Sound Proof Blanket for Dog Crate: Do They Really Work?

As a DIY soundproofing guy, I’ve done countless projects for my clients and a popular question I get from dog owners is- Is it possible to use sound proof for dog crate? Noise reducing blankets, also known as moving blankets are commonly used by moving guys to protect furniture from damages.

They are made of thick materials and have soft outer padding, and these two features make them possible to absorb unwanted noises. They work the same as blackout noise reducing curtains and make up a list one most affordable and efficient soundproofing materials.

Noise Reducing Bl For Dog Crates

If your dog is not crate trained, you will need to find a way to deal with all the barking and sort of sounds your little puppy makes.

It can be irritating to have a whiny dog, but as a pet owner, I know the joy and happiness these little, and loyal animals have on our lives.

You can get yourself in serious troubles with your neighbors if they can’t get a single minute of sleep because your dog is barking all day and all night. To deal with the noise problem, you can soundproof your dog crate using these methods or simply use sound absorption sheets to muffle the sound.

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets

One of my recommended blankets for soundproofing a dog crate is the Audimute moving blankets.

It’s important to note that Audimute sheets are sound absorption materials and not sound blocking materials. Read the differences here.

The product gives the same results as expensive acoustic panels, tiles, and foams.

Sure-Max 12 moving blankets

Made from high-quality virgin cotton and polyester sure max does a good job in sound absorption. While it’s somehow less eco-friendly, it’s one of the resilient and most robust moving blankets you will find. It’s dense, thick and easily conforms to the shape of objects making it good for soundproofing projects.

Are sound absorption sheets good for your dog?

Dog crates soundproofing blankets

Well, to be honest, don’t expect the blankets to deaden the barking sounds of your dog completely.

To achieve an entirely “no noise” scenario, you’ll need to soundproof your dog kennel completely. Meaning you’ll probably suffocate your little puppy or probably die of heatstroke.

However, these noise reducing sheets will do a considerable job in muffling out unwanted sounds to manageable levels.

Should you be worried?

Yes and no.

By using soundproof blankets, your dog won’t suffocate or die of heatstroke. While some people, probably your friends or family members will tell you that your little puppy won’t be able to breathe- it’s a lie, and your dog will be just fine- unless you make the cage airtight.

What you should be worried about in this case is your doggy chewing or tearing the sheets to pieces. In its cage, your dog will be lonely and might make the blanky it playmate.

Soundproof blankets alternatives for dog crates

Did you know that there are some fantastic alternatives to soundproofing blankets for dog crates? Below are some of my recommended alternatives that work fine as the moving blankies.

1.   Dog kennel covers

(See more photos and user reviews)

Kennel covers offer a convenient way to muffle the noises of a whiny dog. Just like absorption sheets covered above, they are inexpensive, designed to offer optimum air circulation inside the cage and cover the entire cage to keep noises to manageable levels.

One of my recommended crate covers is Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates. It boasts the following features: it’s machine washable, made of breathable materials, doesn’t blackout the kennels and designed for mesh dog crates.

2.   Soundproofed dog crates

(View on Amazon)

Soundproof crates are made of sound absorbing materials to absorb the noises made by a barking dog. Additionally, the sound absorption materials also lower echoes and reverberations hence decreasing the degree of the dog barking.

These crates are a good alternative for those who don’t want to implement the above mentioned DIY projects because they are already designed to muffle out sounds.

My recommended crate is AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Kennel. It features two doors design thus gives you twice as many options compared to other dog kennels. It’s equipped with plenty of ventilation, and at the same time, it’s strong and durable.

3.   Soundproof dog room (an option for dog activists)

If you believe that keeping your puppy in a crate isn’t a good idea like most dog activists tend to argue, here’s an alternative for you. You can soundproof your dog room- this will involve soundproofing the windows, dealing with the doors, ceilings, floors, and walls using these materials.

Dangers associated with soundproofing a crate

While soundproofing a dog crate seems to be a nice idea, here are some of the potential problems that you should deal with first.


While a darker crate is ideal for your dog to rest, a blackout crate can make him feel lonely, make your dog stressed out and confused. So you should watch out not to make the kennel completely blackout.

Temperature and poor ventilation

This can be a problem especially when you use moving blankets. To deal with this problem, you should ensure that you leave some little ventilation to make the crate breathable.

Without proper ventilation, it can quickly get hot in there making your dog uncomfortable.

How to make your dog feel comfortable in their kennel

There are several ways you can get your puppy comfortable in their crates. If the dog is comfortable in his little house, then this less barking and so you won’t need to soundproof his little home.

Train your dog

Did you know that you can train your dog? The process takes time and some effort, but it’s worth the effort and time. If you have a puppy or a new dog, it’s important to limit his access to your house until he learns all the rules of the house.

Crate training can take days or weeks depending on your dog’s temperament, age, and past experiences. The training, however, should take a series of steps- don’t hasten it.

Position of crate

You shouldn’t keep your caged dog in an isolated room or rooms he’s not familiar with. You should place him somewhere he’s familiar with like in the living room.

On Soundproof Blanket for Dog Cage

While soundproofing blankets will do a good job in muffling noises made by your whiny dog, it’s important to install them with care and taking into consideration the above mentioned key factors.

While there are alternatives to moving blankets, one solution that beats all others is crate training your dog. If this is achieved you won’t have to worry about your dog making all sorts of sounds when you place him in a crate.

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  1. Good Afternoon
    I hope you can help me, we have just got a new puppy and we are trying to crate train him, it seems to go alright during the day because the crate door is left open.
    But the evenings its a different story when the crate door is shut he whines and barks constantly.
    My son has to get up for work for 5am and I am sure the neighbours can hear him so I looked up your website and see the sound proof cover that you provide.
    My crate dimensions are L36in x D23in x H25in is this something you can provide and what would be the cost.
    Many Thanks


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