Quiet Wine Cooler: 10 Best Noiseless Coolers Reviews

Quiet wine cooler: Drinking a glass of cold wine on a hot day is one of the most pleasurable experiences you can have. But to keep your bottle of wine, you will need a wine cooler- and not just a cooler but a quiet wine cooler. If you plan on keeping your wine unopened and save it for later date, you shouldn’t store it a room temperature.

Room temperatures range between 68-73 degrees- while that’s perfect for humans, wine should be kept at lower temperatures to keep it from spoiling. (Source). The proper temperature for storing wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit which is about the temperature underground year round- that’s why in ancient times wine was stored in cellars and caves before electricity was invented.

After electricity was invented, technology advanced and led to the invention of wine coolers. Well, the truth is that, traditional wine coolers are noisy and not everyone likes noise especially if you plan in keeping the cooler in your bedroom, office or man cave, or dorm. In this article, I will be reviewing some of the quietest wine coolers we have on the market today. (Also read my guide on silent mini refrigerators)

Whisper quiet wine chiller comparison chart

Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler/Chiller$$$See Price on Amazon
NutriChef PKTEWC18 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler$$$See Price on Amazon
Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cabinet BeverageRefrigerator $$$See Price on Amazon
Wine Enthusiast Silent 28 Bottle Wine Refrigerator$$$See Price on Amazon
Magic Chef MCWC12B Black 12-Bottle Single-Zone$$$See Price on Amazon
Koldfront TWR187ESS 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone$$$See Price on Amazon
hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler$$$See Price on Amazon
Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler $$$See Price on Amazon
Aobosi 15 Inch Wine Cooler$$$See Price on Amazon
NutriChef PKTEWC120 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler $$$See Price on Amazon

Quiet Wine Coolers Reviews- Affordable & Efficient

1. Ivation 18 Bottle – the best quiet wine cooler

silent wine chiller

The Ivation 18 is one of the noiseless wine coolers on the market today. It is uniquely designed using an energy efficient thermoelectric cooling system that doesn’t use compressor to minimize noise and vibrations allowing your bottles of wine to age nicely without disturbance to its natural sediments.

The cooler can accommodate 18 750ml bottles with a unique stacking system while its temperature control range is about 54-64 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for storing or aging any kind of wine. The Digital LCD display and touch controls allow you to program and maintain steady temperatures for perfect aging.

In addition the Ivation thermoelectric wine cooler is compact enough measuring 25.4 inches tall by 20 inches deep and 13.5 wide making it a great space saver.


· It’s doesn’t use a compressors and hence it’s super quiet and no vibrations

· Compact making it a great space saver

· Good customer service


· Lacks dual-zone cooling

2. NutriChef PKTEWC18

noiseless wine cooler

Want to know why the NutriChef is a silent wine cooler? Well, it’s because it utilizes an ultra quiet cooling system. It’s equipped with an advanced cooling technology that will keep your bottles of wine at the right temperature without making vibrations or noise. This quiet wine chiller is perfect for office, home or man cave.

It’s glass door closes tightly and seals the inside contents from any influences from the environmental temperatures. This chiller also supports long-term wine storage and it’s cooling is facilitated by an internal thermoelectric mechanism.

It’s super compact measuring 20 x 13.6 x 25.4 inches and hence it can fit in rooms where space is a problem.

Thanks to the cooler’s efficient and advanced touch screen control you no longer need to open the door to adjust the door to adjust the settings in your wine chiller. Simply turn the LED light on or off and adjust temperatures with a simple touch of a button. The chrome racks inside the chiller promises longevity without any replacements.


· It’s made of high quality chrome racks

· Comes with a stand-up section where you can place wine bottles upside

· 1 year manufacturer warranty


· Not vibration free as the Ivation above

3. Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler

quietest wine fridge

Have you ever wished that you could get a noisefree wine chiller/ cabinet beverage refrigerator that could accommodate extra bottles of wine than the traditional 18 bottles? If yes, you will appreciate the Antarctic wine cooler 26 bottle capacity.

Though this unit uses a compressor, it’s uniquely designed to reduce vibrations and unwanted sounds.

Because UV rays can prematurely age wine, this cooler is equipped with a double pane glass door to block out such harmful UV rays and help retain ideal humidity levels. Additionally, with working temperature range of 40°F- 61°F this wine chiller enables you to store your wine at recommended temperatures for long term aging.

While it’s designed to accommodate 26 bottle of wine, the Antarctic Star is also perfect for beverage and canned beer storage.

Because the cooler gets cold quickly – ideally in 15-30 minutes- and stays cold, this beverage cooler is perfect for any social gathering. With dimensions of 17.5″ x 19.7″ x 31.5″ this unit can fit in most cabinets at home saving you some space where you can store other household items.

4. Wine Enthusiast Silent 28 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

soundless wine refrigerator

The Wine Enthusiast wine refrigerator offers more than enough space to cool and age your favorite champagne or wine. It’s large enough to accommodate 28 bottles based on the standard Bordeaux size bottle and the removable shelving can accommodate large 750ml bottles.

In terms of design, this wine fridge is sleek in design giving a state of the art performance guarantying to bring your game room or home bar to a whole new level. The digital touchscreen thermostat panel will enable you to keep your wine at recommended temperatures without the fear of them bursting or freezing.

In addition, this silent touch screen wine cooler measures 29.5″ H x 17.75″ W x 21″ D and wont occupy much space as traditional home refrigerators.

Due to CECEE standards- energy standards in California responsible for regulating appliance’s max annual energy consumption this cooler cannot be shipped to California. Before buying make sure that its energy consumption is accepted in your state of residence.

5. Magic Chef MCWC12B

quiet wine cooler

This is a single zone wine cooler which can hold up to 12 bottles of standard 750ml wine. The unit can maintain steady temperatures at a range of 54° F-66° F and can be adjusted through control panel or the LED display panel.

Its sleek black design with sculpted chrome shelves makes this wine cooler an attractive appliance in your kitchen space.

With dimensions of 22.3” X 16.9” X 21.8” inches, this cooler is designed to fit in cabinets of any shape. In addition, it utilizes a thermoelectric cooling technology which not only makes the cooler quiet and vibrations free but also ensures that your precious wine is kept at desired temperatures. Because it’s small and compact, this Magic Chef cooler is also ultra-efficient making it perfect for states like California that limits the amount of energy an appliance should consume per year.

The only downside I discovered with this unit is the capacity. The 12 bottle capacity may be too small for some people.

6. Koldfront TWR187ESS

With dimensions 25.33″ H x 14″ W x 22.25″ D, this quiet operation Koldfront wine refrigerator is large enough to accommodate up to 18 standard bottles of wine. It’s a robust wine chiller that’s well-rounded and ticks almost all the requirements of a high quality cooler at an affordable price.

It’s a dual-zone cooler and this allows for temperature control independently in both zones. The upper section has a temperature range of 54° to 66° which is best for red wine while the lower zone of the cooler has a temperature range of 46° to 66° F which is perfect for rose and white wines.

It’s equipped with a tampered glass door on the front to prevent any damages to the digital panel and the LCD screen. In addition the wooden shelving makes this cooler appear classic and provide a premium look to the fridge. The 180-degree door, LED interior lighting make up for the other unique features of this wine fridge.

7. hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

With an 18 bottle capacity, stylish appearance and easy to use temperature controls, the hOmelabs wine cooler is a sure bet to smash any event. The uniquely designed temperature controls will ensure that your bottles of wine are perfectly chilled while the removable chrome polished racks and transparent glass door improve convenience.

Measuring 14.0 x 20.1 x 25.5 inches- this wine cooler will fit in most cabinet spaces.. To keep noises down, the unit is fitted with a whisper quiet fan, and a thermoelectric cooling system to keep your items chilled without excessive noise.


·It’s very quiet even when running

· It’s affordable wine cooler

·Fits in small spaces


· The door isn’t reversible

8. Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

The Danby 36 bottle wine cooler boasts a temperature range of 6°C – 14°C (43°F – 57°F). It’s fitted with tempered glass door that helps protect your wine from harmful UV rays which can make the wine age prematurely.

Are you left handed or right handed? Well, you don’t have to worry because this wine cooler is fitted with convenient reversible door swing for right or left hand opening. It’s a quiet wine cooler fitted with stylish blue LED interior lighting to showcase wine.

Unfortunately, the cooling unit for this cooler is a compressor. We all know compressor units be it fridge are noisier than their thermoelectric counterparts. It’s not noisy and also it’s not the quietest cooler in my list. The exact dimensions are 13.5″ wide, 20″ deep, and 18″ high.

Cons: User have complained that the temperature range for this unit is incorrect which might affect aging of some wine flavors.

9. Aobosi 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

noiseless wine chiller

How about a wine cooler quiet as a computer or bubbling brook? Well, that’s what you get with Aobosi wine cooler. While it runs on a compressor, it gives a low operating noise of 42 decibels without vibrations which could disturb wine sediments.

It’s a dual zone wine fridge with the upper zone having a temperature range of 41-54°F while the lower zone is 54-68°F. The double tampered glass door keeps harmful UV rays at bay which could harm your chilled wine.

Measuring 14.96” x 22.95” x 34.1” (WxDxH) this cooler promises to be a great space saver because it can fit in most kitchen cabinets. The quiet inside fan facilitates circulation of air even to every corner so that every bottle of wine achieves the cooling effect.

10. NutriChef PKTEWC120

silent wine cellar

The NutriChef PKTEWC120 is equipped with an advanced ultra-quiet cooling system that will keep your beverages cooled to the right temperatures without making noise. Equipped with adjustable temperature control, thermo-electric cooling technology, integrated LED lights, ventilation grill, and built-in circulation fan, this electric wine cooler is a must have for any aspiring sommelier or wine enthusiast.

The unit measures 9.9 x 19.7 x 25.0- Inches and it’s backed up by a 1 year quality warranty for user satisfaction. Thanks to the touchscreen controls you no longer have to open the fridge door to change the wine cellar setting. This way you get to keep all the cooler air in, without causing temperature fluctuations. The temperature range is 50 – 64° Fahrenheit (10 – 18°C)

Quiet Wine Cooler Buyer Guide

Below are some of the important factors that you should consider when shopping for the best noiseless wine refrigerators.

How quiet is the wine cooler?

The first important factor when choosing the best wine cooler in this case is the noise levels. If you will be using the cooler in your office, dorm, gaming/movie room, you’ll want something that operates quietly.

Coolers that use thermoelectric cooling system are the quietest with the noisiest giving less than 50 decibels. Compressor wine coolers aren’t quiet as their counterpart though there are some which are uniquely designed for quiet operation. For example, Aobosi wine cooler uses a compressor and gives 42 decibels of sound and it’s also energy efficient.

Temperature Range

If you store wines in a normal fridge, it’s high time you reconsidered this decision. Normal refrigerators have a default temp of 37°F which is too cold for long term storage of wine.

The ideal temperature range for storing both red and white wines is 45 to 55 °F which is the range that most wine cooler in my list of reviews will store your wine at.

There is a big misconception that red and white wines should be stored at different temperature.  But that’s not the case. (Source)

The only difference comes in from their serving temperatures- as red wine is served cold while white wine is served a bit colder.

Wine cooler capacity

The size of wine cooler you choose is a matter of preference.  The size is also determined by the amount of space you have.

If you’ve got limited space where you’ll be using the wine refrigerator, it’s important to check the cooler’s dimension as it will give you an idea of the actual size.

If space isn’t a problem, but would like to store extra bottle of wine, a cooler that accommodates more wine bottles would be the perfect pick for you.

Humidity levels

Humidity levels play a crucial role in both wine cooling and preservation.  Because humidity levels tend to fluctuate, 60% humidity is the recommended level.

Final thoughts on quiet wine cooler

As we’ve already seen, the quietest wine coolers use thermoelectric cooling system but that doesn’t mean you can’t get coolers that use compressors which aren’t quiet. My review included coolers that use thermoelectric and a few that use compressors.

The most noiseless wine chiller that utilizes compressors is the Aobosi wine cooler. Thermoelectric coolers that are most silent include The Ivation 18, NutriChef and MagicChef. (Also read: quietest dust collectors reviews)

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