Quietest Garage Door Opener: 10 Best And Most Silent and Reliable

The quietest garage door opener will prevent those loud arrivals and departures from your garage. Your home should be a place where you can quietly retreat after a hectic day at work and hours spend in the traffic. Your garage door loudly announcing your arrival, beats the retreat concept, and not only announces to your next-door neighbor about your arrival but also causes unwanted noise disturbances to your family.

Unfortunately, most of the garage door openers you’ll find on the market today don’t state their noise rating/ decibel levels. After intensive research on different models and emails send to various garage openers manufacturers, I was able to come up with a list of silent garage door openers that are not only affordable but also simple to install.

Why you need the quietest garage door opener system?

The answer to this question is simple. We all want a noiseless home environment where we can retreat after a stressful day at work and in the ever-busy city streets. Our garages are part of our house, and any noise coming from the garage can never be ignored- and thus we need the garage to be as quiet as possible.

Traditional garage door openers are loud and noisy and quite irritating when in operation. With an ultra-quiet garage opener, everyone in the house and of course your neighbors can enjoy a peaceful and quiet nap in the night or during the day without any unwanted disturbances.

For those who share a common wall with the neighbor, a quiet opener is even more critical. With a noiseless opener, your neighbors won’t ever complain again.

A soundless garage door opener not only cuts down the noise but also reduces the vibrations that occur as a result of a garage door opening. These devices operate on batteries, DC or wifi and this means they won’t spike up your electricity bills.

Silent garage door openers comparison chart

ImageNameFeaturesPrice Availability
Genie Model 3042-TKHLifts 7 foot high garage doors
Etension Kit Available for 8 Ft High Doors
140 volt belt drive
0.75 Horsepower
Pre-Programmed Remotes
$$$See Price on Amazon
Chamberlain Group RJO20One 3-Button Remote
Wifi enabled for myQ
Google Assistant Compatible
$$$See Price on Amazon
Direct Drive 1042V004Voltage 115 volts
Includes rail for 7 ft. to 8 ft. door height
Secure Rolling Code Technology
$$$See Price on Amazon
LiftMaster 8500Heavy-Duty 24V DC Motor
Voltage: 120V AC, 60Hz
Lubrication: Permanent
Current Rating: 2.7A
$$$See Price on Amazon
Chamberlain Group B550myQ App compatible
Google Assistant compatible
Two 3 Button Remotes Transmitters
Designed specifically for 7 ft. garage doors
Extension kits required for 8 ft. and 10 ft. doors
$$$See Price on Amazon
Chamberlain Group B730 Ultra Quiet Belt Drive
Includes 2 3-button remotes
Uses anti-vibration technology
$$$See Price on Amazon
NEXX Garage NXG-100Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Enabled
Keep track of who
and when your garage door was activated
$$See Price on Amazon
Genie 4042-TKH140V DC motor
0.75 Horsepower
Steel-Reinforced Belt
Motion Detector
$$$See Price on Amazon
Ryobi Ultra-Quiet GD 200110 and 220 volt
2 Horsepower
Android/iPhone app compatible
$$$See Price on Amazon

What Are The Quietest Garage Door Openers?

1. Genie Model 3042-TKH SilentMax 1000

As its name suggests, the Genie 3042 guarantees an ultra-quiet operation with a 140Volts motor. It comes with an enclosed 7” C-chain rail that also ensures safety while the belt drive is reinforced with steel adding to strength and durability of the system.

The Genie lifts 7 feet high garage doors; however, an extension cable is sold separately for those with 8 ft doors. The unit comes with 4CR2 batteries that serve as backup in case of power outage. In addition the opener has both wireless and wall-mounted control and a vacation lock.

To integrate the unit with WIFI, you will need to purchase the Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi enabled mobile controller- though it’s sold separately. The only downside is that, if you have an 8ft garage door, you will have to buy the extension cable separately which can be inconvenient especially if you’re on a budget.

2. Chamberlain Group RJO20 Direct Drive

Besides being a quiet garage door opener, the Chamberlain RJ020 is also easy to install- you only need to mount it on both sides of the door. Not only does it reduces noise but also cuts down those annoying vibrations.

The best part is that you can operate your garage door inside the house or in your office using a Smartphone app (myQ App). The app also notifies you whenever your garage door is open or closed.

In case of a power outage, the unit comes with a lithium metal backup battery- you won’t ever be late to run your errands regardless of whether you have power or not. Inside the package you will find RJO Heavy-Duty Garage Door Opener, Automatic Garage Door Lock, Wireless Keypad, Controls, and Three-Button Elite Remote.


  • Because it’s mounted on the wall, the unit gives very minimal noise and vibrations
  • No much space is needed for installation
  • MyQ App allows you to control the garage door from anywhere


  • Lacks a second remote & keypad unlike other models
  • The torsion bar must more than 9” from the wall and 3” from the ceiling

3. Direct Drive 1042V004 Garage Door Opener

This opener made in German is super quiet and causes no vibrations because it made of only one moving part that slides quietly along the change attached in a durable and robust steel rail.

The Direct-Drive comes with 2 transmitters and an interior wall station. The opener utilizes a rolling code technology and comes with a full installation kit for an 8ft and 7ft door heights. Instead of fastening bolts you will find in traditional garage door opener, this unit uses a pressure plate for quiet and smooth open and close operation.

The motor is located at the door and not at the back of the opener, and this maximizes power. For safety purposes, the opener comes with a safety beam sensor and an internal obstacle detective system that reverses the door operation when an object is detected. The opener comes with two lithium-ion batteries.


  • It’s super silent because the unit has only one moving part and no noisy belt, chain or screw
  • Installation kits for 7ft and 8ft door height included
  • Simple installation and a lifetime warranty provided


  • The keypad provided can only operate one door
  • The opener is super slow


4. Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount

With Liftmaster 8500, you get an ultra-silent garage door opening/closing operations as it eliminates vibrations and noise through the ceiling. You’ll love the space-saving design as it can be installed on their side of the garage door.

The opener comes with an auto force feature responsible for monitoring and adjusting the system’s door movements, floor height, and temperature fluctuations. The gear case enclosed in the powerhead protects and lubricates the unit while a 6ft cord connects the system to power source.

For safety purposes, the unit projects an invisible infrared beam that detects any movement or object along the path of the closing door and reserves the door movement when an object is detected. The unit also uses a rolling code tech and also comes with a manual handle you can use in case of power interruptions. The downside is that this unit isn’t compatible with roll-up doors.

5. Chamberlain Group B550 Ultra-Quiet & Strong Opener

This super quiet garage opening system can be controlled from anywhere using your Smartphone using myQ App. It features a sturdy steel-enforced belt that’s durable and will last for years to come.

The unit comes with a battery backup that ensures continuous operation even in cases of power interruptions. The opener has a superior remote that can open and close the garage door from as far as 1500 feet.

In addition, the unit comes with post lock protection to protect the garage from forced entry and encryption that protects it against hacking. The opener is designed for garage doors 7ft high, but for 8ft and 10ft an extension kit is needed (purchased separately). The unit uses two lithium batteries for uninterrupted operation.

6. Chamberlain Group B730 Ultra-Quiet

Have you heard the notion that too much power can make a machine noisy? Well, even though there’s some truth to that- there are some few exceptions and Chamberlain line of garage door openers is an example.

This is a quiet garage opener that gives you ¾ horsepower to work with. In addition, the unit is driven by a Belt Drive System –these types often operate silently. The vibration isolation system forces the motor to stay still, and won’t vibrate or make noises when operating.

This little quiet product is perfect for garages that have room on top, and despite how complex it might sound, installing the Chamberlain garage opener is easy and a simple DIY hack.

Even though it’s a power-operated machine, the Chamberlain B730 also comes with a battery backup system that will keep it in operation even when there’s no power.

When the B730 detects motion outside or inside the garage, the system turns on the light- this serves as an added security feature.  This little gadget is also MyQ compatible, meaning you can operate it using your Smartphone.

7. NEXX Garage NXG-100 NXG

If you want something affordable, then Nexx Garage NXG-100 is the perfect choice for you.

You might be wondering is this just a simple remote and not a garage door opener? Well, it depends on how you use it.

In other words, NEXX is a companion gadget that can be installed on the existing garage door to allow you to close, open and monitor your garage from anywhere in the world.

The best part is that it’s Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible. You only need to “say the words and your garage door shall obey.” In addition, you get notified in real time who and when the garage door closes or opens.

It’s also compatible with LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie and other silent garage openers out there.

8. Genie 4042-TKH SilentMax 1200 Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive System

The Belt Drive system is perfect when you have a lightweight machine, and that’s precisely what you get with SilentMax 4042.

It’s lightweight and hence, fewer vibrations- and fewer vibrations mean less noise. Unlike some other garage door openers models on the market today, the Genie 4042 operates with a DC motor which allows the door to open or close at 9 inches per second.

It’s designed for 7 feet door, but an extension kit is provided for eight fee doors. In addition the belt drive is steel-reinforced, and this allows it to withstand different weathers and other human-caused problems. There is a room for two 100watt overhead lights that turn on when you park your car inside the garage (these should be purchased separately). There’s also a motion sensor to this unit that turns on the lights when motion is detected inside the premises.

9. Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener Model GD 200

Ryobi GD200 may be the most innovate and quiet garage door opener on the market today, but it has relatively not pleasing customer reviews. (check the reviews here).

The reason I included this unit in my list of reviews despite receiving the lowest average customer satisfaction is the fact that you can attach special add-ons to the Ryobi GD200 to give it unique features not found any other garage door opener. Such features include a security camera and a tire inflator.

It boasts accessory features such as a retractable extension cord, Bluetooth speaker, laser tire park assist, a fan, a tire inflator, and security camera. These extra accessories will cost you around $40-$100, and you won’t find them in renowned brands such as Genie and Chamberlain.

Who Makes The Quietest Garage Door Openers?

While there are different garage openers that guarantee silent operation, Chamberlain takes the win as the manufacturer of the noiseless garage door openers. It’s to be noted that all Chamberlain’s products in this review are all Belt Drives- and as earlier mentioned, belt drives are quiet compared to other types. Did you know that even the quietest air compressors for the garage are belt driven compressors?

Which Kinds Of Garage Door Openers Are Quietest?

There are different types of garage door openers on the market today. For starters, it’s important to note that there are three types mainly: chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive.

Belt Drives garage openers are by far the quietest openers available on the market today. They are quieter compared to screw drive and chain drive openers, and this makes them perfect for homes especially those that have living spaces above the garage.

They are quiet because they use a rubber belt that operates same way as a chain drive opener would. There is no metal clanking or squeaking as its norm with chain drive openers.

Screw Drive involves pushing and pulling mechanism that occurs along a threaded rod and trolley setup. The motor that moves the garage door up and down has very few components, and this significantly cuts down the noise levels. In addition screw drive mechanisms require less maintenance and monitoring.

Chain Drive is the most popular and affordable garage door opener. However, they are the loudest compared to belt and screw drive mechanisms and are not ideal for home garages because the noise they make can be nuisance.

Final thoughts on quietest garage door openers

When it comes to anything related to the garage, indeed, we don’t give the door openers a second thought. This makes us make not such a good decision and end up investing in products that are not only less durable but also noisy.

I hope that you’ve now got a better understanding of the quietest garage door openers that are different from traditional noisy ones. In case of any query please let me know in the comment section down below.


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