Quietest Robot Vacuum: 10 Most Silent Models on the Market

The Quietest robot vacuum cleaner will allow you to get rid of dirt and dust in your home. While robot cleaners are much quieter than regular vacuum cleaners, some homeowners find these robots a bit louder and noisier. A robot cleaner uses less motor power, and this makes it much quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners.

The quietest robot vacuum should be as silent as background music or as background music- well this means that they shouldn’t exceed 65 decibels . In this writeup, I will be reviewing the most silent robot cleaners- ideally, all my picks are rated between 55 dB and 65Db, but before that let’s get an overview of these cleaning devices. Also read my guide on silent epilators.

An overview of quietest robot cleaners

Most homeowners prefer robot vacuums over the traditional “manual” vacuums because they are “automated,” no long cords and you can control them with a remote or program them to operate on their own.

They are also known as robovac. The advantage of using robovacs is not only because they are much quieter but also because they are convenient to use because they clean on their own. They are like a maid hired to keep the house clean at all times- the difference being these are machines.

Product nameNoise LevelsSuction and BatteryAvailability
Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum55-58 decibels2000Pa and 5200mAhCheck on Amazon
OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner65 decibels1800Pa and 2500 mAhCheck on Amazon
IRobot Roomba 78055-58 decibelsNot specifiedCheck on Amazon
ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 93065 decibelsNot specifiedCheck on Amazon
PAXCESS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner58 decibels1800Pa and Check on Amazon
ILIFE V5s Pro50 decibels2600mAhCheck on Amazon
Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S59 decibels1300Pa and 2 AAA batteriesCheck on Amazon
iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum70 decibelsNot specifiedCheck on Amazon
Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner45-65 decibels1400Pa and 2600mAhCheck on Amazon
DEENKEE Robot  1500Pa High Suction55 decibels1500PaCheck on Amazon

Quietest Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

1. Roborock S6- Overall Quietest Robot Vacuum

Quietest Robot Vacuum

Rated 55-58 decibels, the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum is as quiet as a normal conversation. This cleaner in terms of appearance is no unique than any other standard robot cleaner. It boasts side and upper mounted sensors, control buttons, a bump rail, and air venting.

Equipped with 14 sensors, you won’t have to worry about its ability to detect dirt and dust in your house. The robot can create a virtual map of your home. This will help it keep track of the areas that have been cleaned and indicate which haven’t been cleaned.

Therefore if your room was blocked by some type of object that the small robot couldn’t access it, the map would indicate that the place wasn’t cleaned.

This is the real deal as the robot is controlled using a mobile app available for both android and iOS users and boasts an intelligent mapping system.

With the app, you can schedule suction levels, cleaning sessions, and the best part adjusts working modes from super quiet, balanced, turbo, and max modes. Another reason to love the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum is the ability to mob floors once a mopping system is attached to the floor.

From the tests I conducted, I found out that this robovac can clean 400 square feet in less than 30 mins with some battery charge to spare thanks to the 5200mAh lithium-ion battery and 2000Pa suction power.


  • Offers strong suction power which is suitable for cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Creates real time mapping while in operation


  • I discovered it has some issues with timers

2. OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Like most of the robot cleaners in my review, the OPODEE cleaner is designed with an intelligent chip that helps it build a map and a cleaning map of your house. Its rated 65 decibels hence guarantees you quiet vacuuming experience.

In addition, the robot can climb 0.63 inches obstacles, and it’s equipped with 360-degree anti-drop and collision sensors to avoid it falling and prevent crashes. The 1800Pa is more powerful suction compared to most cleaners.

3. IRobot Roomba 780

Quietest Robot Vacuum

Rated 55-58 decibels, if you want an ultra-silent robot vacuum cleaner, then the Roomba 780 won’t disappoint.  It’s the only cleaner with the lowest sound emission in my review list. This is an improvement of the Roomba 770, with a sleek design and more nice features like HEPA filters, touchpad buttons, and more efficient cleaning and performance.

With a 2000 Pa suction power, rest assured that this vacuum cleaner will perform well on both carpets and hard floors. The device uses Dirt Detect Series 2 Technology capable of trapping both large and very small debris with the help of optical and acoustic sensors.

In addition, the robot uses a 3-Stage Cleaning system and boasts a powerful AeroVac feature which is so effective in removing pet hair, dirt, and debris.

Equipped with a spinning side brush which helps get rid of dirt in edges of rooms with ease, thus ensuring all the dirt is dealt with. Well, the only downside to this robot is that it doesn’t work on the stairs. Therefore if you live in story building, you will have to carry it around from one room to the other.


Quietest Robot Vacuum

If you want a robovac that has combined the functions of mopping and vacuuming, then Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 would be the perfect pick for you. Its appearance resembles an oversized hockey puck with a diameter of 14 inches and black in color.

Its equipped with a sensor on the top to prevent the robot from reaching narrow space such as stairs which could see the robot toppling over and spinning out of control.

Don’t have your phone around with you? Don’t worry, as you can switch this robot cleaner on and off using a button on the body. Alternatively, you can use Ecovacs companion mobile app to control it. With the app, you can choose between different cleaning modes. The custom mode lets you clean specific rooms in your house while the area mode enables you to prioritize certain spaces of the room.

In addition, with the mobile app, you can map the area to be clean and also show you the robot’s activity in real time. The Ozmo integrate perfectly with Alexa, which is an added advantage.

The robot is also quite chatty- and will speak out updates such as “I am suspended” “cleaning paused” to keep you updated when around the house. But if you don’t like this feature, you can always disable it.

In addition, the Ecovacs features to circular brushes fitted in the undercarriage. These help reach edges and corners of a room. Also, the front is fitted with a bumper which prevents the robot from damages in case it bumps into an obstacle. To use the mopping feature, fill the reservoir with water.

5. PAXCESS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Rated 58 decibels, the PAXCESS is much quieter than an operating microwave. The 1800Pa suction delivers the best cleaning results, capable of picking up dust and lightweight dirt and crumbs, making it best for messy kids and pets.

The cleaner supports remote control, Smart App, and voice control using Google Assistant and Alexa. In addition, the robot cleaner perfectly cleans all floor types from tiles, wood to carpet.

6. ILIFE V5s Pro

Quietest Robot Vacuum

The ILIFE V5S quiet robot vacuum rated 50 decibels. It comes in champagne gold and white color. Like most quiet robovac in my list of reviews, it’s equipped with a wiper pad on the underside and two brushes on the side to help pick dust and dirt.

It’s equipped with five infrared sensors that help it to maneuver before a collision. No more toppling over. The ILIFE V5 Pro has an LED display that shows charge status and a clean button which cycles between the different modes- auto, spot, edge, and wet.

The edge mode puts priority in cleaning the edges, which is often a problem in majority homes while the spot mode focuses on a specific spot, which can be quite useful in cases of spills.

The auto mode is the default mode in which the robot navigates randomly across the house.  With a height of only 3 inches the V5 the 2600mAh battery can power the vacuum for 150 minutes and clean an area of about 1,600 square feet.

7. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Quietest Robot Vacuum

Giving only 59 decibels Eufy BoostIQ is not only one of the quietest robot vacuum but also one of the best in terms of performance and affordability.

It’s slim and stands at the height of only 2.58 inches above the ground hence can reach for dusty spots under the bed, sofas, and other lowly placed furniture. It has a max suction power of 2,000 Pascal which makes it effective for cleaning. It’s fitted with side-sweeping brushes that clean to those dirty edges. The combination brush located in the center helps gather dirt and debris.

In addition, it’s fitted with a rubber strap in the front which acts as bumper protection, which prevents it against damage. It comes with two extra side brushes, removable dust filter, a charger, and a cleaning tool. The dustbin storage has a capacity of 0.6 liters.

You can operate it only using a remote control as the Eufy BoostIQ doesn’t support Google Assistant or Alexa.

In terms of appearance, the Eufy Robovac will appeal to most users. It features a glossy black color with some blue highlights. The drop and infrared sensors helps this robot navigate itself pretty well.


  • Slimmer than its competitors which lets it navigate hard to reach surfaces
  • Value for money
  • Powerful and high suction power makes it an effective cleaner


  • There’s no app control

8. iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum

Rated 70 decibels, iRobot 980 is certainly not the quietest vacuum cleaner, nor is it the loudest cleaner.

It’s capable of cleaning all floor types and its equipped with auto-adjusting cleaning head which adjusts its height automatically to keep the brushes in contact with different floor surfaces.

In addition, it is ideal for homes with pets as the cleaner brushes handle pet hair with ease. It boasts an Advanced Dirt Detection Technology which recognizes areas with concentrated dirty for effective cleaning.

In addition, it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, and can also be controlled using the iRobot HOME App.

The best part with this vacuum is the ability to clean continuously for 120 minutes, recharge itself, and resume cleaning without human intervention.

9. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Quietest Robot Vacuum

Rated 45-65 decibels, the Coredy Robot can be as quiet as a library when cleaning in silent mode.

While super quiet, it’s equipped with powerful 1400Pa suction for an impeccable clean whenever you need. In addition, it powered by a 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery that guarantees up to 120 minutes of cleaning per full charge. The robot will automatically recharge itself when on low power and continue cleaning when fully charge.

It’s equipped with sensors that prevent it from colliding with obstacles along the way and also prevents it from falling off of edges and from stairs. The slim body design and low profiles enable it to maneuver easily under the sofas, beds, and other low profile furniture in the house.

10. DEENKEE Robot  1500Pa High Suction

Quietest Robot Vacuum

With a suction of 1500Pa, the DEENKEE is a powerful robot that will clean nutshells, dust, cat litter, dog hair in no time. This is an upgrade of the DK600 which comes with a brushless motor that produces noise less than 55 decibels hence providing a much quieter environment.

The dustbin capacity is about 0.6 Liters and with a super slim body of 2.8 inches, cleaning under furniture won’t be a problem.

It’s equipped with an omnidirectional infrared sensor that achieves anti-drop and anti-collision function hence protecting your small cleaner during the cleaning process.

When the power is less than 20%, the robot will return to the charging base and charge for the next 5-6 hours, then release itself from the charging base to complete the cleaning process.

Quietest Robot Vacuum Buyer Guide

Noise Levels

Sound is measured in decibels. Higher decibels means that the vacuum will be noisy while the lower the decibel number, the quieter the device. A vacuum rated below 70 decibels is quiet, and this helps reduce indoor noise pollution. (Source).

Luckily all my models fall under 65dBA with the lowest /quietest being 45dB.  (Also read my guide on quiet close toilet seats)

Auto scheduling and size of a dustbin

Standard types have an auto-start buttons, but the newer models have an app in which you can auto-schedule when you want cleaning done.

Regardless of how smart the robot is, it’ll always require a human to empty the bin. For convenience, it’s important to go for one with a sizeable dustbin that won’t require emptying on a regular basis.


The size of the robot will determine its maneuverability. A small robot will be able to reach tight spots like under the sofas, and other low profile furniture.  A tall robot won’t reach those spots which are always dusty.

If you want to clean tight spots, something between 3-4 inches, however, the smaller the robot, the smaller the dustbin.


The robot should navigate your house layout without being stopped by toys, furniture, and other obstacles.

This can only be achieved through sensors. A good vacuum should have multiple sensors for proper and more straightforward navigation.  These sensors should help the robot “know” when it’s approaching stairs and obstacles. Click here to read more articles on quiet products.

Final thoughts on the quietest robot vacuum cleaner

From the review above, you can see that the quietest robot vacuum is the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner  rated 45-65 decibels. However, if you want a robot vacuum offers the best performance and still maintain quietness, I’d recommend ILIFE V5S Pro  and the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac is the most popular choice amongst homeowners.

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