10 Sleeping Ear Muffs To Block Out Sound

Are you looking for the best sleeping earmuffs to buy? After working throughout the day, you’re exhausted, and what you need to get fired up again is some good relaxation. But you seem not to find the perfect spot to relax, and even after sleeping, you wake up more tired.

The fact is, having a good sleep is difficult when you are surrounded by noise. That’s why you need something to block out or reduce the noise to allow you have a deserved relaxation.

Earmuffs are used for blocking out surrounding noise, to give you a quiet moment even when you’re in a noisy environment. If you live in a town or city which never sleeps or you need to take few minutes of nap during a busy day, you need to get sleeping earmuffs.

To have a peaceful sleep or rest, you should consider noise cancellation by using sleeping earmuffs. Here is a review list of the best sleeping earmuffs available.

Reviews of Best Sleeping Earmuffs

 1. Hibermate Luxury Eye Mask and Earmuffs

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When it comes to producing the best sleeping products that give better sleep experience, Hibermate is a leading brand with amazing earmuffs that give a great sleep time.

These Hibermate generations 6 earmuffs are designed for everybody, small or big, regardless of your head size. These and more are why we include and recommend the Hibernate earmuffs for peaceful sleeping.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Color – black
  • Suitable for every sleep position
  • 20 dB noise cancellation
  • Non-stick silicone material for doughnut-shaped earmuffs
  • Earpad
  • Silk material for sleep mask


  • Soft feel for cushion
  • Affordable
  • Comes with an eye mask
  • Compact for traveling
  • Adjustable straps that make it suitable for various head sizes
  • Can block average external noise
  • Reputable brand
  • Comfortable for any sleeping position
  • High-quality materials
  • Breathable material that is friendly on skins


  • It doesn’t block out extremely loud noise. If you’re sleeping near a loudspeaker, this may not really do much. However, it helps you from domestic noise such as snoring.

2. TenTen TI All Purpose Sleeping Muffs

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Though earmuffs are needed for blocking noise when you need to sleep, who says it’s the only time you may need it? Sometimes, you may need to reduce the noise in a public environment and be alone among people.

The TenTen TI All-Purpose Earmuffs offer you such luxury; an Earmuff that was designed for use while you’re outside such as in a plane, to allow you get a silence level wherever you are. It is a great career companion.


  • Soft earmuff padding
  • Can block out 34 dB of noise
  • Certified 27 NRR
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Padded on its metal headband
  • Travel fit


  • Black color for unisex use
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Can be used for other activities besides sleeping
  • Adjustable band length for different sizes of heads
  • Has a case for storage
  • Customer service support
  • Can be used in extremely loud places such as gun range
  • Travel fit
  • Can be used outside homes


  • It is designed for external usage, not home. You’ll enjoy using them when trying to write, read, meditate, etc.

3. Howard Leight Lightning L3

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The Howard earmuff is manufactured with three different things in mind: durability, comfort, and noise cancellation. From the design and the materials used, it is easy to understand how the three aims are easily achieved. With much attention to noise cancellation technology and shape as well as material, there’s no doubt that whoever puts this on will get a good sleep.


  • 12-ounce weight
  • 30 dB Noise Reduction Rate
  • Foam padding on the headband
  • Steel wire parts


  • Can easily fold into a compact size when storing
  • Suitable for adults use
  • Foam padding for comfortability on the skin
  • Can be used for long hours
  • Easy to clean as they can be easily removed
  • Airflow technology minimizes pressure on the skin while cancelling noise
  • Steel wire makes it more durable
  • Ideal for low noise


  • Not ideal for use in a very loud environment
  • For adults only. Children may find it uncomfortable with different sleeping positions

4. Kedofe Unisex Ear Muffs

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The exterior is made of high-quality acrylic, and the interior is comfortable plush (polyester, acrylic). Besides shielding the wind from your ears and blocking sound, the ear muffs will also keep you warm and comfortable during the winter.

The size can be adjusted to your taste and it has a foldable design that makes it easy to pocket nicely or fit in a handbag when you’re not wearing. It is suitable for every age.

It is also fashionable to wear from the back of the neck rather than wearing it on head ones. The ear muffs have a classical and simple design, including exquisite packaging. It matches any kind of style. The manufacturers, Kedofe, also have some which are waterproof. These particular ear muffs will guarantee a comfortable wear and sound sleep.


  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 5.4 inches x 4.3 inches x 2.5 inches
  • Exterior Material: Acrylic
  • Interior Material: Polyester and acrylic
  • Color: Black


  • It has an adjustable size to suit every age
  • Classical and simple design
  • Can also be used for biking, hiking, outdoor work, travel, and in winter


  • The adjustability isn’t very effective

5. Hayley Premium Sleep Headphones

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Haley Premium Sleeping Ear Muffs are designed for comfort and peace which lasts all night. They are made to combat insomnia and help shift workers and travelers rest and sleep. It features soft safety pads that won’t hurt the outer ear, as well as a top-quality comfortable and breathable grey headband which is used as a sleeping mask.

They can keep you isolated from noise and keep you relaxed with your favorite music, while ensuring they remain in place all through the night, regardless of your sleeping position.

These ear muffs are great for meditation, workouts, insomnia, and traveling.


  • Weight: 2.5 ounces
  • Manufacturer: HAYLEY
  • Package Dimensions: 8.8 inches x 3.5 inches x 1.1 inches


  • The package includes a headband/sleeping mask which can also block light while sleeping
  • Soft and comfortable earphones which won’t hurt the ears regardless of how you sleep.
  • Made of quality and premium materials
  • 100% customer guarantee

6. Wrap-a-Nap Sleeping Earmuffs

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The Wrap-a-Nap Earmuffs are one of the best ear muffs for light sleepers. What makes them special is the fact that they can be used for multiple reasons such as blocking out sounds, and using then as neck pillow while traveling.

Its only downside is if you’re not okay with it blocking light, but you can alternatively cover your ears alone by wrapping it around your forehead.

They are gentle on the skin and very comfortable because of the tinder and soft material used. They easily reduce noises from outside and are ideal for traveling.

The most interesting thing about these soundproof earmuffs is that they are not expensive and with a pair of these, you can get a noiseless and peaceful sleep. Also, they help to block out light which is perfect for side sleepers and light sleepers.


  • Travel-suitable
  • 25 to 30 dB Noise Reduction Rate
  • Designed like a pillow
  • Comes with an eye mask
  • Adjustable
  • Can be washed using a washing machine


  • It can also function as a travel pillow
  • You can easily bend it without losing form
  • Specially designed for traveling purposes
  • Easy to clean with a washing machine
  • Very affordable
  • Has a premium feel
  • Minimizes noise levels (24 to 30 dB)


  • It elevates your head and may not be comfortable in bed
  • They can become warmer in extremely hot weather
  • Covers the eyes (Some people don’t want that)

7. VenusCare Sleep Mask

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This ear muff manufactured by VenusCare is made of mulberry silk. It is very soft, smooth, and lightweight. The ear muffs are designed to support any size to fit your head. They do not make your eyes feel too tight. It also features an eye cover that blocks light and prevents disturbance while sleeping.

It also simultaneously prevents your ear from getting rubbed by the elastic straps. It can be used in school, office, bus, home, etc. And it is ideal for students, shift workers, travelers, and everyone who need to tap a quick nap without being disturbed.


  • Item Weight: 1.44 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.4 inches x 2.2 inches x 0.2 inches
  • Manufacturer: VenusCare


  • Protects ears from getting ruubed by elastic straps
  • Also used for blocking light
  • Can be used by travellers, students, and shift workers
  • Adjustable size


  • Can only be washed by hand

How to choose the best sleeping ear muffs (Buying Guide)

Ear muffs for sleep soundproofing

There are several things to consider when buying sleeping earmuffs, but the most important factor to getting the perfect one is to keep in mind your budget and of course the exact reason you need it. To further break this down, you should take the following factors seriously when purchasing sleeping earmuffs.

Noise Level Cancellation

When buying earmuffs, this factor is very essential since you’re looking for soundproof earmuffs to enable you have a sound sleep. Noise level is measured in decibel (dB), depending on the noise amount you should select accordingly. For instance, the lower the noise, the less decibels an earmuff should contain. Howerever, in order not to complicate things, we will recommend that you purchase earmuffs which contain at least 20 decibels but not more than 85 decibels to have a peaceful sleep.


Whichever earmuffs you buy must be comfortable every time. As important as this is, many people ignore and are uncomfortable when trying to rest, especially in their inner ear.

You can determine this through the shapes of the earmuffs and the material used. Ensure that they are very comfortable to wear.


Maintenance involves storage and cleaning. Since you will be using them on your body, they have to be kept clean to prevent risk of any infection. There is actually no specific way of cleaning all earmuffs, but you should ensure that the one you buy can be easily cleaned.

You can get one whose material doesn’t attract dirt or one which can be cleaned using a washing machine. Regarding storage, properly stored earmuffs last longer. Though earmuffs are not like couches that can take a large space, if you’re traveling, a compact earmuff can give you the feeling of a couch. Some earmuffs can easily be folded to ease storage and some come with a storage case.

The Extras

Some earmuffs come with extras such as eye masks and can even function as travel pillows. The extras make sleeping experience more comfortable as they do beyond blocking out noise while you are asleep.

How Safe are they?

You should consider how safe the earmuff you are buying is. Some earmuffs are really good but can pose a high risk of endangering your ears. That’s why you should carefully read reviews about the product.

If they do not feel comfortable enough, do not persist on buying them. Try another alternative. Your safety should come first.

Overall Size

Ensure that the size of the headband fits you without any strain or stress on your ears. It is essential for you to check the headband size.

If the size is too small, it can result in some stress or strain on your ears which may be very painful.

If it is too big, then it’s more likely that the sleeping ear muffs will not be effective since there will be gaps between your ears and the product.

Earmuff Design (style)

The products come in different styles and designs. Ensure to choose the right ones with the perfect level of flexibility that will complete the shape of your head.

Some of them come with a light blocking mask which covers the eyes to enable you sleep peacefully without sound or light disturbing you.

Should allow passage of Enough Air

This is important as you skin can get irritated if it does not get adequate air. So you should ensure that the airflow is great before making an attempt to buy.

Reviews and Overall Price

Try to compare prices and check the reviews of other users about the product. It will give you a feel of what the product looks like and how it will be after purchasing. There are a lot of customer and professional reviews online to help you in choosing the right sleeping earmuffs.

On Sleeping Ear Muffs

Earmuffs are very useful when you need to sleep in noisy environments. Click here if you’re looking for something to block out or reduce the noise

We hope that after reading these best sleeping earmuffs reviews and buying guide, you are now able to choose the perfect sleeping earmuffs to buy.

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