How to Fix A Squeaky Box Spring in 7 Easy & Simple Steps


In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix a squeaky box spring- both metallic and wooden bed frames.

The first sign of an old box spring is a squeaky bed that won’t stop squeaking when all you want is to catch some good night’s sleep.

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Instead of investing in a new box spring, or ignoring the problem like it doesn’t exist only to be haunted by endless sleepless nights, there are simple hacks that will fix the problem.

We’ve compiled the top 10 simplest ways to silence a noisy box spring.

Why Is My Box Spring Squeaky?

There are several reasons why your box spring is squeaky.

I dug deeper enough, and I was able to finally figure out 3 major culprits that could be making your box spring noisy.

Box Spring

The box spring itself could be the main culprit.

The wooden panel and the coils in the box spring commonly cause the squeaking noise.

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Well, springs will deteriorate with time and produce squeaking sounds resulting from the metal rubbing against each other.

When there’s the slightest movement on your bed, the mattress does press directly on the wood causing squeaky noises.

The wood casing will rub against the metallic parts of the bed frame or the slats to produce unpleasant sounds.

The Mattress

Over time, your mattress will sag. This is more common with innerspring mattresses that have metal coils.

These springs wear out with time and rub against each other, resulting in squeaks.

Even though replacing the mattress is the more ideal solution, there are different ways you can get rid of the noise.

The Bed Frame

The bed frame itself could be to blame.

Temperature fluctuations, frequent movements, or heavy weight can eventually result in loose bolts, resulting in unsteady structure.

Thermal fluctuations can affect both wooden and metallic bed frames.

Additionally, the bed legs can rub against the floor or even rub against the wall, resulting in shrill noise.


How to Fix A Squeaky Box Spring

This guide tackles different ways of how you can fix either a metallic bed frame or wooden box spring.

  • How to fix a squeaky wooden bed frame
  • How to fix a squeaky metal bed frame

There are common methods that can help fix creaking noises from both a wooden and metal bed frame.

These common methods apply in both cases and don’t require any additional investments.  You can implement using available tools at home.

General materials on How to Fix A Squeaky Box Spring

To fix a noisy foundation for good, there are few materials you need. We’ve compiled different methods that could help you eliminate the squeak- hence it’s upon you to choose the method that works for you.

  • Bolts
  • Wrench
  • Washers
  • Old fabric (such as T-shirts, socks, pillowcases or towels)

1. Bolt Method

In most cases, squeaky box spring or bed could mean loose screws and bolts that need tightening.

If the squeaking doesn’t stop, you may need to add some bolts and washers to keep the wooden bed frame in position to prevent creaking.

You’ll need a- wrench, washers, and bolts.

  • Flip the frame over and locate all the joint fixtures
  • Use the wrench to make sure the bolts are tight
  • If you hear squeak while tightening, add a washer to provide a space between the box spring and the bolt. This helps reduce tension on the wooden frame.
  • If squeaking persists, add more bolds to make the frame sturdier.

2. Soften the Space

Add some fabric between the box spring and the mattress to reduce tension and disperse the weight.

Weight distribution will significantly help in this case. However, if squeaking is prominent, consider adding fabric to the actual bed frame.

how to fix a squeaky box spring

You will need- screws or bolts and any old fabric, old towels or socks

  • Lay old fabric between the box spring and the mattress. Make the layer of cloth even to avoid any weird bulges in the mattress
  • If you can spot the exact are where the noise is coming from, it would be easier to determine how much fabric you’ll need.
  • Add more fabric between the slats and the back.
  • Don’t overstuff because in case of a wooden bed frame- it could break or splinter.
  • If the fabric doesn’t help considers lubricating the coils, bolts and screws

3. Oiling the bed frame

It may seem an odd idea, but lubricating the coils with cooking spray or WD-40 will help fix a squeaky bed frame.

The coils will become slippery and prevent tension noises from inside. However cooking spray won’t be effective as WD-40, but if you don’t have WD-40, you’ll be astonished by the efficiency of cooking spray.

You’ll need – Box cutter or knife to open up the sides and spray cooking oil or WD-40

  • Flip your box spring to access the coils
  • Open up a side or cut a small hole if you don’t mind stitching it back together later
  • Take the lubricant and spray along the inside of your box spring until all the coils are saturated
  • Also, take apart the corner bolts and casing and lubricate the bolts too
  • Make sure to sew the opening to close

4. Wax your squeaky bed

If you’ve spotted the exact spot that the squeak comes from, it’s time to soothe it with a little wax.

An easy way to do this is to locate the noisy spot and listen slowly as another person bounces/ or moves across the bed.

Once you’ve located the joint causing the problem, grab some wax and rub it over the contact point where the squeak is coming from.

It may take several coats of wax to fix your squeaky bed.

Final thoughts on How to Fix A Squeaky Box Spring

Any living creature would die from prolonged sleep deprivation. The only person to ever survive from 11 days sleep deprivation was a 43-year old gardener- Mr. Wright. (Source: Daily Mail).

Even when you do not have insomnia, minor sleep deprivation can affect your mental health, weight, mood and at times your genes.

Above are a few quick fixes to help you fix that squeaky bed so that you can sleep in peace and help your neighbors catch some peaceful sleep as well.

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