10 Best Silent Fidget Toys for Sensory, Stress and Anxiety

Silent Fidget Toys can help students focus and add an extra serenity to the classroom. Fidget toys are not only used by students and children but also are small wonderful devices which can be used by adults.

As a parent you may have noticed that your little one sitting at a dinner table, waiting in a room or riding in your car touching things or just wanting things in their tiny hands.

As a teacher you may have seen a child reach out for small items to play with them or seek out other pupil’s laces. These types of behaviors including common ones seen in adults such as cracking knuckles, chewing back of pens, twirling hair and playing with your ring are all known as fidgeting. Also read my guide on quiet shower curtain rings.

What is a fidget toy and why should they be silent?

Fidget toys have been around for some years now. But if you’re new to this trend, you might be wondering what are fidget toys?

These are self regulation tools that help increase focus and attention. They help help with anxiety and can help make one feel calm and boost active listening in kids.

These toys are available in different shapes and sizes as well as textures and can be different tools such as fidget cubes, fidget spinners, stress balls, tangles, spiky balls, spinner rings, etc.

How do quiet sensory fidget toys help with anxiety?

Children or adults with anxiety have constant urge to move and this can make it impossible to focus on a given task- be it at home, classroom or in the office.

Too much breaks, tapping your feet and other similar habits are behavioral disruptions which can affect efficiency and productivity.

In children anxiety can make them have short attention spans impacting their speed to learn new things.

According to studies, when people with anxiety are able to control or direct their movements to a particular task, they can improve focus and concentration.  Studies have also revealed that learning and anxiety can be controlled using fidget toys.

Best Silent Fidget Toys Reviews

Below are some of the quietest fidget toys for both adults and kids. You can use them to reduce stress, anxiety and enhance sensory development in both adults and kids.

1. Rubik’s Cube

This classic brain puzzles can be used as a fidget toy. It’s silent enough and perfect for both adults and older kids.

But how does a Rubik’s cube qualify as a silent fidget toy? Think of it this way: when someone is trying to solve the cube’s puzzle, he/she performs the same movement by turning one of the different levels multiple times.

Not only will this puzzle help in brain development but will also help with stress and anxiety in both older kids and adults.

My recommended pick is the official and original Rubik’s cube which comes with a stand. (Click here to buy it on Amazon)

2. Boinks Fidgets

This is a stick of gum sized mesh with a marble on the inside. Its perfect for kids and adults. You can squeeze the marble inside back and force which can be quite satisfying to fidgeters.

They are made in the USA and are available in blue, green, yellow, striped and navy blue colors.

3. Baoding Balls

Baoding balls are a set of metallic balls you can rotate in your hands. They are classic Chinese tools perfect for adults though they can be used by older kids. They are one of the quietest fidget toys you can get on the market today.

Rotating the two balls in one hand is a type of movement that require mental focus and concentration and fine motor control.

They way one pound and have a visually stimulating reflective surface. They come with a carrying pouch that protect them and prevents the balls from hitting together during transport which could cause unwanted noise.

4. Pencil Toppers

Pencil toppers are perfect for classroom where your little one should have a pencil handy anyways. It’s a type of toy that screws on top of a pencil, enabling kids to turn, flip or screw them.

They are perfect for enhancing your child’s focus and concentration in the classroom.

5. Spiky Sensory Balls

These spiky sensory balls are perfect for tactile and sensory stimulation. They are made of 100% thermoplastic rubber are nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and free of latex, phthalates, and BPA.

The toy can be used by kids and adults and are perfect for home, classroom, or office. Are great for therapists, students, teachers, and anyone else.

They are perfect for children over 3 years old and adults but they make a perfect match for those with OCD, autism, ADD/ADHD or high anxiety levels. They help reduce stress, promote sense of calm, increase attention/focus and reduce anxiety.

Make a great addition to a collection of other silent fidget toys including tangle toys, squishy stress relief balls, twiddle toys, spiky bracelets, pencil toppers, etc.

6. Monkey Ring

Like Spiky Sensory balls these are great fidget toys to enhance tactile and sensory stimulation.

They are made using thermoplastic rubber, and are nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and are free of latex, BPA and phthalates.

They are perfect for classroom, office, home and are also great for therapists, teachers, and parents.


These are perfect noiseless fidget toys for children with busy fingers. These tangles are quiet and can easily be hidden under desk or in a hand making it an unobtrusive and discreet fidget for school.

They come in a variety of bright colors and are strong enough for your little one to take apart and put them together in different ways.

8. Bouncy Bands

If your kid is often scolded for loudly tapping his feet or kicking desk legs, I would advise you to invest in a bouncy band- this is the perfect tool to keep your child’s busy feet out of trouble.

They will easily install on the legs of your child’s chair or desk and will serve as an active footrest that won’t cause disturbance to others. According to a report published on the Bouncy Band website, nearly 80% of teachers and parents surveyed claimed that the students using the Bands concentrated on task long and 90% of the children stated that the Bouncy Bands helped them focus.

9. Chew Stixx

Those children who gnaw off erasers and chew pencils often don’t realize they are doing it and it can be quite unpleasant not to mention how dangerous it can be. The Chew Stixx are oral quiet fidget toys that can be fixed at the end of the pencils.

They are available in different shapes, colors and flavors to satisfy your kid’s chewing needs. In addition, they are dishwasher safe and have been approved by the FDA.

10. Palm Weights

Children with restless or shaky hands will benefit from proprioceptive input, light pressure, and will help calming sensory feedback.

I bought this for my nephew and I was happy that it helped him keep his hand on the desk or paper when writing. The product has good weight and made of durable material to last you for long.

Before using the Palm Weight, he could lift his wrist in the air which often made it hard for him to write. It’s fitted with a Velcro which makes it easy to put on and remove it.

Final thoughts on silent fidget toys

As we’ve seen, quiet fidget toys will not only help you deal with anxiety but also help you improve focus and concentration. They’re not only perfect for students but also can be used by adults.

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