Soundproof Sleeping Pod: Does It Work?

If you live in an apartment with noisy neighbors, it can be quite hard to get some peaceful sleep. But with a soundproof sleeping pod, you will be able to deal with the noise problem. I remember years ago during college years, living in Texas before moving to New York, I lived in a ground floor flat. My neighbor above me 22 years by then would play all sorts of music during late hours and very early in the morning.

You can imagine how frustrated I was. Playing bass music, banging on the wooden floor felt like a heavy metal dumbbell coming through my ceiling and would find it hard to sleep.

Well if you find yourself in such a situation, there are several options you can consider. You can report them to the council or your landlord or relevant authorities- but trust me, they won’t be of much help. I reported my case several times and not of the parties involved cared about my situation. (Also read guide on quietest projectors)

Try soundproof sleeping pod

soundproof sleeping pod

You’ve probably seen sleeping pods in movies, right? But did you know that they exist in real life? One of the best soundproof sleep enclosures is the Relaxman Relaxation Capsule. While it’s not designed for hypersleep, as seen in movies, this pod is designed for stress reduction and relaxation. It is soundproof, heat and light proof thus giving you total isolation for the best environmental therapy.

Inside the sleeping, the capsule is heated mattress, preprogrammed lights, and music to put you in a deep state of relaxation.

Alternatives To Soundproof Sleeping Capsules

If you find investing in a sleep pod quite expensive, here are some other options you can always try. But remember keeping a space soundproof is difficult. So the methods described below will only reduce the unwanted sound to more manageable levels.

The first thing you need to realize is that as acoustical energy travels through a medium, it’s converted to heat. So you will need to have materials that do a fantastic job in converting sound into heat.

1. Canopy beds with heavy drapes

 One of the best alternatives to a soundproof sleeping pod is canopy beds. Here are some examples of canopy beds. You can hang heavy curtains or heavy moving blankets on the four sites of the beds to absorb high-frequency sounds. For starters, it’s important to note that those heavy drapes will not block out low-frequency sounds that can go through walls.

2. Try acoustic foam insulation

One of the effective ways to prevent noise from your noisy neighbors in your home is using acoustic foam. There are different types of foams that you can use to block out higher frequency sounds, and a good example is a 2” of medium density foam. However, if your neighbors are playing bass music/dubstep, a 2-inch MDF won’t give you any noise reduction. This is because bass or low-frequency sounds are hard to block and hence you’re going to need more mass. The best way to block out bass is by using thick drywall and plywood.

3. Seal all the gaps

The biggest culprit that lets in unwanted sounds in your room are the unchecked gaps. These gaps are found in doors, windows, cracks on the wall and ceiling. Before adding any layer of drywall on the existing wall, it’s important to seal all the cracks and wall. You can use green glue sealant to seal the gaps.

To seal the gaps on windows, you will need this door window adhesive strip. Additionally, to seal the gaps that exist between the door and the floor, you can use this high-performance door draft stopper.

4. Soundproof curtains

Noise reducing curtains are good alternatives to a soundproof sleeping pod. It’s important to note that these curtains only form a portion of your soundproofing project. This means that you’ll need to use the curtains with a combination of other techniques. But if you suspect that windows are the only culprits, in that case, you can use the curtains after sealing the gaps on the windows. Here are some of soundproofing curtains you can try them today.

5. Heavy moving blankets

 One of the cheapest and the easiest method to soundproof your bedroom involves the use of soundproof moving blankets. Moving blankets are used by movers to protect furniture from damages. These are not your ordinary blankets because they are made of heavy materials.

You can hang the moving sheets on your walls to prevent airborne sounds. They work pretty much as sound deadening curtains. The thicker the blanket, the more it’ll be effective in sound absorption.

6. Rearrange furniture’s inside your bedroom

This is a cost-free and a simple hack you can try now. Rearranging furniture has been found to have sound absorbing benefits. Here’s what you should do, move items such as closets/wardrobes next to the wall adjacent to your neighbor.  This will help reduce both impact and airborne noises.

Sleeping pod alternatives that work but not recommended

Earplugs: While they are effective, they pose some risk as well due to their effectiveness. Earplug muffles out sounds completely and can make you sleep through fire alarms or your wake up alarm.

I remember sometimes back we had a fire at my apartment and one of my next door neighbors wore earplugs and took some sleeping medications. Fortunately, his floor wasn’t on fire, but he woke up 5 hours late in his basement apartment flooded with water and no electricity. So if you’re going to put on some earplugs, make sure that you have a friend who knows that you will need waking.

Benefits of soundproofing your bedroom

Sound insulating your room will help you get along with your neighbors. Conflicts occur in many households and soundproofing can help eliminate conflicts between your and your neighbors. By installing sound absorption materials in your bedroom can prevent the amount of unwanted sounds that leave and invade it. You should remember that at times you could be as well causing sleepless nights to your neighbors.


If a soundproof sleeping pod isn’t your viable option, you can always choose the alternatives. However, it’s important to note that these alternatives aren’t as effective as in the case fully soundproofed rooms.

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