that prevents it from tipping over- it won’t tip over even when you accidentally knock it.

In addition, it can accommodate up to six different pencil sizes, and it will automatically stop to prevent over sharpening. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

4. School Smart Vertical

quiet pencil sharpener

Just like its name suggests, this is a perfect choice especially if you are buying for the classroom. Its heavy duty construction makes it handle all pencils types including the colored types. As a bonus, you get 12 pencils when you purchase this pencil sharpener.

Like most of the sharpeners in my review, the School Smart Vertical has an auto-stop feature which automatically shuts down when the pencil is sharp. Because the pencil is inserted at the top make this sharpener easy for use for younger kids.

Users have mentioned that this sharpener isn’t loud and isn’t silent as well. But because it’s primarily designed for classroom use, pupil/students can handle the “middle noise”.

5. OfficeGoods Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener

quiet pencil sharpener

The OfficeGoods pencil sharpener is perfect for both workplaces and classroom where a lot of people will be using it. Because every person has their own preference, this quiet electric pencil sharpener will pretty much accommodate everyone.

It boasts three settings: blunt, medium and sharp. In addition, it has three power supply options from AC adapter, USB adapter to AA batteries. Its capable of sharpening a new pencil in less than 15 seconds.

It has a safety feature and so you don’t have to worry if little fingers will be using the sharpener. The sharpener automatically stops when the shavings cover is removed and this helps prevent injuries. In addition, it is compact enough that you can tuck it away or students can pass it around when on AA battery.

6. SharpTank Compact & Quiet Classroom Sharpener

quiet pencil sharpener

The SharpTank is made of all metal handle, sharp, strong metal body and a sharp rotary tool that can with stand up to 5000 uses.

It’s a compact and features a quiet motor unit which makes it perfect for both office and classroom settings. The helical blade is ultra quiet and can be easily removed for cleaning. Artists, who love sketching, drawing, will appreciate the fine points this pencil sharpener produces. It also works well with drawing pencils and colored pencils with soft leads.

The best part is that the manufacturer give a 30 day money back guarantee is the product doesn’t meet your requirements. In addition, you get a 1 year free replacement warranty.

7. CARL Angel-5

The CARL Angel is a quiet pencil sharpener ideal for quiet spaces. It automatically draws the pencil into the sharpening chamber for a perfect point.

Once the pencil is sharp to perfection, the sharpener will not allow over sharpening. It’s perfect for hard core colored leads and not suitable for soft core colored pencils. This is the first quiet manual sharpener on my list- no electric or batteries required for its operation but it’s worth the price.

8. PowerMe Electric Pencil Sharpener

quiet pencil sharpener

The PowerMe sharpener is perfect for office, school, home, artists, students and more and its ultra portable and quiet.

Like all the electric pencil sharpeners on my list, it features an Auto Stop button which auto-shuts the sharpener once the lids is open. This makes it safe for children at home and those learning to use the sharpener.

It’s made of durable materials and its blade allows for up to 3000 sharpening cycles and capable of sharpening in less than 3 seconds. It’s fitted with a large transparent shaving receptacle which takes a lot of sharpening to get full. Its transparent to allow the use to keep an eye once its full.

9. SMARTRO USB/Battery Operated Sharpener

quiet pencil sharpener

The SMARTRO allows you to sharpen two pencils simultaneously. It has two holes of different sizes which allows for versatility- one hole is 6 to 8mm and the other is 9-12mm.

With this sharpener, you have three choices for powering up, USB adapter, AC adapter and four AA batteries.

It only needs 3-5 seconds to get the job done. In addition, it’s also safe for classroom since it turns off when the cover is removed or when isn’t placed on correctly. Also, its capable of sharpening both standard and colored pencils making it perfect for artists as well.

10. LINKYO Sharpener with Auto Smart Sensor

quiet pencil sharpener

The LINKYO is a quiet electric sharpener with a large and transparent reservoir so you will easily know when it’s near full. But that won’t happen any time soon because it can hold shavings for up to 100 pencils. The Smart Sensor offers an auto-jam feature, so your pencil won’t be stuck in there if something goes wrong.

The Smart shutoff features stops the sharpening blades ones the pencil is sharp enough. You are guaranteed about 3000 sharpens before you can think of replacing it.

Final thoughts on quiet pencil sharpener

While you can get good electric sharpeners on the market today, a quiet pencil sharpener will allow you to sharpen fast, effectively and quietly. Above are sharpeners that are 4 times quieter than traditional ones.

They conform to all the factors that I discussed prior to the review, but it’s also good to countercheck the type of pencil you’ll be using. But like I said, they are all versatile and will accommodate pencils of different sizes. (Also read my guide on quiet shower curtain rings reviews)

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