10 Best Quiet Performance Muffler in 2022: Silent and Affordable Mufflers

You might be asking, is there such a thing like a quiet performance muffler? Well, in this guide, I’ll be reviewing some of the quietest high-performance mufflers you can get on the market today.

Mufflers play an important role in a car’s exhaust system. They are designed to reduce car noise. In most states, it’s a legal requirement to have car mufflers. (Source)

This helps in significantly reducing excessive or unusual noise and smoke. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing a muffler for your car. The muffler you choose will alter the way your car sounds; some will offer a deep growl while others will make your car as quiet as possible.

What Is a Performance Muffler?

Besides noise reduction, mufflers also affect vehicle performance.

This brings about the term performance muffler.

A performance muffler reduces exhaust restrictions such as baffles and reverse flow to help the engine breathe freely without compromising noise control.

Performance mufflers have a pretty good fine-tuning with a balance to boost performance while suppressing exhaust noise.

Also, they’re more expensive than stock mufflers but are more effective in reducing back pressure without making the exhaust louder. Besides, they increase your vehicle’s horsepower hence boosting its performance.

Straight through vs. chambered vs. Turbo: which one is the quietest?

Like I earlier stated, a muffler design will determine how quiet and how noisy the muffler is. Let’s have a look at the various design and how quiet or loud are.

Straight-Through/ Glasspack

As its name suggests, Glasspack mufflers are packed with sound-dampening materials such as steel wool or fiberglass, which are good sound deadening products.

They have a packing wrapped around a perforated pipe. The pipe-which is straight- allow gases to flow smoothly without being backed up hence giving maximum horsepower, which is great for racing.

Glasspack designs make the best performance mufflers. Unfortunately, they are often loud, which could be a disadvantage when you’re looking for a quiet muffler.


Unlike straight through, chambered mufflers create a deep sound which is quieter. They have a series of inner chamber that bounces sound waves around so that some waves end up canceling each other out.

It’s pretty easy to alter the sound produced by chambered mufflers by adjusting the shape and the size of the inner chambers. These are great for muscle and streetcars.


The turbo types combine the technology used in both chambered and Glasspack.

They work by channeling gasses through S-shaped tubes which have sound dampening materials applied around them.

While they have more pressure on the system than the two above, they make for a quieter running engine.

How does a quiet performance muffler work?

All mufflers are designed to alter the noise your car emits- typically making the car quieter. How a muffler will work depends on whether you choose chambered design or glass packed design, but both works to reduce the noise emitted in one way or another.


These mufflers utilized destructive interference (Source). As the sound waves travel through the component, they are forced to bounce through strategically placed chambers which direct them in such a way that some waves cancel each other out.

This means that only a few sound waves end up emitted from the exhaust system, and hence, the sound emitted is quieter.

The chambers and tubes inside chambered mufflers can be altered to alter the sound emitted.

Glass packed

These have the simplest design. They are packed with sound-deadening materials in most cases fiberglass, but at times, steel wool is used.

The sound-absorbing material suppresses the sound as it moves through the muffler system. (Source)

Best Quiet Performance Muffler Reviews

1. MBRP M2220A 31″ Aluminized Quiet Tone Muffler

If auto perfection is your thing, then you need to get this muffler. While improving your car performance can be a tedious job, you can start by simply enhancing your vehicle’s engine performance and sound.

With MBRP Quiet tone muffler you’ll achieve a quieter car in no time. This muffler measures 5 inches in and out while its overall diameter is 8 inches while the length measures 31 inches.

As its name implies (quiet tone muffler), this product will dampen the noise emitted by your char.

In addition, it’ll also enhance the performance of your car’s engine simply because the pressure exerted is significantly reduced.

It’s made of aluminized steel that’s durable and more affordable than stainless steel.

2. Vibrant 1141 2.5″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

Are you the type of car owner who prefers an ultra-quiet sounding engine? If yes, then the Vibrant 2.5” Ultra-quiet resonator is the perfect match for you. Not only will this muffler contribute to your car’s overall performance and quietness but will also contribute to the car’s overall appearance- adding some aesthetic appeal.

This muffler is specifically designed to dampen the car exhaust noise and engineered to provide undisrupted exhaust flow, and thus your automobile will be so quiet that you can hardly hear it.

It’s designed using T304 Stainless steels that will guarantee you years of service. While it’s a True Straight Through Muffler, it’s surrounded by efficient sound absorption/ sound dampening materials to dampen give the perfect kind of low growl. The stainless steel can withstand very high exhaust temperatures. You get a five-year limited warranty when you purchase this exhaust muffler.

3. Vibrant 1142 3″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

Super quiet, cost effective, and high quality- if these are the characteristics you’re looking for in a muffler, the Vibrant 1142 3” got you covered. Made from t304 stainless steel, this muffler won’t rust even after exposure to rainwater and at the same time will dampen exhaust noise and as a result, your car’s engine will operate smoothly and quietly.

The muffler allows undisrupted exhaust flow. This means that your vehicle’s engine won’t wield so much pressure, which is the most probable cause of engine noise.

Like the Vibrant quiet muffler above, it’s made of stainless steels and boasts a True Straight Through core surrounded with sound-deadening materials.

In addition, the steel material is durable and can withstand exhaust temperatures without affecting its durability and performance. Compared to aluminized quiet car mufflers, this is a sure win.

4. Walker 21357 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

Made of 100% structural stainless steel, the walker 21357 will offer you a quiet ride for many years to come. You’ll truly appreciate its muffling ability especially if you’re into quieter and softer sounding engines.

Its life cycle is three times compared to the aluminized steel versions. One unique feature is the OE-style louvered tube technology that lowers exhaust noise levels to levels that can’t be achieved using the straight tubes mufflers.

It’s rust-resistant, and therefore you won’t worry about driving on wet roads or roads that are often salted in the winter.

It features a comprehensive internal drainage system that prevents corrosion. With this muffler, you get a limited lifetime warranty. Both inlet and outlets have a diameter of 2.25 inches inside.

5. MBRP M1004A Universal Quiet Tone Muffler

Made using aluminized steel, the MBRP is an affordable, quiet car muffler with a 4” expanded outlet and inlet and 3o inches in length.

It boasts a dual-core technology which not only provides a superior sound suppression but also allows for optimal flow. This is perfect for over the road towing as cab noise is significantly reduced.

6. Walker 17886 Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

The Walker 17886 is constructed using high quality aluminized steel which you’d find in other high-end counterparts.

It features a chambered interior that works to improve your car’s performance, improves fuel economy by reducing the back-pressure in the system, and gives a boost to your vehicle’s horsepower.

Customers have reported, a smooth and quiet sound which allows for a comfortable driving experience along the busy city streets.

The aluminized design resists corrosion even when exposed to high humidity and will last for years.


  • Improves engine performance
  • Ideal for 2” exhaust pipe
  • Chambered design
  • Affordable and yet durable


  • The sound produced is too quiet – not ideal for those who enjoy deep growl
  • May require expert installation

7. Borla 40842S S-Type Muffler

Borla S-Type is one of the quietest high-end models. It’s carefully to improve the car performance thanks to the unique multi-core technology. In other words, it will not only make your engine quieter but will also give it an upgrade in terms of performance and fuel economy.

It created using T-304 stainless steel that’s designed to last. Not only is stainless steel durable, but it’s also highly resistant to corrosion.


  • Simple installation
  • Improves performance and fuel economy
  • Uses unique multi-core technology


  • It may require some alteration when installing in some vehicles

8. Evil Energy Exhaust Tip Muffler

Key Features

  • Available in 4 sizes, from 14.6” to 18.5” inches long
  • It has a 2–3-inch outlet
  • 3 months warranty
  • Made of stainless steel
  • A Universal fit for 2.5-inch exhaust pipes

This muffler has a shiny chrome finishing and bluish burn marks around the outlet section, making it one of the coolest-looking mufflers.

The muffler is ideal if you want to boost your vehicle’s horsepower, torque, and fuel consumption efficiency. Notably, this muffler creates a cooling effect that helps your vehicle’s engine run more effectively.

It’s a silencer muffler capable of lowering the pitch of your exhaust noise to a deep rumble. It does all this without impacting your vehicle’s performance.

The muffler has two layers of stainless steel as the wall for effective noise reduction.

It ideally improves the noise and tone from the exhaust. That’s due to the quiet idle, and cruising noise the muffler produces. Besides, the muffler creates a growling sound when you accelerate.

9. Walker Exhaust SoundFX 18890 Exhaust Muffler

Walker company is responsible for some of the best mufflers in the market, this one not being an exception. This product boasts of some great features, including the ones below;

Key Features 

  • A product of aluminized steel
  • 5” inches long
  • Fitted with an internal drainage system
  • Non-corrosive

This performance muffler comes with mounting hangers that you can easily attach. However, you need two clamps to fix this stock fit muffler in your vehicle effectively.

This muffler has a length of 37.5” inches and a cylindrical body of 30” long. It weighs 32-pounds, a width of 9” high, and a height of 7” inches.

These dimensions are average and fit well in most vehicles. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that it may not fit well in your vehicle.

The muffler contains two partitions together with 2 louvered perforated tubes. The two helps in sound control since they create a disruptive airflow interference.

In addition, Walker Exhaust SoundFX has perfect internal connections of joints for durability. For that reason, this product assures you value for your money.

This product has a warranty of 1-year. The warranty covers any internal defects or excessive wear. So, if it wears out before one-year ends, which is unlikely since it’s durable, you’ll get a new one.

Even so, be aware that the warranty won’t be of help in case you modify or poorly install the muffler.

10. Dynomax Super Turbo 17731 Exhaust Muffler

Dynomax Super Turbo 17731 is among the widely used muffler by most vehicles. It has unique features such as acoustic control for premium performance. So, what are its key features?

Key Features

  • Premium acoustic control
  • Weight of 10.1 pounds
  • Its arc-welded or double wrapped
  • Its aluminized
  • Has internal features with huge diameter for maximum airflow

To begin with, this muffler has 3 large bore tubes with a large diameter which allows air to flow quickly, preventing back pressure.

The engine gets to run freely without struggling since there’s little to no back pressure from the exhaust.

This Super Turbo muffler is 18.5” long with a weight of 10.1 pounds. Its design assumes an oval, cylindrical shape with the following dimensions, 14” length, 9.75” width, and 4.25” height. On the other hand, the product has an offset inlet/outlet diameter of 2.5”.

It has a fiberglass wrapped around the three airflow tubes, which absorbs noise and resonance. Its design does away with drones, thus producing little idle noise.

You get a lifetime warranty of the Dynomax Super Turbo muffler. The warranty covers all aspects of wear and tear and any defects for private cars.

Lastly, if the muffler doesn’t meet your expectations, you can get a refund of the purchase price. Isn’t that the best customer service you’ll get for your vehicle’s muffler?

How a Quiet Exhaust Muffler Impacts Car Performance

Two of the main reasons why people replace car muffler are:

  • Improve performance
  • Make it quieter

Below are some of the performance benefits you’ll get with a properly functioning muffler.

  • A properly functioning muffler enables your car to get rid of waste gases effectively
  • In most states in the US, it’s a legal requirement to have a muffler installed on your car exhaust system as it significantly reduces noise pollution
  • The best quiet performance muffler can help your vehicle’s engine burn fuel efficiently hence increase fuel economy
  • Aftermarket mufflers can increase horsepower by up to 10%

Therefore it’s always important to ensure that your automobile muffler is in good condition and working as it should.

Quiet Performance Muffler Buyer Guide

The types of quiet muffler you choose will highly depend on your tastes and requirements. Below are some of the critical factors that you should always consider when buying the most silent performance muffler on the market.

Noise levels

It’s obvious that when looking for the quietest muffler, you’d want to the noise levels to be the priority factor to look out for.  Mufflers are designed to reduce the noise coming from the exhaust system of your vehicle.

But here’s what you should know: some mufflers will be quite louder than stock mufflers that come with your car. These are known as straight-through mufflers or glass pack mufflers.

If you want the quietest automobile muffler, it’s better to go for turbo and chambered mufflers. These will make your car run quietly.

Stainless steel versus aluminized steel

The best automobile muffler must stand up the heat, pressure and all the debris on the road and hence it’s important that a muffler is made of sturdy and durable materials. The most common content is steel, which can either be stainless or aluminized.

Aluminized steel is affordable than its counterpart. However, it’s prone to corrosion. Therefore, if you live in humidly or rainy areas or in areas where the roads are salted on a regular basis, it’s best to go for stainless steel.

Will the muffler fit?

It’s worth noting that when selecting a muffler for your car, it’s important to cross check that it will fit your vehicle. Luckily, when you buy components online, most manufacturers offer a tool that lets your enter your car details so that you can work out whether the particular component is compatible.


Another important factor you’d want to consider when buying a quiet muffler is the price range. While spending more doesn’t guarantee quality and better performance, it’s always good to note that you get what you pay for with a performance muffler. The mufflers on my list represent the best quiet on the market for each price category.

Best Quiet Performance Muffler Brands

There are various brands of quiet performance muffler brands. Some of these brands include the following;

  • Flowmaster
  • Walker
  • Vibrant Performance
  • MBRP

Let’s explore each of these in detail below;


Flowmaster muffler brand has over 30 years in business and delivers quality automotive exhaust products. The brands’ mission centers on producing the highest quality of exhaust products and advancing its innovation to give you exciting new product categories.

This brand offers Delta Boost tuners, a recent innovation that suits turbo-charged automotive. Also, the brand has Delta Force air intake systems that work well with their proven exhaust products to boost your vehicle’s performance. These innovations come in the form of performance packages.

Flowmaster brand commits to delivering new exhaust system products to car enthusiasts to maximize their car performance. They also design, engineer, and test products that work with different vehicle categories.


This brand came to the limelight in 1931 with the first-ever ventilated tube muffler. Since then, Walker company has continued innovating, manufacturing, and testing muffler versions that improve user experience.

In the mid-40s, Walker company was first to produce a stainless-steel muffler. In 1953, they came up with an aluminized steel muffler. Being Tenneco’s subsidiary, Walker company is a top producer of aftermarket exhaust systems.

Among the products they manufacture are mufflers, resonators, catalytic converters, and exhaust pipes.

Walker products are available globally. You’ll quickly find them in any automotive brand nearby. Additionally, the brand deals with both lightweight vehicle and commercial vehicle products.

There’s no doubt that, with over 90 years in the market, Walker exhaust system products are among the best, if not the best.

Vibrant Performance

Vibrant Performance is a global company known for producing exhaust and Induction components that suit the Sport Compact performance sector. The company went public in 1997, introducing a reliable, flexible segment of the high-performance aftermarket.

Throughout the years, Vibrant Performance company produces high-quality products based on demand. Therefore, if you’re looking to boost your vehicle’s performance without affecting the sound of your car, Vibrant has the necessary components to help you do that.

The marketing team is crucial to the company as it helps identify, develop, and produce aftermarket products in demand.

Vibrant Performance began from humble beginnings and has become one of the renowned producers of exhausts and vibration control products.


For more than 20 years, MBRP company has continued to deliver awesome products to its customers, mostly car enthusiasts. This brand prioritizes quality products and customer service. Their customer service is top-notch.

The entire idea began with the famous B&B Eliminator sled muffler production. Moreover, up to date, this product still holds the best-selling sled muffler record. Ever since, the brand has had a line of flow for mufflers, most of which produce a deep, mellow sound.

Further, the brands’ mufflers are primarily aluminized or stainless steel products. Also, their products’ bolting mechanism isn’t complex. You can easily use the brands’ user manual to understand how and what to replace if there’s some faulty.

Most domestic European and Japanese brands get mufflers and resonators from MBRP. The company’s dedication to serving its customers is key to its growth. If you’re a sports car enthusiast, you should consider checking out their products. You might be amazed at the performance and quality of the brands’ products.

How To Quiet Exhaust Without Losing Performance

The exhaust system can be a little annoying by becoming loud suddenly. I have experience with that, and I can tell how annoying it becomes; you can’t even drive your car at peace.

Although, I want to share a simple guide that you can use to identify and solve the source of the loud noise in the car exhaust. By following the 4 steps below, you’ll quickly deal with that challenge;

Before we get to the steps, let’s go through the materials you need to handle this issue. The materials include;

  • FiberFix Heat Wrap
  • Parmatex Epoxy Stick
  • WD-40
  • Rust Penetrant
  • Exhaust Sealant
  • FatMat
  • Luxury Liner Pro.

Now, it’s time to solve that exhaust loud noise problem.

Step 1. Find Out Where the Leak Is –

Place your car in an elevated position, jack it up from the rear exhaust side. Lie beneath, listening to where the sound is coming from. All this time, your car engine should be running. When you’ve found the leak, it’s time to fix it.

Step 2. Fix The Leak

If it’s a small leak, use the exhaust tape to fix it. However, if it’s a big leak, use a patch together with epoxy for sealing. Patch kits are available in any auto part store.

Ensure you clean the area before applying the material you’re using to seal. Some instances might call for a muffler change that takes us to the next step.

Step 3. Replace The Muffler

If the exhaust didn’t get back to normal sound after fixing, you might need to change the muffler.

Here, be extra keen when replacing the muffler; some models may not fit your car. So, you need your vehicles’ year of manufacture and model to get the exact muffler type.

A WD-40 will help you loosen the bolts; if your vehicle has muffler clamps, look for a wrench to loosen them. From there, separate the muffler from the exhaust, then clean the muffler resting area before fixing the new one.

Step 4. Make The Car Interior Quieter

If all the above steps fail, which I doubt, you can soundproof your vehicle from inside. This prevents you from hearing the loud car exhaust.

Use a sound deadener such as FatMat and put it in your car’s noise vulnerable areas. Note, sound deadener limits sound transmission through your car’s metal panels. It doesn’t prevent noise from the car’s floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the quietest performance muffler on the market?

MBRP M2220A 31” Aluminized Quiet Tone muffler is the quietest of all mufflers. It maximizes exhaust flow to keep the engine extremely cool. Besides, it also improves your car’s efficiency and performance.

What’s the quietest muffler Flowmaster makes?

The quietest muffler by Flowmaster is the Flowmaster 50 series Big Bloc muffler. It’s ideal for SUVs and large trucks. Also, it does well for towing uses, RVs, and motorhomes.

Do exhaust silencers reduce power?

Exhaust silencers can slightly reduce your vehicle’s power and performance, especially by a margin of 5-10 horsepower. The reason is that they create back pressure which in turn reduces your vehicle’s horsepower.

How does a muffler reduce noise?

Mufflers use internal perforated tubes, also known as baffled chambers, to reduce noise. The chambers create opposing sound waves when the noise travels through them, thus canceling initial sound waves.

Will a bigger muffler be quieter?

A bigger muffler will be quieter on the same engine. Bigger mufflers give more room for more or larger perforated tubes hence their efficiency.

On the other hand, smaller mufflers have little room to accommodate more perforated pipes, thus little action to reduce noise.

Final Thoughts on Quiet Performance Muffler

The Walker 21357 Quiet-Flow is my top pick for the most quiet performance muffler. Its offers a quiet ride with a durable design that has proven to withstand corrosion.

For the best quiet muffler value, the Walker 17886 is an exceptional bargain created using high quality aluminized steel that’s highly resistant to corrosion.

Now that you know the best pick, it’s time to achieve total quietness in your car. Mufflers are easy to install, and any beginner with basic DIY skills will be able to get the job done. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get it replaced replacing the muffler is reasonably achievable do it yourself project you can get done in a weekend.

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