Silence Blender: 10 Proven Hacks on How to Quiet a Noisy Blender/Juicer

If you like indulging in a smoothie blend, then a powerful blender is a must-have. Early morning or late night smoothie sounds like a good idea. Even though there are quiet blenders, unfortunately, most modern machines are capable of also crushing frozen fruits in a split of a second. With such power, some noise turns your kitchen into a mini-factory. It’s alright if you live alone in an exclusive neighborhood.

However, it can be a concern if you live in an apartment or shared home with loved ones. Besides, too much noise is unhealthy, and nobody wants to have hearing issues in their old age. Did you know you can enjoy a glass of delicious smoothie without disturbing your loved ones or neighbors? Nobody has to know, and here is how to quiet a blender according to Soundproof Nation

1. Invest in a sound cover

It might sound ridiculous at first since it involves enclosing your blender in a shell or container while blending. However, these options are available on the market at reasonable prices. They are made of acrylic and helps soundproof your blender. Pick a suitable size that can accommodate your blender. It is worth noting that these options are not compatible with all types of mixers, especially those with wider bases. It is a useful option that will dramatically reduce the sound levels.

silence countertop blender

If you are on a tight budget, DIY a sound cover right at home with available materials. Use cardboard, old carton, plastic, or wood to make a dense enclosure. These products are useful in dampening the noise. Look for a big box, at least larger than your blender.

Cut one size and leave it open and have some allowance to put your hand on top when opening the mixer. It should be easy and yet a cheap option. If you have basic tools at homes such as glue, a saw, nails, and hammer, you can DIY a sound enclosure for your blender.

Alternatively, combine the sound cover and rubber or silicone. Place rubber or silicone on the inside or outside of your sound cover. These will help in absorbing noise and prevents vibrations and echoes through the room.

2. Use a kitchen towel

This tactic has passed down from our grandmothers to our mothers and has been a cheap option. First, fold a thick kitchen towel or fold two together and place your blender on top. This option will reduce the vibration on the countertop and consequently the noise.

Blankets to silence a blender

It helps reduce just a little amount of noise when you sit your blender on a folded towel. Usually, hard surfaces amplify the sound levels, and dampening the towel will minimize the vibration. It helps by absorbing the sound before it reaches the tabletop.

3. Change your blend position

Like we have seen, a hard surface such as the countertop or the walls will increase the noise levels. If your blender is near a wall, move it away to the centre as this will reduce the noise that bounces back after hitting the walls.

Another trick is moving it near the window, or an open area where there will be less noise amplification.

4. Choose a less powerful blender

Of course, this does not mean sacrificing the quality of smoothie but comes across as a suitable option. The truth is, quieter blenders have less power and will still give you a perfect blend even in crushing frozen fruits. There are some blenders relatively cheap but less powerful out there you may consider.

5. Prepare your ingredients early

All blenders produce some sound, even the quietest. Prepare your ingredients first before putting the mixture in the blender. For instance, cut the fruits into small sizes and mix in a bowl. Similarly, if you have some frozen food items, remove them from the freezer the night before and blend in the morning. Refrain from combining large chucks, and this will be a relief since it will only take little time to mix.

6. Prepare smoothies at night

It may sound off, especially if you prefer fresh food. However, prepare the smoothies the night before instead of waking people in the morning with loud noises. Well, this trick is a good idea, notably on weekends when everyone wants to catch some extra sleep in the morning. After that, Place your drink in a tight container and store in the refrigerator.

7. Buy soundproof earmuffs

Earmuffs are a good idea if noise levels disturb you. Also, if you have kids in the house and are concerned about noise. Invest in earmuffs, and this will help a bit when you are blending.

8. Refrain from buying cheap blenders

There is no denying the fact that cheap is expensive. Smoothie makers are no exception, and cheap ones are noisy. However, with a reasonable sum of money, there are decent blenders that will get the job done with minimal noise levels. However, you don’t have to break into a bank to buy the most expensive blender on the market. There are still reasonably priced blenders that will give you value for money.

9. Soundproof you walls

This option is extreme but will eventually work in the long-term. If you have noisy equipment such as blenders and vacuums, soundproofing your walls will ensure you blend your smoothies in peace. You don’t have to soundproof the entire house, but just the walls adjacent to your kitchen working area.

Choose a suitable soundproof material that will absorb all the sound. Foam is an excellent material that will reduce vibrations emanating for your blend.

10. Use silicone or rubber mats

If the towel option does not work, you can use a rubber or silicone mat. This option helps to absorb the sound by dampening any vibration produced by your blender. Also, it protects your countertop from damage.

Final thoughts on how to silence/quiet a blender

Blenders will always be blenders, and even the most expensive blenders will still produce some noise. However, their noise levels are lower as compared to cheap options. Blenders are generally loud, and the vibrations can travel through walls to nearby rooms. The above tricks are practical, and thus you can prepare your juices, smoothies, or cocktails without disturbing your loved ones and neighbors.

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