Quiet RV Water Pump: Quiet Down That Noisy RV Pump


Quiet RV water pumps have become popular in the recent years but it’s unfortunate that most RV owners complain about a noisy water pump. To reduce costs, some manufacturers make low quality and cheap pumps.

They also use inferior installation methods, and this can lead to chattering piping systems and floor vibration. Is there a solution to noisy pumps?

There are several options; however, the ideal will be one which will lead to cost savings and give you value for money. You can follow some steps during installation to ensure water pulsations do not create noise.

You may need an extra hand to do this. Still, there are Quiet RV water pumps available on the market, easy to install and reliable. In this review, I will highlight the ten best quiet RV water pump and guide you in the selection process.

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Quiet RV Water Pump Buyer Guide

There are key factors that you should consider before buying a noiseless water pump for RV. Let’s look at them in details below.

Noise levels

Most water pumps are noisy. It’s for this reason that you need to assess the type of pump you’re interested in buying. You end goal is finding a quiet RV water pump that won’t be noisy and at the same time will be efficient in what its designed for. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a detailed review of the quietest RV water pumps you can get on the market.

Ease of installation

Is there a way you can guess the efficiency of a RV water pump? Yes. The ease of installation for a quiet water pump will help you gauge how effective it will be. It should be easy to install without much technicalities.

Compact RV pumps are easy to install. They have fewer components and won’t take much of your time.

Additionally, they are also lightweight making it easy for you to transport it wherever you want. However, it’s important to ensure that you have all the supplies and the materials need for installation.


Because every square inch of a space in a recreational vehicle matters, so will the size of the pump. If you’re limited in space, it means that you should purchase a pump that can be tucked away with the little space available.

However space is not a problem, well you can buy a quiet RV water pump as without having to worry about the size.


GPM is the short name for gallons per minute. It refers to the number of gallons the unit can pump in a minute.

Avoid the most powerful ones. Not only can it get noisier but it can draw too much power from your batteries.

Smaller RV pumps won’t drain the electric system and it will also save you on water and energy bills.

Best Quiet RV Water Pump Reviews

1. USA Adventure Gear Quiet Operation Pump

As you may be aware, water pumps can create a rapid cycle on and off, especially during low flow conditions and this can create lots of noise. One unique thing about this pump is that it has no rapid cycling, and this makes it extremely quiet while allowing water to flow gently and steadily. Additionally, it features a one-piece system and an internal passage that ensures durability and reliability.

It is a heavy duty pump with 12 Volt DC that offers up to six ft and quiet operation. It meets quality standards and has been approved by CSA. It is a versatile product which you can mount in any position. It is designed for outdoor use, and you can use it at home, camping or motor homes. It is heavy duty and delivers approximately three gallons of water per minute at a high pressure of up to fifty PSI. It is a good value for money, high quality and comes with a two-year warranty.

2. Flojet 1202 Quiet Quad

Most pumps will chatter when there is low water flow mostly due to pulsations. However, the Flojet is a quiet RV pump that ensures water flows silently despite the water level. It has a total dimension of 3.75″H X 6.3″ W X 9.9″ L and is high quality pump which will not get damaged when pipes run dry. It is easy to mount and service. It is lightweight and only weighs four pounds, thus it will not be an issue setting it up. It has a smooth exterior perfectly finished and will not corrode or rust.

It is a cost effective pump and does not require an accumulator for it to function properly. It has a pressure control and internal bypass. It is made from high quality construction and easy to winterize. Therefore you don’t have to worry about freezing during winter. Overall, if you need a pump for RV, the Flojet does the job and holds the pressure pretty well.

3. Ultra Quiet Shurflo Motorhome pump

Air bubbles and water hammers can cause noises inside pipes, especially when a faucet is shut off. This sputtering noise can be a thing of the past if you choose the Gen Water Pump, which is ideal for your RV. It is an innovative automatic unit, quiet and offers reliable performance.

It features an internal bypass and one piece diaphragm that ensures it last longs and performs exemplary. It is heavy duty and features a powerful engine with Auto thermal overload protection. It can run dry without damaging the built-in valves and also stops any backflow. It is easy to install and require just the use of simple hardware. It is lightweight and you can mount it on any position whether horizontal or vertical. The compact design ensures it fits in small places and perfectly. It is also high quality and specially coated. Therefore it will last for many days.

4. Shurflo 2088-554-144

There are many reasons to install this pump and other than convenience you want one that will allow you to have some flexibility when setting up. The Shurflo offers more than that and is one of the best in this category and the most reliable. The unique thing about this model is that it’s thermally protected and will stay in good shape even when there is no water running. This pump will surely not disappoint you since it offers quiet operation. It features a flow reaction mechanism that allows it to work with no noise at all. The good thing about this feature is that it minimizes excessive vibration and cycling.

That aside, it is also reasonably priced, and we recommend it since it’s made of high quality material. Its durability makes it is cost effective since it dramatically reduces the replacement and repair costs. It is a power horse, offers maximum speed to pump three gallons of water per minute.

5. Remco Industries 55AQUAJET-ARV Aqua Jet H2O

This is a top contender and offers a high water flow of 3.5 GPM. It operates at 75-85 PSI water pressure. You will love the fact that it can supply water to showers, sinks and toilets. If you travel a lot in your trailer, vehicle or camper, you will need this piece of equipment for consistent water flow. That aside, this RV pump promises more than just reliability, effectiveness and performance.

It is super quiet. Even with moderate water speeds and pressure, it is whisper quiet, and you will not hear the noise. You will appreciate the noise absorbing ability that makes it functions perfectly without vibrations even when the machine is turned on.It is stable and features a compact design and construction. It can, therefore, fit in small areas in your RV. The lightweight design allows you to mount anywhere and in any position, whether horizontal or vertical.

6. Terra Water Pump

soundless recreational vehicle pump

Most people looking for a quiet water pump may have a hard time picking the best, especially by just looking at the external features. Conversely, the Arterra is an elegant pump that also promises a smooth water flow, minimized noises and low vibrations. The reason why I chose this model is that it can run dry without damage. It is a reliable partner for your RV and is a complete unit with a modern design.

It promises to deliver consistency in water flow and is compatible with most RV settings at all operations. It uses the power drive technology that guarantees maximum performance. It also uses the by-pass flow technology ensures quietness. It is self-trimming to a maximum of 6 feet and provides a steady flow of water for up to 3.0 GPM. It is made from durable construction and will last for many years. Besides, it is easy to install and can easily fit in a small confined area.

7. BOKYWOX Water Pressure Pump

low volume recreational vehicle pump

This quiet RV water pump comes with pressure switches that protect it from external damage. It is also specially coated on the outside, and this protects it from corrosion. It is self-absorbing and ensures quick drying on a short period. It is a reliable water pump with a much lower flowing rate when you compare to others. It is a versatile product that is compatible with most equipment that may need strengthening of the water pressure. It is a large scale piece of equipment that you can use for pressure on a car wash or purifier increasing pressure and the road roller. It optimum working pressure ranges between 80 to 90 PSI.

This model has a silent operation and stays silence even when it’s not running. It has noise absorbing features that ensure maximum silence with no vibrations. An added feature is the pressure switch that ensures it turns off automatically when you are turning the tap on or off.

8. WFCO (PDSI-130-1240E) Artis Series

low sound recreational vehicle pump

When shopping for an RV water pump, you definitely would like flexible equipment and one suitable for a variety of uses. This unit is ideal for a variety of applications including home use, the yacht or caravan. You will love the versatility of the WFCO since you can use on any RV applications that include showers, sinks and toilets. It is a new and innovative product that features a powerful PDS1 pump unit for your RV.

The pump is a 3GPM and can deliver more than 45 PSI. It is incredibly quiet and offers a silent operation at 3 GPM. It has a patented diaphragm that features a four chamber design that provides efficient flow with low noise and low amp draw. It is thermally protected, and this ensures the motor does not overheat. It also offers protection against overpressure and runs perfectly without damage even when dry. It is quite flexible, and you can mount it on any position.

9. SumpMarine UTP 115-Volt 330 GPH

noiseless recreational vehicle pump

The SumpMarine is a heavy duty pump that operates at pumping capacity of 115V up to a maximum of 330 GPH. It is made of high quality material and is fitted with metal hose connectors that enhance reliability. Metal is more durable when you compare to plastic threads. It has a compact design, featherweight and portable. Therefore if you move a lot you can take it along, you only need to fill the pump with water and connect the hoses.

It is ideal for use in homes and also for other utility applications, especially if you want to transfer water between places. That said, it is extremely quiet, and even when the pump is dry or with low water pressure, you will hardly hear any noises or vibrations. It is a complete package, quite impressive and which is capable of continuously supplying you with a consistent flow of water to your home, cabin or vehicle.

10. SHURflo Industrial Pump

silent recreational vehicle pump

The SHURflo Industrial Pump, which is a quiet yet powerful unit for your RV. It is suitable for delivery of water up to a maximum of 3 GPM. It features a built-in check valve that is necessary to prevent any reverse flow of water which can damage the unit. It is also self-trimming, which is a useful feature of the RV system. You can turn the pressure switch on or off at 45 PSI, which helps adjust the pressure setting.

Other essential aspects are the diaphragm and Santoprene valves. One outstanding advantage of the SHURflo is the fact that it’s extremely quiet and you will hardly hear any noise or even vibrations. Also, it continues running even when the pump is dry and will not damage. It is multi functional, and you can use it at home or when traveling in your recreational vehicle.

Final thoughts on Quiet RV water pumps

Finding a quiet RV water pump is necessary. However, when shopping for one, quality is an important consideration. A high quality unit will last for many days and will not make noises even when water pressure is low or dry.

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