How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls: 5 Simple & Cheap DIY Hacks

How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls If you live in an apartment, one of the hardest things to deal with is noise. The problem may get out of hand if the walls are thin and soundproofing is a hard task. Modern apartments feature flimsy materials, and putting up with noisy neighbors does not help either.

Moving to another apartment in the next block may not solve the problem since all apartments are the same, and there are neighbors there too. Worry less, there is a way out of such a predicament, and the good news is, you can soundproof a thin apartment wall.

One main reason to soundproof your wall is for privacy since if you can hear your neighbors, then indeed, they can hear you too. It doesn’t have to cost much since you can DIY at home using basic materials which are locally available. Alternatively, a professional can get the job done, albeit at a cost.

First Step on How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls

Before sourcing for soundproofing materials, it’s essential to understand the kind of noise and the source. Most often, thin walls may be allowing airborne sounds and may vibrate from the impact of the noise. The bottom line is, your walls are letting in noise and it’s time to act.

Prefabricated apartments are the worst hit, and it seems the trend currently is favoring thin walls. Their walls usually are pre-assembled at the factories to save on cost and labor.

These types of wall are cheap to construct and affordable, hence explaining the common trends. They are also easier to transport, and therefore they are here to stay. Thin walls are also not easy to insulate, and they are generally vulnerable.

Materials needed for soundproofing your walls

For starters, you need to gather soundproof materials such as; blankets or curtains, rubber materials, soundproof pales, timber, and soundproof insulation. Get your kit ready, and let’s get started.

How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls

1.  Put furniture against your thin walls

It might sound off, but the reason why sound travels through the walls are because they are thin and may not absorb noise. However, by pushing the furniture to the walls such as wardrobes, bookshelves, or closets will make the walls thick.

It’s a simple process which you can DIY; however, if the furniture is heavy and bulky, get someone to help. Also, there is no need for the furniture to get into contact with the walls. They can still absorb all the sound by just being close.

How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls

Also, you can still add some soundproofing material between the wall and the furniture for better results. Thick curtains, foam, or blankets could act as good insulation materials.

They will make the wall dense and absorb all the noise coming from your neighbor’s house. Some apartment owners have strict rules and do not allow nails on the walls; therefore, this comes across as an easy solution, less complicated.

2.  Cover your walls with curtains and blankets

Blankets and noise curtains are a fair solution, and for most people looking for cheap options. Begin by collecting thick blankets and look for putty for mounting. At least a high quality adhesive that can hold the weight of the blankets. Next, apply the putty at the corners of the blanket. Then finish by putting some at the center of the wall. Attach the blank on the walls from corner to corner.

If there are no restrictions on putting nails on the walls, then you can attach the blankets by use of a small hammer and drive the nails to hold them in place.

How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls

In the absence of nails or putty, hang the blankets on the curtain rods. If you don’t have blankets, an alternative would be curtains. There are some specific models with soundproofing qualities you can order from stores near you.

The advantage of buying soundproofing curtains or blankets is that they are thick and heavy when you compare with ordinary ones. They also add lots of mass to the walls. For them to be effective, leave some space for air circulation and to spread the sound.

3.   Soundproof with acoustic panels

Foam is a perfect example of an acoustic product and is useful in blocking sound and boosting the appearance of your room. They help absorb the noise and prevent it from going through your thin walls.

Of course, these are not like your ordinary foam panels such as those found in studios. These have a unique quality and feature some wooden blocks for effective performance.

You can DIY your soundproof solution at home by use of wooden planks for the frame. Also, ensure you have soundproof cushion such as wool insulation. You will also need a unique fabric to wrap the entire thing.

4.   Add layers of drywall

It’s a simple process with less hassle that requires adding layers and layers of drywall on your thin wall. You can assemble drywall by the use of viscoelastic, gypsum, and ceramics. The drywall becomes thick by adding more layers.

It’s more like a putty sandwich with soundproofing characteristics. In this case, apply glue on your thin wall, and add a layer of extra drywall.

5.   Use of dense vinyl

This option involves the use of thick rubber and sticking it against the wall. Moreover, you may combine more than one method for an effective solution. For instance, attach the rubber on the wall, next place the foam and push heavy furniture against the wall. Next, cover with blankets and hang thick curtains.

On How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls

There you have it; How To Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls, especially when it’s useful in blocking the noise. However, in all the above options, stacking your furniture on the walls is the best option since it will not affect the quality of the walls. In any method you choose, it’s vital to consider the cost implications.

You need to be extra careful not to damage the paint as this might not go well with your landlord. Any of the methods should give you a solution to the problem. If the noise becomes an issue, then you can use earmuffs when taking a nap.

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