How To Fix Washing Machine Noise On Spin Cycle

How To Fix Washing Machine Noise On Spin Cycle: Does washing machine noise irritate you?  Have you ever heard a loud sound when doing your laundry? Under normal circumstance, a washing machine should not sound like a rocket tearing into heavens. Most often, it may vibrate or make loud clanking or knocking sound inside the washer’s drum.

The noise may be occasioned by objects such as keys, coins or belt’s buckles which probably you forgot inside your pockets before tossing them into the drum.

If your washing machine is vibrating, there could be a problem with is its leveling, stacking kit or unbalanced washing load. These unusual sounds call for urgent attention. Before you decide on buying a new machine or dragging a load of dirty laundry to the next laundromat, you can try the following DIY steps at home. Let’s roll.

How To Fix Washing Machine Noise On Spin Cycle

1.   Switch off machine  

You don’t have to be an expert to try this at home. You need a few basic skills and tools to fix the problem.

Turn off the machine as soon as you notice an unusual noise emanating from the drum. Next, unplug it from the socket to enable you locate the source or cause of the noise.

How To Fix Washing Machine Noise On Spin Cycle
How To Fix Washing Machine Noise On Spin Cycle

It’s not prudent to examine the machine while still on since it can cause an electric shock or damage the operation unit. Notably, these appliances usually come with instruction manuals which you can reference when doing simple repairs. They also help in troubleshooting the problem and boost your confidence levels during repair or maintenance.

You can also refer to the manual to give guidance on how the draining drum operates. For instance, in case you want to stop the wash cycle midway and check on the washing machine.

2.   Look out for objects in pockets -fix Washing Machine noise

Sometime you may forget to empty your pockets of coins, earrings, and much more. Check for any loose items as these could find their way to the drum. Similarly, a banging sound may come from the buckle of the belt, which is still attached to the trouser and metallic accessories on the shirt sleeves. Also, loose buttons may come off during washing.

How To Fix Washing Machine Noise On Spin Cycle

Remove them and keep them aside. After that, plug your machine and restart it to continue with washing cycle. If these are the cause of the noise, your machine should resume operation without the noise.

3.   The washing machine-level 

Your machine must rest on a flat surface. If the surface is uneven, it may be off-balance, and this will cause a vibration when washing. It may also produce a knocking sound. Similarly, a tilting position may cause the machine to vibrate.

Adjusting the feet will also level your machine. A spirit level will help you in estimating the steadiness when screwing and unscrewing the locking nuts.

Once done, resume the washing and a noiseless operation is an assurance the machine is now functional.

4.   Check on the bearings

Sometimes the noise could be a result of a problem with the bearings. While the machine is still off, unscrew the back panel and check the conditions of the drums bearings. If worn out replace them, you can order from a hardware store. If you are unable to fix them, get a qualified technician to do the job.

Do not attempt to open or remove any part of the machine if you are not sure on how to fix it as you may end up damaging it.

5.   Check for Worn-out belt 

Any running machine is prone to wear and tear. Its overall structure may last for a long time, but its components may require replacement from time to time.

A worn-out belt needs urgent replacement since it could be the reason your machine is making an unpleasant noise. Order from your store and contact a technician if you can’t fix it on your own.

6.   Examine the Lint filter  

Washing machines are sensitive if there are loose objects that have strayed into the Lint filter, which causes it to make a loud rattling sound.

Start by cleaning and removing such obstacles. To prevent such an occurrence in future, service your machine regularly to remove debris in the Lint filter.

7.   Buy anti-vibration pads

You can place these vibration pads at the base of your unit to dampen the noise. They will absorb the vibrations and therefore reduce excessive noise. Several brands and stores are stocking such items. They are user-friendly, and installation is bliss. Most brands are compatible with a variety of models, and it’s essential to check if your unit can support it.

8.   Faulty pump 

A faulty pump will cause your machine to produce a grinding noise and impede its normal functioning. Where the plump causes a rattling noise, the only solution is to buy a new one and replace the old one.

9.   Wash full loads

Sometimes washing pieces of garments or few loads may cause loud noise in your unit. Most garments, such as cotton or wool, have a high water-absorbent rate. The extra weight may cause your machine to toss them violently and may sound as thou things are knocking from every direction.

To solve this problem, wash full loads, and although the clothes will absorb the water, there is little room inside the machine for bouncing.

10.  Do not overload

Washing machines have manuals that indicate load capacity. Most machines have a capacity of 13 pounds and thus, do not stack with excess laundry. Whereas you must fill your washer, it shouldn’t burst with clothes as this would make it hard for them to move. Overloading is a bad idea which will cause noises and also lead to water wastage.

On How To Fix Washing Machine Noise On Spin Cycle

You do not require calling a technician any time your washing Machine rattles, vibrates or emits some funny sounds. An instruction manual comes in handy and will guide you on simple repairs and how to solve the problem. Most importantly, always ensure your pocket are free of objects before tossing them into the machine.

However, if the noise persists, then you need qualified personnel to fix it. Don’t gamble with your machine as it may cause more harm than good and cost you more. You can alternatively noise deaden you laundry room.

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